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generic folder icons

Use Related Icons for any Folder Icon

Icon Any Folder is another great application that I discovered at Donation Coder which is small, lightweight but oh so useful. There are numerous applications out there that let you pick a new icon for a folder that you specify. Most of the time though those icons are not really related and none of these tools offers a way to automatically add related folder icons to your folders.

file types manager

File Types Manager

If you want to find out which file type is opened with which application you normally take a look into the File Types tab in Tools > Folder Options. Unfortunately though this menu that is displaying all registered file types is not listing lots of information especially if you consider that you cannot resize the window which means that you can only see several file types there and have to scroll a lot.

true crypt 5

True Crypt 5 adds System Partition Encryption

True Crypt 5 has been released yesterday and I'm very pleased with the new features that the developers have added to this awesome encryption tool. I have been using True Crypt for several years already to encrypt my external hard drives to ensure that no one without the proper password (or backdoor, hehe) would be able to access the data on those hard drives.


WinGuggle change Vista performance settings and OEM information

WinGuggle is a small application for Microsoft Windows Vista that can display the Windows Vista product key and the OEM information of the current installation. The product key might come in handy if you need to reinstall the operating system and can't find the original product key or if you want to check the product key in case you are running more than one computer with Windows Vista and don't know which computer is using which product key.

display fusion 2

DisplayFusion 2

DisplayFusion 2 has just been released. The software can be used to manage multi-monitor systems with ease, the key areas are wallpapers and window management with a few extras thrown in. DisplayFusion 2 lets you easily set a wallpaper - either an image or solid color - for each monitor separately or one that spans across all monitors. Wallpapers can be set on timers to change after a certain amount of time has passed (pro version only) and the integrated Flickr search helps in finding new wallpapers. Images that are to large can be positioned to display the part of the image that the user wants.

autoruns software

My weekly computer maintenance schedule

For some time now I'm running several maintenance applications once a week to improve the performance, security and privacy of my computer. It usually takes less than two hours to run all of these applications and I would like to explain which programs I'm using, why I'm using them and what the benefit of using them is.

shock aero 3d

Shock Aero Task Switching for Windows XP, 2000 and 2003

One of the visual effects that were introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista was the task switching effect that displayed all open programs in a 3D environment with the user being able to browse them. I give you that, it surely looks nice and I know that some users would like to have a similar effect in a previous version of Windows.

screen magnifier

Cross-platform screen magnifier Virtual Magnifying Glass

It is sometimes quite handy to have a screen magnifier at hand to magnify part of the computer screen. This can be useful for reading small text on websites or for viewing images in greater detail. You might say that such functions, to increase the text size and to zoom into images already exists in those programs and while I have to agree with that it is sometimes faster and easier to use a screen magnifier.

make new folder

Create folders faster

The common way to create folders in Windows is to right-click the folder that you are in, select New > Folder from the menu and name the folder that appears. Creating several folders that way is a long process, that's where Make New Folder comes into play. The tiny application lets the user create folder names faster by providing a menu bar for as along as you need it.

control panel

Put Anything you want into the Control Panel

Sometimes applications add icons to the Windows control panel. Ever wondered how they do it ? Wonder no more because you can now do the same with Your CPL, a small utility compatible with Windows XP, 2000, ME and Windows 98. The package contains two files that have to be moved into the system directory of the Windows installation. In the case of Windows XP it would mean that both files, YourCPL.cpl and YourCPLconfig.txt need to be moved into the system32 directory.

sharp keys

Map a key to another key (or no function)

I never use a few of the keys on my keyboard, the caps lock key for instance or the pause key. Since they are not helpful in any way and can also pose a problem if accidentally pressed I decided to map those keys to another function. I was able to do that with the software Sharp Keys which makes it possible to remap any key.

image grabber

Create Screenshots from Movie Frames

You sometimes might want to create screenshots from a complete movie in a sequence so to speak. The result would be a screenshot with small thumbnails from the movie showing different scenes of it. The best program in my opinion is Image Grabber which is freely available on the Internet.

windows vista drive icons

Windows Vista Drive Icons

The tiny software Vista Drive Icon changes the drive icons in My Computer when running a previous version of Windows - like Windows XP, Windows 2000 and even Windows 95 - to drive icons that resemble those of Windows Vista. They are not the same but look nice and add a new function displaying the free and used space of the drive in a horizontal bar beneath the icon.

Save Ink (and a tree) with Greenprint

Ink is expensive, I think we can all agree on this fact, yet programs with ink saving technologies are not available widely. Free programs that save ink are even rarer and it is nice to see that a program named Greenprint is now available in a free version which does have reduced functionality and ads.

comic book reader

View Comic Books with CDisplay

Have you ever come across files with the extension cbr or cbz? These are the standard file formats for digital comic books. Whether you have a subscription to a comic book archive […]

extend clipboard

Extend the Windows Clipboard

The Windows clipboard can store a single text phrase in its memory, once a new phrase is copied to the clipboard the old one is lost. If you want to copy two different text phrases for instance you need to copy the first, paste it somewhere, copy the second and paste it as well. A tool that would save more than one record at a time would optimize the process considerably.

faves analyser

Check Internet Explorer Favorites

Quick Tool for the evening. The unfortunates who have to use Internet Explorer might find the following utility handy, it is called Faves Analyser and analyzes the favorites of the Internet Explorer. All favorites are scanned and tested to see if the links are still working.

recover scratched discs

Recover scratched discs with Iso Puzzle

CDs and DVDs become faulty with time. If you do use them regularly they tend to become scratches and it happens that sectors on the disk fail and can't be read anymore. This happens usually in a very inappropriate moment. Before you trash the CD or DVD you could try to recover most of the data on it with a program like Iso Puzzle.