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The Google Android operating system is a Linux-based system that has been primarily been designed for mobile use and touch-enabled devices. It has been initially developed by Android Inc. which Google purchased in 2005.

The first Android powered device, the T-Mobile G1, was sold in 2008 and from that moment on the rise of Android powered devices began. Android today is the mobile phone operating system with the greatest market share followed by Apple’s iPhone. According to Google, more than 1.3 million Android devices get activated every day (in 2012).

What makes Android special is that it is released as Open Source which gives phone manufacturers the right to modify and distribute phones running Android. The large number of community developers producing apps for Android has attributed to the operating system’s success as well. It is estimated that more than 700,000 apps are available on Google Play, the official Android store.

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There are only a few companies that seem to make use of the Internet and its new possibilities in their marketing campaigns like Samsung does. You may remember the viral marketing campaign for their new solid state drives where they gave 24 of their drives to computer geeks to see what they would do with […]

So far we’ve heard quite a bit of comparisons between the webOS platform and OSX (for the iPhone), as well as Android vs. OSX. But so far, comparisons between both Android and webOS have been nonexistent. What makes this lack of coverage quite interesting is the fact that both operating systems are built off similar […]

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Although the first Google Android phone was a success (albeit moderate) it was eclipsed by more prominent players in the industry such as Apple, Blackberry (Storm) and most recently Palm with their Pre. But despite that Android has garnered much support from many companies and that support keeps growing daily. It is with this success […]

Google's Android operating system is still only available in one commercial device, the T-Mobile G1 cell phone. Cell phone manufacturers and Google are however planning to release at least 18 Android based devices this year alone which will surely help the platform in gaining market share in the cell phone market. T-Mobile G1 users can […]

I bought the T-Mobile G1 phone just a few days ago and have been browsing around Android Market, the phone's application market, quite a bit. One of the applications that I discovered on Android Market was Connect Bot. Connect Bot is a SSH Client for the Android Phone which webmasters (and other users) can use […]

If you are considering getting a Google Android phone in the future - be it the only one available, the T-Mobile G1, or cell phones running the Android OS from other companies that have announced that they will support the platform - you might like to look at the Android application store to check out […]

T-mobile setup a flash based emulator of their upcoming Android phone T-Mobile G1 to visualize some of the functionality of the of the first Android phone. The emulator has its shortcomings like displaying the Android phone in the wrong size and some functionality is severely limited, but it may provide users with a quick glance […]

Google is pushing their Android operating system on the market and the first mobile phone that is been powered by it is the T-Mobile G1 phone. It comes out in a few weeks in the United States and will be exclusively sold by T-Mobile in a deal that looks similar to the one Apple made […]

The first mobile phone that uses the Google Android operating system is just a few weeks away. One of the major selling points of Android is that it is Open Source and that users will most likely have access to a huge database of software programs created by the Open Source community at their disposal. […]

The mobile phone company T-Mobile announced that it will release the first ever phone based on Android a few days ago. The T-Mobile G1 smartphone  will be the first phone publicly available that is powered by of the Google Android operating system. The G1 will be manufactured by Taiwanese company HTC and hit shelves on […]