Google Chrome News and extension reviews


Google Chrome Website Monitor

Page Monitor Visualping is a free browser extension for Google Chrome and compatible browsers to monitor web pages for changes and notify you about them. Extensions that have once only been available […]

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller Extension

Scrolling is an activity that Internet users do on a regular basis as screen resolutions are usually not large enough to display web pages without vertical scrolling. Most users feel that the […]


Linky Brings Multi Links Like Functionality To Google Chrome

Multi Links (formerly known as Snap Links) is one of the many small Firefox add-ons that add a lot of value to the web browser. It enables you to draw a rectangle […]

Google Chrome Photo Slide Show Extension

Interested users who monitor new add-on and extension additions for the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the Google Chrome browser will notice that the latter grows faster in absolute terms ever since […]

iron browser

SRWare Releases Iron 4 Release Candidate

Iron is a web browser that is based on the Chromium source code, the same code that powers the Google Chrome web browser. The main difference between Iron and Google Chrome is […]

Discover Similar Pages With Google Similar Pages For Chrome

Google Similar Pages is an add-on for the Google Chrome web browser that can help you in the discovery of related or similar websites by suggesting these sites to you when you […]

Gmail, Google Reader, Wave And Voice Notifier For Google Chrome

One Number is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that notifies you about Gmail, Google Reader, Wave and Google Voice updates. The extension development for Google's web browser Google Chrome seems […]

Google Chrome History Manager

Google Chrome's web history manager displays a neat list of visited websites sorted by date, and with options to search for specific pages using the search form at the top of the […]

Google Chrome Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard Navigation is a free browser extension for Google Chrome to navigate web pages using the computer keyboard. Computer users sometimes run into situations where they won't or can't use a computer […]

Where Do You Go For Declined Google Chrome Extensions

The release of the official Google Chrome extensions gallery was a big step for Google and the Google Chrome web browser. The Google browser lacked a central location for extensions, something that […]

Google Quick Scroll For Google Chrome

Google Quick Scroll is an official Google Chrome browser extension that displays contextual information of search results when you open pages from Google Search. Have you ever had problems finding the information […]

Official Google Chrome Extensions Website Opens Its Doors

Google just launched the official website for extensions, themes, apps and other bits and pieces of the company's Google Chrome web browser. One of the things that kept Chrome extension development and […]

Google Chrome Gets Option To Free Up Memory

The memory usage of modern web browsers has increased quite a bit over the years which can be attributed to the increased functionality, but also to plugins and extensions that use computer […]

Google Chrome OS: First looks, first impressions

The very early stages of the REAL Google Chrome operating system has been released (and done so fully open sourced). It's not an operating system you can (and should) be putting on […]

Google Releases Google Chrome OS As Chrome OS

Google today has released Google Chrome OS - or operating system - as Open Source under the name Chromium Open Source Project. You may have already read in the past month that […]

Google Tries To Make The Internet Faster With SPDY

Why is the Internet so damn slow. That's probably a phrase that every Internet user in the world has said more than once. Even users with fast broadband connections experience slow downs […]

Google Chrome To Get Automatic Userscript Support

Until now userscript support in the Google Chrome web browser was severely limited by the fact that you had to copy the scripts to a folder of the Chrome profile. Recent versions […]

Google Chrome 4 Gets Bookmark Syncing

The latest developer versions of the Google Chrome browser come with the build in option to synchronize bookmarks across multiple computer systems by utilizing a Google account to store the data. Google […]