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flash player controls

How To Open The Adobe Flash Player Settings In Google Chrome

If you follow the news on Ghacks you know that Google Chrome is the first web browser that offers an internal Flash plugin to enable Flash support in the web browser. The […]

stay focusd

Stay Focusd Helps You Stay Work Focused

Some computer users have no problem completing their daily work chores on the computer without ever giving in to distractions while others might need a little extra help to keep on working. […]

google chrome 5 stable

Google Chrome 5 Stable Released

Up until today three versions of Google Chrome were available for download. Google Chrome 4 was the stable channel that was offered to all visitors who wanted to download the Google browser. […]

Store Notes In Google Chrome With Chrome Cuts

Most web browsers do not come with options to quickly jot down notes to access them at a later time again. Some browsers, for example Vivaldi, come with note taking functionality but […]

google chrome keyboard shortcuts

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Configuration

The Google Chrome web browser comes with a series of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to execute commands in the web browser. This ranges from opening new tabs with the Ctrl-t […]

google chrome geolocation

How To Disable Geolocation In Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser, much like Firefox, has a geolocation feature. Geolocation in this context means that websites and services can utilize the user's location to provide personalized contents. A basic example […]


Google Chrome Beta Channel Update Promises More Speed, New Features

The Google Chrome development team works constantly on three different versions of the web browser; A stable build, a beta build and the developer build (Update: add to that the Canary build […]

google chrome calculator

Google Chrome Calculator

Math wizards take note. Chromey Calculator is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that offers access to most of Wolfram|Alpha's and Google's mathematical calculations and functions. The extension places one […]

internet censorship

Bypass Internet Censorship With HTTPS Google Webcache

Some countries like China use a filter to block information from being accessible by Internet users. But it is not only countries who filter the Internet. Organizations, companies or schools are usually […]

wikipedia companion

Wikipedia Companion Adds Wikipedia Browser To Google Chrome

Wikipedia Companion (update: now called Lookup Companion for Wikipedia) is a Google Chrome extension that adds options to search the online encyclopedia Wikipedia to Chrome's main toolbar. This means that you can […]

youtube previews

Preview Youtube Videos With Youtube Thumbs

Update: YouTube Thumb is not working anymore. Use the Chrome extension Video Preview instead which offers the same functionality and works in all recent versions of the Chrome browser. YouTube displays preview […]

google chrome without http

No More Http In Google Chrome

Many Internet users load websites by entering the prefix http:// and then the url (actual address) of the domain in the address bar of the web browser they are using. This is […]

incredible startpage

Incredible StartPage For Google Chrome

Incredible Startpage is a browser extension for Google Chrome that adds functionality to the New Tab page of Google Chrome. The standard blank tab page in the Google Chrome browser is already […]

Google Chrome DNS Fetching

The Google Chrome web browser makes use of a feature called DNS fetching (sometimes also called DNS pre-resolving, or preloading) to improve the user experience while using the browser. The idea behind […]

google chrome languages

How To Add Languages That You Speak To Google Chrome

The Google Chrome web browser has a handy translation feature that Google build right in to the browser. It can be used to translate web pages that are published in a language […]

disable adobe flash

Google Chrome Native Flash Plugin Enabled By Default

Adobe Flash was natively integrated into the Google Chrome browser two weeks ago. As usual, the feature was disabled by default at first and had to be enabled with a startup parameter. […]

skipscreen chrome

Skipscreen Ported To Google Chrome

Skipscreen is a popular Firefox add-on that will automatically skip unnecessary screens on file hosting websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload or Mediafire. It will automatically bypass those screens to make it easier for […]

google maps locator

Google Maps Locator For Google Chrome

Update: The browser extension is no longer working in recent versions of Google Chrome. We suggest you use the extension Send to Google Maps instead which offers a similar functionality and works […]