scroll to top button

Scroll To Top Button For Chrome

Some Internet users like to navigate web pages with the mouse and only the mouse. This can become a problem, or better a nuisance, on pages that are very very long, especially […]

chrome web proxy

1-Click Web Proxy Extension For Google Chrome

It can sometimes be very handy to access a website or service through a proxy server. Why? It can be that the service is limiting access to users from specific countries or […]

disable third party tracking

Disable Major Third Party Tracking Services With Disconnect For Chrome

Facebook Blocker which I reviewed yesterday made sure that some Facebook scripts cannot be executed on third party websites. That's helpful among other things to disable tracking by the popular social networking […]

this type of file can harm your computer

Disable This Type Of File Can Harm Your Computer In Google Chrome

Whenever you try to download an executable file in Google Chrome you are presented with the following confirmation prompt at the bottom of the browser: "This type of file can harm your […]

twitter links

Power Twitter For Chrome

Update: The extension does not work anymore. It was last updated in 2011 and the most likely reason why it stopped working is that Twitter changed things around in the backend in […]

Widgetblock, Block Social Media Widgets In Google Chrome

The majority of blogs and a lot of websites display social media widgets on their pages. They display Facebook like buttons, Facebook user widgets, Twitter tweets, Disqus comments and a lot more. […]

chrome pop-up history

Pop-up History For Chrome, Display Browsing History In A Popup

What would you say that an extension with the name Pop-up History and the description Pop-up a History does? This one had me puzzle for a while. My first thought was that […]

google chrome safy

Safy, Run Links With JavaScript, Plugins Disabled In Google Chrome

Loading websites without scripts or plugins is one of the best security precautions, and the extension that I use for that is the excellent NoScript add-on which does that and a lot […]

google chrome auto refresh

Google Chrome Auto Refresher

Have you ever hammered down on the F5-key on the keyboard to refresh a website waiting for something to change on that page? Or maybe you clicked on the reload button to […]

bookmark sentry

Bookmark Sentry For Chrome, Check For Dead And Duplicate Bookmarks

Every modern web browser offers to save bookmarks that act as a reminder and quick way to open websites. Internet users who save bookmarks regularly end up with hundreds, and sometimes even […]


Depositfiles, Skip The Countdown On Download Pages

Unregistered users who want to download files from the file hosting service Depositfiles need to wait 60 seconds before they can download the first file. Additional time limits are added once a […]


Virus Scan Any Link With VirusTotal In Chrome With VTchromizer

I use the online virus scanning service VirusTotal on a regular basis, for instance to check files before I download them to my local computer system. Especially useful for programs that are […]

chrome toolbox

Chrome Toolbox, Improve Productivity In Google Chrome

Chrome Toolbox is a new extension for the Chrome web browser that aims to improve a user's productivity in numerous ways. All features of the extension become available after installation. A right-click […]

recent history

Recent History For Chrome Offers Fast Access To Visited Websites

The history stores information about previously visited websites. Every web browser offers this feature, and the major difference is the way it can be accessed. Firefox users for instance can display the […]

Improve Chrome Privacy By Whitelisting Cookies

Web cookies, like temporary files and the web browsing history, can reveal information to third parties that a Internet user may not want to share. For instance, which sites were visited in […]

available feeds

Google Chrome RSS Live Links

RSS Live Links is a handy Google Chrome extension for users who want access to selected feeds and their updates right in the Chrome browser. The extension adds a new button to […]

chrome cache location size

How To Change Google Chrome's Cache Location And Size

Did you know that there is no setting in the graphical user interface of the Google Chrome browser to change the location and size of the cache? I searched up and down […]

neat bookmarks

Neat Bookmarks For Chrome, Search And Access Bookmarks Faster

If you want to have direct access to bookmarks in the Google Chrome browser, you either need to display the bookmarks toolbar, use the tools menu or install an extension that offers […]