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The Opera web browser is the longest standing web browser that still has a considerable market share. The first public version of the browser was released in 1996, years before browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome came into existence. Despite its head start, the browser never managed to get a considerable size of the browser market
on a global level. That does not mean however that it is inferior to other browsers, quite the contrary. Many features that all browsers offer were first implemented into Opera before they were made available in other browsers.

Opera is available as a desktop browser for PC, Macintosh and Linux systems, and as versions for smartphones and mobile devices in the form of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. The core difference between the two versions of Opera for mobile devices is that pages are rendered on Opera servers when Opera Mini is used, while they are rendered in the browser when Opera Mobile is used.

A good starting point for new users interested in the Opera web browser is our discovering Opera series. We have released five parts so far covering Opera Turbo, Opera Unite, Opera Widgets,
Opera Link and extensions.

Below you find all Opera related articles, reviews, guides and tutorials that we have released in the past.

Big news all around the Internet that a nightly build of Webkit and an internal build of Opera have passed the Acid 3 test. Users who favor one of the browsers now fight over the right to state that their browser passed it before the other which is in my opinion completely irrelevant. Who cares […]

opera dragonfly

Many rumors have emerged when it became public that the Opera team created a website that announced something called Opera Dragonfly without revealing what it really was at that time. The page remained untouched for some time until today. It has changed and Opera Dragonfly is apparently a Opera products mailinglist. At least that is […]

opera history search

The Opera team is constantly adding exciting new features to the beta version of the upcoming version of Opera which other web browsers do not support right now. This could give the browser the edge over its main competitors Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8. One of the features that got recently introduced in the […]

After installation Opera's default settings show the progress bar which displays information about how the current page is loading in its simplest form - as a small rectangular bar that only appears when a loading process is active. This bar however is not revealing enough information for advanced users who are interested in what exactly […]

user-agent switcher

As a proud Opera user, you probably let your browser identify itself as Opera browser by default. Although most websites do work and display more or less properly in Opera, there are still many of them which don't comply with the standards and contain many non-standardized code segments (usually working in IE only) thus confusing […]

opera automatically save file types

If you do use Opera you might have noticed that Opera seems to always bring up the save to dialog and you have to browse to the download location even if you downloaded a file of the same type just a minute ago. The line "Remember choice and do not show dialog again" is grayed […]

The build in Opera popup blocker notifies the user every time that it blocked a popup successfully resulting in a small notification overlay in the top right corner of the screen. While this might be useful under certain circumstances it becomes quickly annoying especially for web savvy users who know their way around the web.

A great feature called SpeedDial has been recently added to Opera. It's a solution providing quick access to your "Top 9" websites and it's faster than using Bookmarks. However the limited number of sites that you can add does not make it a universal feature to speed up surfing in general.

tor vidalia

OperaTor is a combination of Opera, the anonymization service Tor and Privoxy similar to Foxtor which offers the same functionality for Firefox. I don't want to bore you with a lengthy technical description of how Tor is providing anonymity, just that much: Tor uses a layered approach sending your request through a series of servers […]

Even many experienced Opera users do not know that it is possible to activate the so called "Voice" mode in Opera to use voice commands in Opera and also let Opera read text in websites for you. Before you can use any of the voice features in Opera you need to install the voice add-on […]

Opera is already a very fast browser, but if you would have the choice between fast and faster than fast, what would you choose ? I took the liberty to compile a list of 10 great tips that speed up Opera in several unique ways. Many of the settings can be changed by simply going […]

Firefox has its extensions, Internet Explorer its plugins and Opera has Widgets. They basically mean the same: addons for your browser of choice that add functionality to it. I don't think that Opera deserves to take the third place in the ongoing browser war, it's fast and resource friendly and many users who rely on […]

I found a great guide for Opera 9 which extends Opera tremendously. The guide is divided into seven sections: Menu editing, Integrating Opera with download managers, User Javascript, Buttons, Panels, Widgets and Misc. The menu editing section for instance has some great tips that enhance opera in great ways: It gives you tips how to […]