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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available

The second beta of Microsoft's upcoming browser Internet Explorer 8 has been released today to the public after a post was made on the Internet Explorer Blog. Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 […]

Internet Explorer HTTP Watch

HTTP Watch is a HTTP monitoring plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that can give you detailed information about a website or application that is loaded in the browser. The main reasons for […]

Internet Explorer Download

I received an email today from a user who was asking me how to download the latest version of Internet Explorer. I was a bit puzzled by that request but decided to […]

Reset Internet Explorer Content Advisor Password

Internet Explorer's Content Advisor works as a safeguard and web filter so that family members might not open websites that are not suited for them. The Content Advisor is pretty much a […]

Browser Cookie Limits

Each browser is limited cookies in two ways. The first is a per domain cookie limit that allows a single domain to only store x cookies before the oldest gets erased to […]

Fix Slow Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter Response Times

Microsoft introduced a phishing filter in Internet Explorer 7 which checks every website the user visits with a remote database to prevent that phishing websites get accessed. Phishing websites are fake websites […]

internet explorer tweak utility

Internet Explorer 7 Tweak Utility

The IE7 Tweak Utility is a portable software program that allows you to change a few settings in Internet Explorer 7 that cannot be changed directly in the browser. I assume they […]

internet explorer wikipedia

Qpedia Adds Wikipedia Search to Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer users are a bit at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to useful add-ons for their browser. Sure, there is IE7 Pro which is a fantastic add-on […]

internet explorer downloader

GripIE Mass Downloader Plugin for Internet Explorer

GripIE is a plugin for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that integrates itself nicely in the Internet Explorer toolbar. It is assisting the user in downloading multiple media files at once from the active […]

microsoft search together

Microsoft SearchTogether

Collaboration is one of the big buzz words these days on the Internet. In its most basic form it means users that create content together which would include most of the so […]

internet explorer button

Add Buttons to Internet Explorer that launch programs

MakoButton is a small application that can create buttons for Internet Explorer that launch external applications or URLs when you click on them. While the second option is not that useful in […]

Microsoft: IE8 Beta 2 coming! Is your website ready?

That's a rather odd question, don't you think? I was always under the impression that browsers had to render websites correctly by being web standards compatible and not the other way round. […]

microsoft hd view

Microsoft HD View

HD View is a new technology that is developed by Microsoft Research that aids in the display and interaction with large images with sizes of one or more Gigapixels. I was very […]

internet explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Released - Your Thoughts ?

Microsoft released the first public beta of their upcoming flagship browser Internet Explorer 8 to the public and I would like to use this article - and the comments - to get some opinions about it. I know that a lot of you must have installed the new browser by now and surely must have something to say about this first version.

2008 will be an interesting year Browser wise

The year 2008 will see the release of three major versions of the most popular browsers. We will see the release of Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 9.5. All promise new and exciting features for the new browser versions and users were already able to test beta versions of both Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5.

find as you type

Add Find as you type to Internet Explorer

The firefox Find as you type search is pretty useful; It's faster than the normal search box and it does not obscure part of the website with a search box. Internet Explorer users can now enhance their browser with a Find as you type add-on for Internet Explorer which adds this functionality to it.

Runonce Setup Running all the time in IE?

Microsoft thought it would be nice to present a configuration screen to users who have installed or upgraded to Internet Explorer 7. The user can change the default search provider in this initial setup or pick some additional plugins. This runonce page is not really needed in my opinion because all the changes can be made directly in the options as well.

internet explorer surfgear

Improve Internet Explorer with IE Surfgear

Tiny text that can't be changed. Background textures that hurt your eyes. A font color with a low contrast to the background color, e.g. dark blue font on dark background. I guess we all have experienced websites that had a design like this, always thought it was there to hurt the visitor because I could not think of any other reason why someone would do things like that.