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Here you find all networking related news. This includes news about server software and offers, reviews of desktop software to manage computer networks, tutorials on how to configure networks properly and a lot more.

The majority of posts that you will find in this category are Linux related, but there are also posts covering Windows Server,
and general network related posts that apply to home Windows systems. This for instance includes programs that help you maintain a computer network, applications that you can use to monitor the network and more.


I'm using a desktop PC and a Toshiba notebook at home, sometimes both at the same time which is the case when I write an article about Windows Vista. The desktop PC is running Windows XP and I use the notebook with Windows Vista to test what I'm writing about. I do my research on […]

You might have encountered the term Port Forwarding when configuring bittorrent on your computer or analyzing slow or none existing traffic with bittorrent. One of the first answers of those helpful support guys in all forums is always check Port Forwarding, but what the heck is it ?

netmeter monitor network traffic

If you want to monitor your network traffic either because you have an account that gives you only a limited amount of bandwidth each month or because you simply want to analyze the traffic that is sent over your connection during a special period. Netmeter starts in a small window immediately starting to record outgoing […]

logmein hamachi

Hamachi is a small freeware application that creates virtual private networks (vpn) on the fly without configuration at all - well almost. You can download the application from the hamachi homepage, once downloaded install and run the software. Versions for Windows, Linux (installation guide) and Macintosh OS X exist, means everyone should be happy although […]