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Heap compaction

Opera promises better memory usage in Opera 39

Opera announced yesterday that the company has been experimenting with a new memory Heap compaction feature in the Dev and Beta versions of Opera for some time. The new feature promises better […]

opera 40 rss

Opera 40 adds RSS Feed functionality

Opera published a new version of Opera Developer today that introduces basic RSS Feed functionality in the web browser. Opera Developer 40.0.2296.0  is out, and you may upgrade to the version if […]

opera browser

Opera Software sale not happening, sort of

According to a report on Reuters, the sale of Opera Software to a Chinese consortium is not going to happen. The deal, approved by company boards and shareholders alike, failed to win […]

opera 40 battery saver

Opera 40 with improved Battery Saver options

Opera launched a new Power Saving mode in Opera 39 to improve the web browser's battery life during mobile use. Opera's own tests showed that the browser's staying powers improved significantly with […]

opera 40 search popup

Opera 40 new Search popup feature

Opera Software launched a new feature in Opera 40 Developer edition recently that introduces a new Search popup feature in the browser. Opera displays a small popup next to text that you […]

opera 38

Opera 38: Find out what is new

Opera 38 Stable was released on June 8, 2016. It features a new power saver mode as well as other improvements. The new Opera browser version is already available, and users can […]

Opera Software shareholders greenlight sale

The sale of Opera Software to a Chinese consortium for 1.2 billion US Dollars has received the required 90% shareholder acceptance rate. Rumors that Opera Software was up for sale emerged as […]

opera news

Opera 39 Personal News update

Opera Software continues to push a news feature in the company's Opera web browser. It plans to release an update to it that gives users more choice when it comes to the […]

opera power saver

Opera Power Saver launches

Opera Power Saver is a new feature implemented in Opera 39 designed to improve battery life of mobile device when Opera is used as a web browser. A new Power Saver icon […]

opera 37

Opera 37: Find out what is new

Opera Software released Opera 37 to the stable channel on May 4th, 2016. The new version is available for all supported desktop operating systems - Windows, Mac and Linux -- and already […]

opera mini ad blocker

Opera Mini update brings ad blocker

Opera Software published an update for the Opera Mini application today that introduces an ad blocker to the mobile web browser. After making an ad blocker available in the desktop version of […]

A closer look at Opera's Browser VPN

Opera Software launched what it calls a Browser VPN or just VPN depending on where you find it in the browser in a recent developer edition of the web browser. Browser VPN […]

opera webrtc leak

Block Opera VPN from leaking your IP address

Opera Software added a virtual private network (VPN) to Opera Developer a couple of days ago to improve user privacy and security while using the web browser. This VPN client is free […]

opera browser vpn

Opera ships with free VPN client

Norwegian company Opera Software released a new version of the Developer Edition of its web browser today that ships with a free built-in VPN option. Opera browser is the first major browser […]

Opera 37 desktop ships with built-in ad blocker

Opera Software announced today that it has added native ad-blocking to the latest developer version of the Opera desktop browser. While Opera Software is not the first company that integrated an ad-blocker […]

opera tab stacking

6 Opera Classic Features I wish modern browsers would integrate

The classic Opera web browser was ahead of its time in many regards for most of its existence. Despite that, it never managed to attract a large audience even though it did […]

opera 37

Opera 36 will be the last for Windows XP and Vista

Opera Software announced yesterday that Opera 36 will be the last version of the web browser  for Windows XP and Windows Vista, and that all future versions of Opera would only run […]

opera 12.18

Surprise: Opera 12.18 has been released

Opera Software has released version 12.18 of the classic Opera browser two years after the latest update has been made available. When Opera Software switched from the company's own Presto rendering engine […]