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Ask The Readers: Mobile Access, Smartphone Coverage

With mobile access to Ghacks reaching new heights every month, I'd like to use this Ask The Readers post to get your opinion on a few things that I have been pondering […]

My Bank, Mastercard And My Annual Hosting Invoice

Have you ever tried to make a payment with your credit card that is a bit on the high side of things but still well within your limit? I do that once […]

browser market share

Ghacks Visitor Stats

We have heard a lot about browser stats in the past, how Firefox is plateauing, how Chrome is gaining market share and how Internet Explorer is dropping to new lows every month. […]

Software Developers: Host Your Files On Ghacks

I always wanted to go ahead with a download directory on Ghacks, but never had the time to ready the site for this. I have started hosting some files here on Ghacks, […]

Things To Do When You Are Tired, But Still Need To Work

It happens that I get tired in the late afternoons, so tired in fact that I'm hard pressed not to go to bed directly to sleep the sleep of the brave. This […]


Blogging Lessons, 3 Years Later

My full time blogging career began back in December of 2007. Back then I wrote Full Time Blogging and My first 15 days as a Problogger which offered advice for webmasters who […]

blog spam

Lets Celebrate, We Received Our 1 Millionth Spam Comment

Blog spam, in the form of manual or automatic comments, trackbacks or pingbacks, has always been a problem for bloggers. It is just to lucrative to run a software that spams links […]

Why I love Arguments

One of these days, and I'll try this eventually, I'm going to write an article called "Apple" which will contain just a single word, that word will again be "Apple".  What will the […]

Ghacks T-Shirts, Leftovers For Christmas

It is the last day of the Ghacks Christmas Giveaway and when I look back I see great programs and lots of participation from old and new readers, and some that only […]

New Year Resolutions, What Are Your Plans?

It's almost 2011 and that means that a whole slew of New Years Resolutions are ready to be made and broken. Every year, it's the same old thing. People say they are […]

Wikileaks under DDOS attack on eve of new revelations [Comment]

Tomorrow WikiLeaks is set to reveal a new series of classified US documents that have been sent by United States Embassies around the world.  The revelations set to shed new light on the […]

Comodo DNS Blocks Ghacks

Imagine my surprise when Jojo mentioned that Comodo DNS was blocking, allegedly because it was a hacking / warez site that may offer illegal sharing of copyrighted software and media. Bogus […]

Recent Increase In Trackback Spam

Jojo just mailed me an interesting article about a blog that discovered that its trackbacks, the links pointing to their articles from other blogs, increased practically overnight to three or four times […]

Ghacks Feedburner Feed Stopped Updating: New Feed URL

I just got an email from long time reader Ben who told me that my feed would not update automatically anymore. After checking the feed it turned out that he was right. […]

Open source predictions for 2010

Is it really almost 2010? The first decade of 2k is nearly at an end, a decade that has been quite prosperous for the Linux operating system. A decade that saw the […]

Software Freedom Day

Today I thought I would diverge away from my usual tutorials so I could point out that today, September the 19th, is Software Freedom Day. Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration […]

Holidays Until September

It is not often that I go on holidays. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that my work and spare time balance was leaning towards lots of work and not […]

New Managed Server Ordered

Ghacks has been running on the same server for more than a year now. The server it is running on is provided by German company Hetzner who offer a fantastic deal for […]