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Microsoft Removes Internet Explorer From Windows 7 In EU

We all have heard the news that the European Union made the "suggestion" that Microsoft should bundle additional web browsers with their upcoming operating system Windows 7 to make up for failings […]

Multiple Browser Bundling With Windows Is Stupid

A recent article published on the website of the Wall Street Journal suggests (paywall) that EU officials are considering forcing Microsoft to include a bunch of web browsers in the Windows operating […]

Internet Explorer Password Management Add-on

Last Pass is a password management add-on for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that can store login credentials of web services in a securely encrypted password vault. The password manager is compatible with most […]

Internet Explorer 8 Language Packs

Microsoft has released Windows Internet Explorer 8 MUI Packs for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. They allow Windows XP and Windows 2003 users to add different […]

4 Internet Explorer 8 Annoyances

Internet Explorer 8 is most likely the best web browser that Microsoft has developed in a very long time. It beats its predecessors Internet Explorer 6 and 7 fair and square, and […]

Log Into Multiple Accounts At The Same Site With Internet Explorer 8

There was not a way for Internet Explorer 7 users to log into two different Gmail (or Hotmail, Yahoo Mail...) accounts at the same time. Gmail can be replaced with any other […]

Internet Explorer: Expired Cookie Remover

Internet Explorer handles cookies in a different way than other web browsers. It stores cookies on the local hard drive and leaves traces behind even if cookies have expired. Cookies have an […]

Internet Explorer 8 Ad Blocking Gets Easier With Adblock IE

Adblock IE is a browser helper object (BHO) for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that blocks advertisement actively when installed. We have mentioned the release of the first Internet Explorer 8 ad blocking method […]

Internet Explorer 8 And Feeds: The XML page cannot be displayed

I run another popular site together with Everton of Connected Internet. The site I'm talking about is Windows 7 News, a highly popular and well ranked website about the next Microsoft operating […]

Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

The following guide walks you through the steps of uninstalling Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 web browser from a Windows PC. Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 some time ago and has started […]

Customize Google For Internet Explorer

Customize Google for Internet Explorer is a free program for Microsoft's Internet Explorer to customize various Google features. Customize Google has been a very popular add-on for the Firefox web browser for […]

Internet Explorer 8 To Be Distributed Via Automatic Updates

Microsoft has announced plans to distribute the new web browser Internet Explorer 8 to computers running previous installments of Internet Explorer via Automatic Updates. The final version of Internet Explorer 8 was […]

Internet Explorer 8 Ad Blocking

Ad Blocking in the Internet Explorer 8 web browser is not as easy to achieve as it is in other web browsers like Opera or Firefox with add-ons installed. Many Internet Explorer […]

8 Sleeper Internet Explorer 8 Add-ons

Internet Explorer add-ons have been introduced by Microsoft in the previous editions of Internet Explorer. Despite the introduction, they never managed to come close to the popularity and inventiveness of add-ons produced […]

Internet Explorer Proxy Switcher

Quick Proxy Changer is a free program for Windows that you may use to change the proxy settings of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. Users of the Internet Explorer web browser do […]

Internet Explorer 8 Address Bar Buttons

Internet Explorer 8 has just been released by Microsoft. Version eight of the web browser offers speed and stability improvements, better web standards support in comparison to previous versions of the browser, […]

Internet Explorer Add-on: Report a Webpage Problem

Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 8 yesterday. This new version is regarded by many as a step in the right direction as it closes the gap, both speed and […]

Internet Explorer 8 Download

Yesterday we mentioned that Microsoft would release the final version of Internet Explorer 8 later that day on the official website. They did that which surprised many tech savvy users as it […]