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Office Web Apps on SkyDrive Launched, Offers Online Document Management

The prime choice for most users who wanted to manage documents online was up until recently Google Docs with its advanced set of features. Microsoft launched the Office Web Apps on SkyDrive […]

bing search results

Useful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Bing Search

I have been working with the Bing search engine for the last couple of days after switching to it from Google Search. It still takes time to get used to this new […]

Happy birthday Bing!

Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, is officially one year old today.  The search engine formerly known as Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search was officially unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve […]

microsoft download manager

Microsoft Download Manager

The Microsoft Download Manager has been designed to provide Internet users with a faster and more reliable way of downloading files from the Internet. It has specifically designed for downloads from Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Office 2010 Download And Evaluation

Should you make the switch to Microsoft Office 2010? If you are not sure yet you could download the latest version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus to evaluate it for 60 days. […]

Ribbon Hero Teaches Office In A Playful Way

There are two types of Office users: Those who know everything - or nearly everything - about the program and those who do not. The latter group usually has to look really […]

How To Access The Old MSN Website

Microsoft decided that a design change was overdue for the MSN webpage which had not had a major redesign done in the past ten years. The new MSN homepage went live in […]

Free Office 2007 To Office 2010 Upgrade Period Starts Today

Microsoft plans to release the final version of Microsoft Office 2010 on June 15 and is - as always - offering free upgrades for users who happen to have purchased the previous […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Pricing Revealed

Microsoft Office 2010 is currently offered as a beta version for anyone interested. We have published Microsoft Office 2010 download details and information about the various editions in the past but the […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Download And Information

Microsoft's recent strategy change in regards to product launches - or to be more precise - to public relations during product development has been successful so far. The company related public beta […]

Microsoft To Start Word Patch Delivery In The US

Microsoft recently lost a patent infringement case in the United States with the court's ruling in favor of software development company tiny i4i. Many websites and blogs proclaimed after the court's ruling […]

Free E-Book: First Look Microsoft Office 2010

It is a little bit more than six months until Microsoft releases the next version of their popular Office suite, Office 2010. Interested users have already the chance to test a beta […]

Microsoft Powerset Adds Semantic Search To Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a popular online encyclopedia that can be a good starting point for research on any subject you may be interested in. What Wikipedia sorely needs is a better search engine […]

Microsoft Beta Downloads Overview

Most tech savvy computer users who visited a technology news website yesterday noticed that Microsoft has released a public beta version of their upcoming Microsoft Office 2010 software product. The beta has […]

Bing Videos And Bing Search Get Updates As Well

Microsoft this time seems to be dead serious to compete at all levels with the seemingly almighty guys at Google, and especially with Google's search engine technology. Several key services over at […]

Bing Maps Gets An Update

Bing Maps has been updated today with several new features and a new look and feel. Most notably in this regard is a new button bar with each button loading a specific […]

Microsoft Customer Service Joins Twitter

Microsoft Support is the official customer service and support channel of the Redmond-based company on the messaging platform Twitter. One of Microsoft's public relations and customer service strategies in recent times seems […]

Free Microsoft Ebook: Deploying Windows 7

With the release of Windows 7 right around the corner Microsoft has released a free ebook called "Deploying Windows® 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine". The […]