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Music and Video is one of our larger categories here on Ghacks Technology news. We cover music and movie industrry news here, websites that make available music or video contents free of charge or for a price, programs that help you download, convert or manage media collections, and of course programs that you can use to listen to or view media on all of your devices.

As far as Internet services go, we cover video hosting services like YouTube, Dailymotion or Gametrailers here, music streaming services like Spotify, databases like IMDB or, and services that let you conver, download or identify media online.

We also review programs that you can use to download music or videos legally from the Internet, use to manage your media collections, and applications that let you convert, modify or share media in any form imaginable.

vlc 360

VLC 360 is a preview version of VLC Media Player, a popular cross-platform media player for Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices. The preview version is labeled as VLC 360 to indicate that the core feature of the preview is 360 video and photo playback. VLC 360 is provided as a technical preview for Windows […]

export vine videos

Twitter announced last week that it plans to shut down its "six seconds or less" video service Vine in the coming months. The company is going through financial turmoil currently, and as part of the restructuring of Twitter, it made the decision to put Vine to rest. Twitter confirmed that it won't delete any Vines […]

screamer radio

Screamer Radio 1.0 has been released a couple of days ago as a portable version and installer for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows. We have reviewed Screamer Radio back in 2007 for the first time and again in 2013. Back then it shipped with functionality to record streams which is not supported anymore. Probably […]

netflix error unblocker

Netflix appears to be winning the fight against so-called unblocking services and VPN services that allow Internet users to access Netflix in different geographical regions. Netflix's catalog of shows and movies is quite different from region to region. While all customer gain access to most of Netflix's originals series and productions, things are not equal […]

amazon music unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited is a new music streaming service by Amazon that the company pits against established services such as Spotify and Apple Music. While it shares similarities with those services, it is offering something unique as well. For instance, instead of offering just one tiered pricing, Amazon Music Unlimited is available in three different […]

spotify free

If you are running Spotify Free on your desktop computer you may have noticed that advertisement is suddenly being launched in the default web browser when the software is running. Spotify Free is the advertisement driven limited version of Spotify. You can use Spotify more or less as you see fit -- within certain limitations […]

youtube community

YouTube Community is a new feature of the world's most popular video streaming site that allows content producers to interact directly with their community. One of the shortcomings of YouTube up until now was that interaction between video producers and users was severely limited. Users had options to leave comments underneath videos, and to send […]

amazon filter language

Amazon Video is an add-on service for Prime members that works in many regards just like Netflix. Amazon produces original series such as Bosch, Jean-Claude von Johnson or The Man in the High CastleĀ  that you may watch on the site, and third-party content that it licensed. Shows and movies may be offered in multiple […]

smplayer internet playlist

An update for the popular media player SMPlayer has just been released that brings the version of the multimedia player to 16.8. The major feature addition of the release is support for several new playlist-related features. The playlist feature of the media player enables you to queue multiple audio or video streams, or to group […]

force html5 video is a popular streaming site on the Internet with a strong focus on gaming related content. You can tune in and watch various people play games, talk about games, or watch gaming related events streamed live like the Dota 2 International Tournament. One thing that is holding Twitch back currently is that it only […]

dazn netflix sports

DAZN, a new live and on-demand online streaming service focusing on sports, launched today in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The main idea behind DAZN is very similar to what services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video offer, but for sports: provide users with live and on-demand sports content for a flat fee. DAZN customers may […]

netflix flixtape

Flixtape by Netflix is a new service by Netflix that enables you to create video mixtapes using Netflix's video archive that you can play or share afterwards. While you may add movies or television shows to your list on Netflix, it is more of an internal thing that you cannot share with others easily. Flixtape […]

livestreamer twitch is a popular destination to watch live streams of various video game and related broadcasts. Most Internet users tune in using a web browser, and that is working fine most of the time. Twitch used to use Flash exclusively on the site but has since then started to integrate HTML5 video streams on the […]

plex media server 1.0

Plex Media Server 1.0 is now available for download. The latest version of the popular cross-platform media server application is mostly a bug fix release but still noteworthy due to the version bump. Plex Media Server enables you to run a media server on a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux, or on various NAS […]

smplayer tablet mode

SMPlayer 16.6 is the latest version of the popular media player for Windows that introduces a new touch screen mode, options to send video signals to external screens, and support for high DPI screens. The media player SMPlayer is one of the two programs that I use for the purpose of playing media files on […]