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clipboard caching

Clipboard Caching Utility

The Windows clipboard function is not really practicable. It stores only the last text string that you have copied and once you copy another one the previous one is not longer available. It happened more than once that I lost a text phrase that I still needed because I accidentally copied another item to the clipboard.

locate windows search

The fastest Windows File Search just got better

Locate is one of the fastest ways to search for files and content in files in Windows. It uses a file database which is created once at first run and then updated […]

hard drive analyzer hd tune

Check your Hard Drives with HD Tune

HD Tune is a hard disk analyzer that offers a wealth of information about the internal hard drives that are connected to the computer. It does display general information like the type of the hard drive, the serial number, capacity, firmware version and buffer size which are nice to know because it allows you to check if that hard drive is the correct one. I remember more than one instance where a friend of mine bought a hard drive only to find out that the clerk handed him one that had a lower capacity and different model number.

Create PDF Documents out of any Windows Application

I regularly have to create pdf invoices which some companies seem to prefer over other forms of documents and I have been using doc to pdf online converters until now that would convert the Microsoft .doc file into the Adobe .pdf file. I have two major problems with this procedure however.

manage delicious bookmarks

Manage your Delicious Bookmarks locally

Delicious is a nice website to discover new interesting websites. I was however never that fond of using it to store my own bookmarks but for the reason to promote my websites to a large audience. If I want a way to store bookmarks I rely on my browser and not a website that does that for me. Call me old fashioned but that's how I think about this.

cobian backup

Backup important files to FTP

I'm using three dedicated servers at the moment with more than a Terabyte of free hard drive space. I thought of some good uses for that space and came up with the idea to use it to store backups from my computers. The plan is to use the backup software Cobian Backup 8 to create scheduled backups and upload those backups straight to my root server using an ftp account I created for that purpose.

real desktop

Real Desktop review

Real Desktop comes in two flavors, a light version which has a reduced functionality but does not cost a dime and a standard version that has all the functionality but sells for $25.95 in the online shop. The concept of Real Desktop is to transform the 2D desktop of Windows in a desktop that resembles your the desktop your monitor is placed on.

resize multiple images

Multiple Image Resizer

I always disliked resizing multiple images using the image viewers that I have been using throughout the day. It was not a problem if I had to resize one or two images but a folder with dozens or hundreds of images would simply take to long to resize or edit.

throttle firefox bandwidth

Throttle Bandwidth of Firefox and IE

Why would anyone want to throttle the bandwidth of Firefox or Internet Explorer ? That was my first thought when I read about two tiny apps for Firefox and Internet Explorer for the first time at Sizlopedia. I mean, it is normally the other way round. You download some large file or use P2P networks and want to use a browser as well which means that there should be a way to assign a minimum amount of bandwidth for the browser instead of throttling it. Everyone should be capable of not download large files or browsing all those rich entertainment websites if he really needs the bandwidth for something else.

Have an instant talk using portable VoIP apps

Assuming you have some kind of headset or at least a cheap mike with speakers in the worst case, I bet you've already tried using some voice-over-IP services and you may have liked it except its being rather inflexible, heavy and maybe even complicated to set up.

wireless key view

Display all wireless network keys

Windows does not store wireless keys in a format that is readable by the human eye which becomes unfortunate when you have lost your key and want to access your wireless router. Without the key it is only possible to reset the router and create new keys which would mean lots of work.

generic folder icons

Use Related Icons for any Folder Icon

Icon Any Folder is another great application that I discovered at Donation Coder which is small, lightweight but oh so useful. There are numerous applications out there that let you pick a new icon for a folder that you specify. Most of the time though those icons are not really related and none of these tools offers a way to automatically add related folder icons to your folders.

file types manager

File Types Manager

If you want to find out which file type is opened with which application you normally take a look into the File Types tab in Tools > Folder Options. Unfortunately though this menu that is displaying all registered file types is not listing lots of information especially if you consider that you cannot resize the window which means that you can only see several file types there and have to scroll a lot.

true crypt 5

True Crypt 5 adds System Partition Encryption

True Crypt 5 has been released yesterday and I'm very pleased with the new features that the developers have added to this awesome encryption tool. I have been using True Crypt for several years already to encrypt my external hard drives to ensure that no one without the proper password (or backdoor, hehe) would be able to access the data on those hard drives.


WinGuggle change Vista performance settings and OEM information

WinGuggle is a small application for Microsoft Windows Vista that can display the Windows Vista product key and the OEM information of the current installation. The product key might come in handy if you need to reinstall the operating system and can't find the original product key or if you want to check the product key in case you are running more than one computer with Windows Vista and don't know which computer is using which product key.

display fusion 2

DisplayFusion 2

DisplayFusion 2 has just been released. The software can be used to manage multi-monitor systems with ease, the key areas are wallpapers and window management with a few extras thrown in. DisplayFusion 2 lets you easily set a wallpaper - either an image or solid color - for each monitor separately or one that spans across all monitors. Wallpapers can be set on timers to change after a certain amount of time has passed (pro version only) and the integrated Flickr search helps in finding new wallpapers. Images that are to large can be positioned to display the part of the image that the user wants.

autoruns software

My weekly computer maintenance schedule

For some time now I'm running several maintenance applications once a week to improve the performance, security and privacy of my computer. It usually takes less than two hours to run all of these applications and I would like to explain which programs I'm using, why I'm using them and what the benefit of using them is.

shock aero 3d

Shock Aero Task Switching for Windows XP, 2000 and 2003

One of the visual effects that were introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista was the task switching effect that displayed all open programs in a 3D environment with the user being able to browse them. I give you that, it surely looks nice and I know that some users would like to have a similar effect in a previous version of Windows.