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Nagios: Enable external commands

Here we are again, back witho ur old friend Nagios. If you've been following you know I have covered quite a bit of ground with this outstanding network monitoring tool (check all […]

Configure alerts for email and contact groups in Nagios

If you have been following my latest entries, you know I have been covering the Nagios monitoring system (see my articles "Quickly install Nagios on Ubuntu", "Easily extend Nagios' functionality", and "Configure […]

Configure hostgroups for Nagios

If you've been following my Nagios articles here on Ghacks (see "Easily extend Nagios' functionality" and "Quickly install Nagios on Ubuntu" for more information) you are probably impressed with how powerful Nagios […]

Easily extend Nagios' functionality

My last article described how to "Quickly install Nagios on Ubunut". That article had you up and running with the powerful open source network monitoring tool, but not much more. If you […]

Quickly install Nagios on Ubuntu

Nagios is not just a tool, it's one of the best open source network monitors available. Nagios has a simple plug-in design that allows administrators to easily create their own checks and […]

Monitor your network with iptraf

I am always looking for a good network monitor, and there are plenty out there. But in all my years of searching I have yet to come across a monitor as good […]

Understanding Samba security modes

If you have read any of the Samba content here on Ghacks you probably will have noticed that within the smb.conf configuration file a line that begins with¬†security =. This is a […]

Connect to a Samba share from OS X

Here on Ghacks I've worked to cover Samba from numerous angles (check out the Samba Topic on Ghacks). I want to build on that topic by helping you to connect to a […]

Pure Networks Security Scan

Update: The Pure Networks website and as such the scan option that it offered is no longer available. You can try a free scanner such as Nmap as an alternative. Is your […]

Creating a VPN tunnel between Ubuntu and Sonicwall

Yesterday I walked you through the process of connecting to a Microsoft PPTP VPN (see my article "Connecting to a Microsoft VPN with Linux"). That article used a simple GUI tool to […]

Connecting to a Microsoft VPN with Linux

One of the Achilles heels of the Linux operating system is connecting to a VPN. Due to it's natural ability to network, one would think connecting to a VPN would be a […]

Share Ubuntu folders with NFS

If you've ever tried to share folders on a Linux machine over a network, you've most likely attempted to get NFS working. And on many occasions you might have found yourself nearly […]

Easy folder sharing in KDE 4.4

Once more unto the KDE topic my friends, once more. This time, however, we take a look at a very useful feature that allows you to easily share out folders with a […]

Connect to a Windows Terminal Server from Linux

There are a number of reasons to have to connect to a Windows Terminal Server machine. Either you telecommute, you administer remotely, you work on the go, or you use Linux and […]

Allow remote connections to your MySQL server

I have covered MySQL in a number of ways so far. You can read how to administer your MySQL database with MySQL Workbench (see my article "Complete database administration package MySQL Workbench"), […]

Create rsync backups easily with the help of Gadmin-rsync

Recently I covered one of the Gadmintools, Gadmin-Samba (see my article "Configure Samba with Gadmin-samba"). The Gadmintools set of tools is a set of GUI administration tools (hence the name "Gadmin") for […]

Configure Samba with Gadmin-Samba

For those new to Samba, the configuration of this provider of seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients¬†can sometimes be a nightmare. Not only are you dealing with tricky configuration files, […]

Manage your network with the new KNetwork Manager

For the longest time the only worthwhile network manage (especially of the wireless kind) was the GNOME Network Manager. Once KDE hit release 4 their network manager KNetwork Manager was plagued with […]