Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions provide new functions to the popular browser, with new advanced tools to use across several platforms and web-based apps. We’ll review some of the top ones you can download while also sharing any essential updates and news.

save ink when printing chrome

Save Ink and Paper with Print Friendly for Chrome

When it comes to printing out websites you often end with an output that is displaying more than what you actually needed in terms of information. You may see advertisement, menus, widgets […]

chrome ehistory search

eHistory adds advanced Search Operators to Chrome's History Page

If you do not clear your Chrome browsing history regularly you surely have a good reason for it, like the ability to check back on sites that you have visited in the […]


Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on for Chrome

Many websites and services make use of Google Analytics, a web statistics service that is tracking web users on websites where the script is installed. Besides the tracking, there is also the […]

google news

Google News Reader, Read Custom News In Chrome

Computer users have many options when it comes to reading news. From the traditional way of visiting portal sites like Yahoo or newspaper websites like the New York Times site, to aggregators […]


How To Remove UTM_ Tracking Tokens In Your Browser

If you read a lot of blogs, you may notice that links on those blogs sometimes contain utm_ tokens after the web address they point to. You find this usually if another […]

youtube video history

YouTube Video History Monitor and Notifier for Chrome

With so many YouTube extensions available for all web browsers, it is hard to come by an original add-on that brings something to the table that the majority of extensions do not […]

fancytube youtube extension

FancyTube Adds Much Needed Features To YouTube for Chrome

For the world's most popular video hosting site, YouTube is really short on options and settings that it provides to its users. While that may be one of the secrets of the […]

image properties

Image Properties Context Menu For Google Chrome

If you want to to find out more about an image posted on a website in the Chrome browser, your best bet is to either right-click it and use the inspect element […]

google chrome friend check

Detect and Remove Inactive Google+ Users

When it comes to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, you will find that friends on those networks fluctuate over time. While you will keep in regular contact with […]

monitor craigslist

Monitor Craigslist Searches With Craigslist Notification for Chrome

If you like to buy stuff on the popular Craigslist website, you have probably noticed that it is not the easiest site to navigate and use. When it comes to monitoring specific […]

flickr right-click

Kill Evil For Chrome Takes Care Of JavaScript Annoyances On The Internet

JavaScript on websites can be used for quite the annoyances. From blocking access to the right-click context menu to tampering with the browser window's resize feature, or send every single click you […]

chrome web store an error occurred

How To Find Related Chrome Extensions

What do you do when your favorite Chrome extension stops working or gets pulled from the Chrome Web Store by its author or Google? While you could hope that the developer posts […]

browser clipboard

Browser Clipboard, Multi-Clipboard For Google Chrome

When it comes to writing articles on sites like Ghacks, I sometimes use quotes and links from other sites in articles. While that adds to the information of the article, it also […]

news factory

News Factory, Compact News Reader For Google Chrome

Rss news feeds are still one of the best ways to receive updates and news when they happen. When it comes to apps, users have several options at hand. From desktop readers […]

google+ widescreen

GExtend Optimizes Google+ For Widescreen Monitors

Google a few days ago launched a re-design of Google+ that turned the site upside down. It introduced two static sidebars on the left and right side of the screen, and a […]

collusion for chrome

Collusion for Chrome Displays Realtime Tracking Information

Collusion for Firefox was released back in July of 2011. The extension back then was released at the height of the privacy craze, when browser developers and user rights organizations started to […]

download master

Download Master, Bulk File Downloader For Chrome

Download Master is a useful extension for the Google Chrome web browser that you can use to download multiple files at once from a website. The browser extension may work in Chrome-compatible […]

remove timeline facebook

Restore Old Facebook Profiles With Timeline Remove for Chrome

The reception of Facebook's Timeline profile design has been highly controversial so far, with part of the userbase rejecting it. With Facebook rolling out the new profile design for everybody, there is […]

mini notepad

Take Notes In Google Chrome With Mini Notepad

Computer users have several options at their disposal when it comes to note taking. They can take the conventional route and use post-its, paper or any other form of physical notes. While […]

awesome new tab page

Improve Chrome's New Tab Page With Dynamic Contents

With Opera's new Speed Dial extensions came dynamic contents for Opera's new tab page. Only static contents were displayed on the new tab page before that. With the introduction came options to […]

google chrome web store trending

Chrome Web Store Gets Trending, Offline Filters

As a webmaster who is always looking for the latest and greatest, I have to admit that I dislike the Chrome web store. The core reason for this is that it does […]

youtube music video information

Seevl Adds Biography, Suggestions To YouTube Music Videos

If you are using YouTube for music discovery and searches, you know that the video hosting site is excellent for these kinds of things thanks to its large repository of music videos. […]

scrollbar of contents

Scrollbar of Contents Adds Navigational Markers To Websites

If you ever had to look-up something on a very large Wikipedia page, you know that it can be kinda frustrating to find what you are looking for on that page. While […]

simple window saver

Simple Window Saver, Save Chrome Tabs and Windows

Simple Window Saver is a browser extension for Google Chrome that allows you to save browser sessions manually with a click on the extension button. The Google Chrome web browser opens the […]

website appearance

Modify The Appearance of Websites With Stylebot For Chrome

The first go-to services when it comes to modifying the appearance of websites are sites like Greasyfork or which host thousands of different scripts and styles that modify the appearance […]

bitdefender quickscan

What Is BitDefender QuickScan

With threats and attacks becoming more versatile by each year, come new security tools that protect users from these threats. In the past one or two years, many security companies have started […]

unload tabs

TabMemFree, Unload Websites In Chrome To Free Up Resources

Websites that you have opened in tabs in your favorite browser use system resources as long as they are open. Some may even be active in the background. Facebook for instance displays […]

google chat

Detach Google Chat From The Browser

Google Chat is tightly integrated with certain Google products. This includes Google Mail for instance, where you can use the chat functionality, or Google Talk which comes with chat functionality as well. […]

bookmark bar

Switch Between Multiple Bookmark Bars In Google Chrome

If you are making use of the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome, you probably have noticed that it offers limited space for your important bookmarks and not the best manageability. While it […]

ssl observatory

HTTPS Everywhere Now Warns About Encryption Weaknesses

Two weeks ago a team of mathematicians and cryptographers have released a paper in which they describe a weakness in the encryption used by routers, firewalls, web services or virtual private network. […]

google chrome layout

Customize Google+ With GGGG GUI on Chrome

I do not spend more than a few minutes of my time per day on social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter. When I'm on there I like to get […]

facebook encryption

Encrypt Facebook Group Communication With Encrypt Facebook

Social networking sites may use the contents that you post on their sites in a variety of ways. They may sell them to advertisers, use them to personalize advertising on their sites, […]

comment save

Chrome Comment Save Keeps A History Of All Your Web Comments

Keeping track of all the comments that you leave on the Internet can be quite the daunting task. While some plugins, like Disqus, allow you to keep track of comments that you […]

tab notifier

Tab Notifier Informs You Of Website Updates

If you are the kind of person who likes to spend time on social networking sites or messaging services like Facebook, Hotmail or Google Mail, you probably noticed that page titles change […]

page snooze

Page Snooze For Chrome, Hide Inactive Tabs

Page Snooze is a browser extension for Google Chrome that enables you to hide tabs for a select period of time in the browser to make room for other tabs. If you […]

radio player live

Manage And Play Internet Radio In Google Chrome

I have made the full switch to listening exclusively to Internet Radio stations many years ago. The core reasons? Accessibility while working on the PC, less ads and talking while songs are […]

do not track plus

Do Not Track Plus Makes Sure You Are Not Tracked On The Web

If you read tech blogs and technology oriented sites regularly you notice that privacy is a hot topic on those sites. Most readers who visit those sites cherish their privacy, while the […]

create extension group

Create Extension Groups With Context For Google Chrome

When you look at the extensions that you have installed in your Chrome browser, you will probably notice that you do not use all of them all the time. It is more […]

Don't Want To Be Tracked Online? Use TrackerBlock

Most Internet users do not know that every step they make on the Internet is likely tracked by one or multiple companies. Tracking can be loosely divided into a first party and […]

chrome background noise

hisNoise For Chrome, Pink, Brown and White Noise in Your Browser

I prefer a near silent environment when I'm working on the computer. This is especially the case when I'm writing articles or researching things that I may write about. With noise being […]



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