Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions provide new functions to the popular browser, with new advanced tools to use across several platforms and web-based apps. We’ll review some of the top ones you can download while also sharing any essential updates and news.

bookmark bar

Switch Between Multiple Bookmark Bars In Google Chrome

If you are making use of the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome, you probably have noticed that it offers limited space for your important bookmarks and not the best manageability. While it […]

ssl observatory

HTTPS Everywhere Now Warns About Encryption Weaknesses

Two weeks ago a team of mathematicians and cryptographers have released a paper in which they describe a weakness in the encryption used by routers, firewalls, web services or virtual private network. […]

google chrome layout

Customize Google+ With GGGG GUI on Chrome

I do not spend more than a few minutes of my time per day on social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter. When I'm on there I like to get […]

facebook encryption

Encrypt Facebook Group Communication With Encrypt Facebook

Social networking sites may use the contents that you post on their sites in a variety of ways. They may sell them to advertisers, use them to personalize advertising on their sites, […]

comment save

Chrome Comment Save Keeps A History Of All Your Web Comments

Keeping track of all the comments that you leave on the Internet can be quite the daunting task. While some plugins, like Disqus, allow you to keep track of comments that you […]

tab notifier

Tab Notifier Informs You Of Website Updates

If you are the kind of person who likes to spend time on social networking sites or messaging services like Facebook, Hotmail or Google Mail, you probably noticed that page titles change […]

page snooze

Page Snooze For Chrome, Hide Inactive Tabs

Page Snooze is a browser extension for Google Chrome that enables you to hide tabs for a select period of time in the browser to make room for other tabs. If you […]

radio player live

Manage And Play Internet Radio In Google Chrome

I have made the full switch to listening exclusively to Internet Radio stations many years ago. The core reasons? Accessibility while working on the PC, less ads and talking while songs are […]

do not track plus

Do Not Track Plus Makes Sure You Are Not Tracked On The Web

If you read tech blogs and technology oriented sites regularly you notice that privacy is a hot topic on those sites. Most readers who visit those sites cherish their privacy, while the […]

create extension group

Create Extension Groups With Context For Google Chrome

When you look at the extensions that you have installed in your Chrome browser, you will probably notice that you do not use all of them all the time. It is more […]

Don't Want To Be Tracked Online? Use TrackerBlock

Most Internet users do not know that every step they make on the Internet is likely tracked by one or multiple companies. Tracking can be loosely divided into a first party and […]

chrome background noise

hisNoise For Chrome, Pink, Brown and White Noise in Your Browser

I prefer a near silent environment when I'm working on the computer. This is especially the case when I'm writing articles or researching things that I may write about. With noise being […]

ssl enforcer

Google Chrome SSL Enforcer

Making sure that you are connected via SSL is one of the most important things Internet users can do to improve their security online. This is especially true on public computer networks, […]

how to say it

Learn How To Pronounce English Words

If I had to grade my English pronunciation skills I'd probably give me a below average rating. I mainly attribute this to the fact that I do not speak English regularly. While […]

chrome simple startup password

Simple Startup Password, Not Overly Secure Chrome Password Protection

Google Chrome currently does not offer options to password protect the browser, or at least user data, from local access. Someone with access to the PC can fire up the browser to […]

google input tools

Google Input Tools Offers Language Onscreen Keyboards

If you ever had to work on a PC in a foreign country that is not your own, you may have noticed that the keyboard layout is not identical to keyboards that […]


dotEPUB Google Chrome Extension

You don’t always have the time to sit in front of your laptop or desktop computer and read lengthy material. Google Chrome, which is a fantastic browser in so many ways, brings […]

youtube videos

Chrome Email This Page Extension

You may sometimes stumble upon pages, websites or services on the Internet that you'd like to share with friends, colleagues or family. Many websites offer sharing buttons to share the link on […]

firefox opera chrome

The 10 Most Popular Chrome, Firefox And Opera Extensions

Browser extensions can improve a web browser's functionality significantly. They can improve a user's workflow on the web or add information to the browser that would otherwise not be directly accessible. When […]

password hash

Visual Hashing, Password Reminders For Chrome And Firefox

All you see are asterisks whenever you enter passwords on the Internet. This makes it near impossible to make sure the correct password has been entered. The only indicator is the length […]

panic button options

Hide All Chrome Tabs With A Single Click

If you are working in a multi-user office, or in a room that people may enter unannounced, you'd probably like an option to hide what's shown on the screen when that happens. […]


Pillarbox is a Free and Simple Writing Interface

Pillarbox is a free Google chrome extension for writers and those who prefer a simple user interface over one cluttered with buttons and menus you will probably never use. Even a popup […]

rain alarm

Rain Alarm, Receive Precipitation Warnings In Chrome

The Chrome extension Rain Alarm provides users with up to date precipitation warnings right in the browser. The extension adds an icon to Chrome's address bar upon installation that acts as a […]

google chrome extensions manager

Google Chrome Extensions Manager (aka Switcher)

Many Google Chrome extensions add a button to the browser's address toolbar. If you have installed more than a dozen or so extensions, you may notice that space can become a issue, […]

fastestfox options

FastestFox, FastestChrom, Faster Browsing Add-ons

I had my eyes on the FastestFox add-on for the Firefox browser for some time now. In the beginning, I thought it was just another add-on to speed up the browser like […]

ultimate football results

Ultimate Football Results For Google Chrome

Update: The browser extension is no longer available. We suggest you check out 365Scores instead which offers similar functionality. Many football fans use the Internet regularly to check for football scores, results, […]

chrome private browsing mode

Ghost Incognito, Automate Private Browsing In Chrome

I'm not using private browsing modes that web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and even Internet Explorer offer. The core reason is that I'm the only user on the PC so […]

price monitor

Track Amazon, Steam Prices With That is Worth For Chrome

I often find items on Steam that I'd really like to buy and play but consider to be to expensive at the time. This is usually the case with recently released games […]

evernote clearly

Evernote Clearly, Distraction Free Reading On The Internet

One of the strengths of the Internet is that it is possible to pack a lot of information on a page. I'm talking about links, images and other media that can really […]

white noise chrome

White Noise For Chrome

Depending on your work environment you sometimes may get distracted or interrupted by noise. In my particular situation for instance, I tend to get distracted by dog walkers or service cars outside […]

scriptno block scripts chrome

ScriptNo, Another NoScript Extension For Chrome

One of the two issues that I identified in yesterday's review of Opera's NotScripts extension was that it has not been updated for a long period of time. A script by the […]

google+ notifications

Google Releases Official Google+ Notification Extension For Chrome

If you are a heavy user of Google's Google+ social networking product you are probably keeping the site running in a tab all the time to never miss new messages. But even […]

chrome tab position customizer

Tab Position Customizer For Google Chrome

Tabbed web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer have specific orders in which tabs are opened and closed. Developers have to configure orders for opening blank pages and links […]

chrome blank tabs

TooManyTabs For Chrome Improves Tab Management

TooManyTabs is a browser extension for Google Chrome that improves tab management in the web browser by displaying all in an overlay on the screen. If you have a lot of tabs […]

chrome speak

Listen to Web Text with Google Chrome Speak

Google Chrome has just fronted a new extension called Chrome Speak; a text reader for web content on the Google Chrome search engine. This will read highlighted text out loud. Whether from […]

27 Out of 100 Chrome Extensions Insecure

Security researchers Nicholas Carlini, Adrienne Porter Felt, and Prateek Saxena reviewed 50 popular and 50 random Chrome extensions from the official Chrome Web Store for security vulnerabilities and discovered that 27 of […]

chrome remote desktop beta

Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Extension

I think it was last year when Google first mentioned that they would add remote desktop capabilities to Chrome OS and the Chrome web browser. Google released a first beta version of […]

facebook friendly gaming simplifier

Facebook Friendly Gaming Simplifier For Firefox, Chrome

I have to admit that I'm not playing games on social networking sites like Facebook or Google Plus. To be honest, I'm annoyed by status messages that contain gift, bonus or game […]

youtube videos

YouTube Feed, Get YouTube Updates In Chrome

When you have a YouTube account, you can do more than watching, uploading and commenting on videos. One of the things besides that is the ability to subscribe to other YouTube users […]

PriceBlink, The Best Automatic Coupon Finder?

You can save lots of money with coupons. As a webmaster, I have to buy and renew domain names and web hosting on a regular basis. Take the popular domain registrar Godaddy […]



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