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Google Browser Chromium Alpha For Linux

The team that is developing the Open Source version of the Google browser for Linux has finally released the first public alpha version of the Internet browser. The Chromium for Linux version […]

Google Browser – New Google Chrome Portable Browser

A good way of testing new versions of the so called Google browser Google Chrome web browser is to run a portable version of it. The main advantage that portable versions offer […]

One Step Closer To Extension Support In Google Browser

One of the things that is keeping the Google browser from attracting a larger audience is missing extension support. While it is without doubt possible to work with a web browser that […]

5 Google Browser Tips

Google Chrome - and the browser's Open Source base Chromium - are relatively new web browser developed by Google. Chrome offers several interesting features and ideas that other Internet browsers do not […]

Google Browser: Google Chrome And Chromium Downloads

The following guide provides you with a list of download links for Google Chrome, Chromium, and third-party Chromium-based browsers. I recently tried to download the latest version of the open source version […]

Use Google Chrome For Secure Web Browsing

One of the latest additions to the Google Chrome browser is the ability to force SSL. What this means is that the web browser will only open websites using the https protocol. […]

Google Chrome Adblocker

Google Chrome does not come with an option to block Internet ads. Many think that this has been a deliberate choice by the Google development team to avoid harming Google's core businesses […]

Google Chrome Dual View

Google Chrome Dual View makes it possible to split the Google Chrome browser into a left and right part that can each contain and display a website. Since there is no extension […]

Google Chrome gets userscript support

One of the elementary things that the Google browser is missing is support for some kind of plugins or extensions system that Firefox has been supporting for a long time. Google announced […]

Google Chrome Password Manager

Most modern web browsers offer a password manager that stores usernames and passwords of websites and services in the browser so that users do not have to enter them over and over […]


Chromium Iron

The release of Google Chrome and its Open Source counterpart Chromium put Google for the first time in a position that Microsoft experienced for a very long time. Users are looking at […]

Google Chrome Backup

The amount of applications, tweaks and tips released for Google's first web browser Chrome is increasing daily which can be somewhat attributed to the media coverage it received during the launch phase. […]

Google Chrome Anonymizer

Google Chrome is using a client id variable in the file Local State which can be found in the user data folder of the Chrome installation. This identification number is unique for […]

Google Chrome Now Available

The new browser by Google called Google Chrome is now available for download in various languages on the Google Chrome website. The installation file has a size of 474 Kilobytes on Windows […]