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amazon watcher

AmazonWatcher, Amazon Price Drop, Product Availability Notifications

Amazon offers a great shopping experience when you are on one of the six localized Amazon shopping websites. One thing that I really like is that the pricing can change from one […]


Hard Drive Diagnostics Software GSmartControl

Nothing is worse for a computer user than a hard drive that is nearing the end of its life cycle as hard drive crashes or unreadable sectors could lead to data loss […]

DTP in Linux with Pagestream

Remember Amiga? Well, if you're old enough to remember that platform, then you might remember the Pagestream desktop publishing system. Pagestream began in 1986 as Publishing Partner for the Atari Computers. By […]

TeamSpeak 3

Gamers have a few choices when it comes to ingame voice communications. Many games today offer voice chat that has been build into the game so that no external software is required […]

Network Management Software KontrolPack

Cross-platform networks are usually more complicated to manage compared to single-platform systems especially if free network management tools have to be used. The network management software KontrolPack is an Open Source cross-platform […]

Free File Hosting Downloader

Free file hosting downloaders are programs that make it more comfortable to download files from file hosting websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, SaveFile or Mediafire. These programs usually offer a handful of advantages […]

XNJB: Transfer music to and from a MTP MP3 player on a Mac

When I switched to a Mac, I did not purchase an iPod for a few months. I previously had a Creative Zen Vision M media player. Unfortunately, this device was not mass […]

Prep For GRE, GMAT, SAT Tests With Words

You might want to check out the cross-platform software program Words if you are currently preparing for GRE, GMAT or SAT tests or any other kind of test that involves the English […]

Download Wikipedia With Okawix To Access The Data Locally

Wikipedia is a popular online encyclopedia that is used by most users to get a quick overview on a certain topic. Wikipedia and its sister websites like Wikimedia or Wikiquotes can not […]

Spotlight-V100 and Trashes Folders On USB Flash Drives

A friend of mine contacted me recently with a problem that he could not figure out on his own. He discovered that two hidden folders had been created on his USB flash […]

Create Photo Maps With 93 Photo Street

Many people who like to travel are taking photos of the locations they visit. The photos are then usually added to photo albums along with stuff that was bought or taken on […]

Easy No-CD and No-DVD for games on Mac

Computer users often hate having to have a CD or DVD in their drive to run a game. To circumvent this, images are often burned to hard drives or cracks used. Cracks […]