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This is the internal category here on Ghacks Technology News. Here you find announcements, for instance if we run a giveaway in the future or about the site’s most recent anniversary or birthday, but also website or server related information that you may find interesting. This for instance includes information about server down times, explanations why that happened for instance, questions that we’d like to discuss with our readers – that is including you – or other related information that we like to make public.

October 3, 2005, that's when it all began. Back then I had no idea that this little pet project of mine would turn into something that would change my life fundamentally forever. Ghacks back then was my first blog. It was not my first Internet site, as I had been running a popular hacking related […]

godaddy down

You may have noticed connection issues to websites such as and thousands of others in the past couple of hours. Responsibility for this has been claimed by a Twitter user associated with Anonymous. Fact is, the main Godaddy website and DNS servers are down, affecting sites that are hosted by Godaddy and domains that […]


Many download sites, and it does not really matter if they are download portals like Softpedia or, or file hosting services like Turbobit or Mediafire, use ads to generate revenue. That's a perfectly fine business model and all, and I do not think a lot of Internet users would criticize them for that. I […]

When I'm thinking of download portals, I'm usually thinking of big sites like Softpedia or Major Geeks, that host millions of applications and other computer related downloads on their servers. There are specialized portals, smaller in size, like Betanews for instance, or the excellent Freeware BB. I'm currently considering creating a software portal of my […]

The QWERTY keyboard layout has been used in most western countries now since the late 1800's.  Though there are differences in some countries, such as AZERTY in France, this keyboard layout remains with modern computers even though it's not always the quickest way for people to type. It was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes who […]

Yesterday I threw down the gauntlet to any gHacks reader who might want to write a Windows 8 book, perhaps with the long term goal of signing your own book deal with a big name tech publisher.  You can read my article here.  Lee Whittington made a very interesting comment... I have been turning the […]

Three years ago this month I began doing some very serious planning.  Back when Windows Vista was released I wrote a 68 page "Vista Power Users Guide".  It wasn't very in depth but was intended as a getting started eBook and was primarily written to help stop friends and family from calling me with tech […]

I was pretty delighted when my Microsoft MVP was reawarded on the 1st of January for a second year.  Microsoft award their "Most Valuable Professional" award each year to around 4,000 individuals covering almost all of their product lines.  In a statement on their website they say... We seek to recognize the best and brightest […]

If you look around at what technology has brought us in 2011 it's been a truly momentous year.  The iPad 2, new exciting Android tablets with the proper tablet version of the OS, Windows 8, the HP TouchPad with WebOS, Windows Phone 'Mango', Ultrabooks, cameras with GPS, multi-touch in laptops, new super-efficient Intel and AMD […]

If you look around the world at the moment you will see anti-capitalist demonstrations everywhere.  Here in the UK, the historic St Paul's Cathedral in London, which was built in 1677 and was the wedding venue for Diana, Princess of Wales is currently closed for the first time since the second world war because of […]

I'm becoming increasingly confused by the whole computing market with all manner of new and, relatively, affordable form factors coming to market.  There was a day not that long ago when you had a choice, Desktop PC or Laptop, indeed even laptops were commonly out of the reach of most people and it's only relatively […]

Recently I asked myself a question: How come that some blogs, like Lifehacker, ZDnet and other technology blogs get dozens of comments per post, while comments on other sites that I hold even dearer are close to zero. Some articles here on Ghacks for instance receive dozens of comments. A lot of the giveaway (which […]

ghacks red

When I first started the Ghacks Technology News blog back in October of 2005, I did not really have any expectations whatsoever. If it would be there after a year, that would be fine. If not, nothing was lost. I also did not really think about making money with the site, or even -gasp- quit […]

With mobile access to Ghacks reaching new heights every month, I'd like to use this Ask The Readers post to get your opinion on a few things that I have been pondering about for a couple of months. First issue that I would like to throw into the room is mobile access to Ghacks. There […]