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Internet Explorer is the default web browser of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The browser, often abbreviated IE or MSIE, was first released as an add-on for Windows 95 and later included natively in all future versions of Windows.

Especially the native integration helped the browser gain market share rapidly which made it the most used browser ever since its release with peak usage shares of more than 90% at one point in time. The releases of Firefox in 2004 and Google Chrome in 2008 saw a decline in market share. Most market research companies see Internet Explorer still in lead but the gap is much closer now, with Chrome and Firefox the browser’s biggest contenders market share wise.

Microsoft recently started to take its Internet Explorer browser serious again after a couple of lackluster releases before that. Internet Explorer 9 and IE10 pave the way for a browser that adheres to standards and closes the gap to Firefox and Google Chrome which are both regarded as the better browsers by many.

We cover Internet Explorer news here and also post guides and tutorials for you which you may find useful. Among them instructions on how you can uninstall Internet Explorer or repair Internet Explorer.

Microsoft thought it would be nice to present a configuration screen to users who have installed or upgraded to Internet Explorer 7. The user can change the default search provider in this initial setup or pick some additional plugins. This runonce page is not really needed in my opinion because all the changes can be […]

internet explorer surfgear

Tiny text that can't be changed. Background textures that hurt your eyes. A font color with a low contrast to the background color, e.g. dark blue font on dark background. I guess we all have experienced websites that had a design like this, always thought it was there to hurt the visitor because I could […]

internet explorer vulnerability

Are you using the Microsoft Internet Explorer ? You might be shocked by the following example of how insecure the Internet Explorer really is. Copy some text into the clipboard, you can use the text that you are just reading or any other text that you come across. Now visit the IE Clipboard Test website […]

Microsoft must be desperate. That was my first thought when I read that Microsoft made the decision to remove the Windows Genuine Advantage validation check from the download and installation of Internet Explorer 7. I was not able to come up with any other explanation why they decided to turn around 180 degrees and head […]

internet explorer connection limit

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 has that strange limitation that you can only download two files simultaneously. This might not bother casual downloaders but what if you have to download many files in a short time ? Sure, you could use a download manager to download all the files and forget about the limit in Internet […]

delete content advisor password

I received an email from Heather describing a problem that she encountered. She enabled the content advisor option in Internet Explorer but lost the password that allowed her to configure or disable the content advisor again. The so called supervisor password is defined when you first activate the content advisor. The funny thing is that […]

Microsoft tries to compete with its Windows Marketplace against the addon dominance of Firefox. The main difference between addons that you find at the Marketplace and those that you find at the Mozilla website is that some Marketplace addons are not free. This articles concentrates only on free addons for Internet Explorer 7. I try […]

I'm not using Internet Explorer 7 at all but I know some guys who like it so much that they might ditch Firefox for it. The new Internet Explorer 7 has basically the same functionality and expandability as Firefox. You can download add-ons for Internet Explorer 7 to add functions to it. The Windows Marketplace […]

internet explorer addons

Internet Explorer comes equipped with the same technique as firefox that allows users to create addons and offer them for download on a site that was specially created for this purpose by Microsoft. Ieaddons is the name of the site and looks like a typical slow-loading Microsoft website. Add-Ons are categorised in the four categories […]

Microsoft finally made it happen and released the final version of Internet Explorer 7 to the public. You can download it from the official internet explorer website at The download works without problems for everyone, the installation checks for WGA (windows genuine advantage) which means you can't install it if you have no legit […]

manage addons

Internet Explorer users beware: Stealth Web Page Recorder is a little add on for internet explorer that records every visited webpage including every action on that website like entering passwords, forms, emails and account numbers. The add on can't be spotted in the task manager nor in advanced tools like process explorer, it is a […]

internet explorer 10 screenshot

A new version of Microsofts upcoming Internet Explorer is available for everyone, this time it is the release candidate 1. Downloads are available for Windows XP service pack 2, Windows Server 2003 service pack 1 and Windows x64 editions. A previous version of Internet Explorer 7 will automatically be uninstalled prior to the installation of […]