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Internet Explorer Vulnerability And Temporary Fix

Another Internet Explorer vulnerability was disclosed yesterday by Microsoft. All Internet Explorer versions from Internet Explorer 5.01 to 8 are affected on all Microsoft operating systems. A mitigating factor on Windows Vista […]

Internet Explorer Tweaker

Internet Explorer Tweaker is a free program for Microsoft Windows to apply certain tweaks to Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 is an excellent web browser and a step […]

Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8

The Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8 has just been released by Microsoft. The IEAK has been designed to simply the deployment, management and customization of Internet Explorer installations in computer networks and […]

Top 5 Security Plugins For Firefox, Chrome And Internet Explorer

Which browser is the most secure web browser? That's a question that is hard to answer, and Internet users usually mention the web browser that they use when asked the question. There […]

TrendProtect Warns Internet Explorers About Dangerous Websites

TrendProtect is a Web of Trust like web browser plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer (and soon Firefox) from security developers Trend Micro. The plugin for Internet Explorer will scan and rate the […]

Auto Repair Internet Explorer With Fix IE Utility

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still one of the most popular - or shall we say widely used - web browsers for computers running the Windows operating systems. Two of the main reasons […]

Secure Internet Explorer With IEController

Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser is tightly integrated into the Windows operating system. This makes it an important software program even if the users of the system do not use it as […]

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image

Web designers and webmasters need to check their designs and websites not only in web browsers from various web browser developers but also in different versions of a web browser. Microsoft's Internet […]

Another Report Finds Internet Explorer 8 To Be The Most Secure Web Browser

A web browsing security test that pitted Internet Explorer 8 against Firefox 3, Opera 10, Safari 4 and Google Chrome 4 had one winner: the conclusion was that Internet Explorer 8 was […]

Improve Internet Eplorer 8 Speed

It takes some time for Internet Explorer 8 to open new tabs on my computer system even if the tab is a blank tab in the beginning. Observant users will notice the […]

Order Internet Explorer 8 On CD

Update: Please note that Microsoft made last-minute modifications to Windows 7. The operating system shipped with a browser ballot in Europe that allowed users from the EU to select and install one […]

Mouse Cursor Disappearing Frequently In Firefox, Internet Explorer And Opera

Roman send me an email yesterday about a problem that he researched the other day. He noticed that the mouse cursor in every Firefox tab was disappearing and appearing again with no […]

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Fix

Microsoft has released a security advisory about a vulnerability in Microsoft Video ActiveX Control which can be exploited remotely in Internet Explorer. The vulnerability advisory states that Microsoft is aware that attackers […]

FriendFeed And Twitter Accelerators For Internet Explorer 8

Accelerators is a new feature that Microsoft introduced in Internet Explorer 8. They allow users to launch web services more easily and can for example be used to view a selected location […]

Internet Explorer 8 Command Line Arguments

Internet Explorer 8 is not a bad browser. No really. It is definitely better than Internet Explorer 7 or the dreaded Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft has added several interesting features to the […]

Increase Internet Security With WOT For Internet Explorer

If you compare the add-ons that are available for Microsoft's Internet Explorer with those available for the Firefox web browser you will soon discover that there are not many Internet Explorer add-ons […]

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Comparison Chart

Microsoft has published a comparison chart that compares Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox and the Google Browser Google Chrome in categories such as security, privacy, compatibility and ease of use. It is […]

Microsoft Removes Internet Explorer From Windows 7 In EU

We all have heard the news that the European Union made the "suggestion" that Microsoft should bundle additional web browsers with their upcoming operating system Windows 7 to make up for failings […]