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audio indicator microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge shows audio indicators in tabs now

The most recent public build of Windows 10, build 10122, ships with an updated version of the operating system's default browser Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is under a lot of pressure currently. Not […]

Microsoft reveals what Edge won't support: ActiveX, VBScript, more

We all know by now that Windows 10 will ship with a new default browser that Microsoft calls Edge. While it won't be the only browser that ships with the system, as […]

microsoft edge

Would you use Microsoft Edge if it supported your favorite extensions

Microsoft Spartan Edge is a browser in-development that will ship with Windows 10 later this year. In fact, it will replace Internet Explorer as the default web browser on the system. I […]


Is Microsoft's Spartan browser really becoming a contender?

Project Spartan is the codename of the new web browser that ships with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 operating system. It is one of the major changes of the system, considering that it […]


This is Microsoft's new browser Spartan

Microsoft pushed out a new build to all Windows 10 Technical Preview users which includes the first official snapshot of the company's new browser Spartan. You may have read about Spartan before […]

microsoft spartan browser

This is Spartan and what we don't know yet about Microsoft's new browser

Microsoft revealed two days ago that it will integrate Project Spartan, a new web browser, in its upcoming Windows 10 operating system that is expected to ship later this year. According to […]

internet explorer experimental flags

How to enable experimental features in Internet Explorer

Mary Jo Foley mentioned recently that Microsoft could ship the company's upcoming operating system Windows 10 with two browsers instead of just one. These two browsers, different from the two versions of […]

internet explorer developer tools

Internet Explorer Developer Tools update brings horizontal toolbar

Microsoft rolled out an update recently that changed the interface of the Internet Explorer Developer Tools significantly. Most modern browsers ship with a set of developer tools included. These tools can be […]

microsoft remote app remoteie

Microsoft launches cross-platform remote Internet Explorer application

Developers who want to optimize their websites for all web browsers need to get their hands on various browsers to do so. One of the issues that devs run into regularly is […]

internet explorer

Microsoft to only support most recent IE version from 2016 on

When it comes to supporting web browsers, most companies have made the decision to only support the most recent version of it and maybe in addition to that an extended support release […]

ie blocked java

Microsoft improves Internet Explorer security on Windows 7 and newer systems

Outdated browser plugins are a huge security risk on today's Internet. While some companies have started to block outdated plugins and insecure ones, others have not done so until now. Microsoft just […]

ie search customizer

Add custom search engines to Microsoft's Internet Explorer

When it comes to support for different search engines, it is Firefox that takes the crown. Not only is it the only browser of the big four that features a separate search […]

microsoft developer channel internet explorer

Microsoft launches Internet Explorer Developer Channel

All major web browsers for the Windows platform with the exception of Microsoft's Internet Explorer offer test versions for users interested in cutting edge features. Two of the core ideas behind making […]

internet explorer change homepage

How to modify Internet Explorer's homepage

Microsoft's Internet Explorer uses the MSN website as the default homepage in the web browser. Most users probably do not want that and while it is easy enough to change the homepage […]

security update

0-day Internet Explorer vulnerability patch ships today, even for XP

Now that is unsuspecting. You may have read about the latest detected 0-day vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer that is affecting all versions of the browser regardless of operating system. If not, […]

reading view internet explorer-11

Internet Explorer 11's Reading View is pretty good, when it works

Internet Explorer 11 is certainly a step up from previous versions of the web browser. And while some argue that it is still lacking behind in many regards, it is generally seen […]

internet explorer passwords

Display all Internet Explorer passwords with IEPasswordDump

Whenever you sign in to a web service for the first time using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you will receive a prompt that lets you save the username and password information so that […]

internet explorer 11 tabs on top

Change Internet Explorer's Look and Behavior with Quero Toolbar

Do not be too harsh with me on this one. While toolbar are usually anything but appreciated by the majority of users, it may be different this time. The Quero Toolbar is […]