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nosquint firefox change website fonts

Save Site Specific Font Sizes

I occasionally come upon a website that uses a font size that is either too large or to small and I usually adjust it with the mouse wheel while holding down the […]

zemanta blog suggestions

Get Suggestions while you blog with Zemanta

This is an interesting experiment. I'm writing about the Firefox extension Zemanta while testing it at the same time. Zemanta is a tool for bloggers, it currently supports the blogging platforms Blogger, Typepad, and self hosted Wordpress blogs. It adds suggestions and recommendations while you are writing an article by analyzing the content of the article.

mozilla addons

The new Firefox add-ons website

Initially I wanted to write about a new Firefox add-on that I discovered recently but since I failed to download the add-on from the new Firefox add-ons website I decided to write […]

firefox keywords

Type less to access websites faster

I'm using the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox to access websites with a click - or two - of the mouse button. Space is limited there however and I'm using another way to […]

customize google

Customize Google Firefox add-on

The Customize Google Firefox add-on [link] has been making some huge leaps in the last year and it's time to take another look at it. The basic use of this add-on for […]

download folders firefox

Set Download Folders in Firefox

You can configure Firefox to download files to one specific folder on your hard drive. If you want to save a file in another location you have to browse your computer and […]

hide tabbar

Hide the Tab Bar in Firefox

Tabbed browsing is one of the main improvements that actually has a long history dating back to the year 1997. It first became widely popular when Opera began to use it and […]

Add URLS to Website Printouts

If you print a website you notice that the urls of the links contained on the website are not added to the printout, only the link anchor text is included obviously. It sometimes makes a lot of sense to print the urls as well and a Greasemonkey script named Annotate Links can do that for you.

firefox configuration software

Firefox Configuration Mania

Many Firefox settings can only be changed in the about:config dialog that appears when you type the phrase in the Firefox address bar. The settings in there however have rather cryptic names and it can sometimes be quite hard to figure out what they do, actually not that hard because every setting is explained on the Mozilla website. Still, it takes some time to look them up.

firefox download actions

Properly Reset Firefox Download Actions

When you click on a file Firefox determines if there is a plugin that can handle the file type or if there is a so called download action defined. Download actions are user defined actions that come into effect when the box "Do this automatically for files like this from now on" is checked in Firefox during a file download.

webslices activities

Webslices and Activities ported to Firefox

Two of the new features that were introduced in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 were so called Webslices and Activities. The first introduced a way to keep track of little pieces of […]

Firefox 4 Alpha

Don't jump to conclusions just yet. Some blogs (Tech Today) are reporting that a first pre release alpha of Firefox 4 has been added to the official Mozilla ftp website and I would like to use this article to clarify a few points made. Tech Today claims that this is actually an official Firefox 4 alpha release while it is actually a pre-alpha build, also known as a trunk build.

firefox smoothwheel extension

Scroll smoothly in Firefox

If you are using Internet Explorer and Firefox you might have noticed that scrolling websites in Firefox is not as smooth as it is in Internet Explorer. Now I do not know why this is the case but I found a solution for it. As you might know I also have a notebook that I use when traveling and I rely heavily on the touchpad. As you can image scrolling with that function is a pain if the scrolling is not smoothly.

firefox select multiple links

Open multiple links at once in Firefox

There are not many Firefox add-ons left that I have never heard about but this one caught me by surprise. Snap Links is an excellent Firefox add-on that I have immediately added […]

firefox menu

Firefox Menu Editor

Did you ever feel that some of the right-click and menu options are completely useless ? I know of several that I'm never using, want some examples ? Work Offline in the File menu, Send Link in the right-click menu or For Internet Explorer Users in the Help menu. Removing entries increases the usability because it makes it easier to locate the right options putting them more into focus.


Pep up the Firefox History

The original Firefox history lists the recently visited websites in a sidebar displaying only the titles of the websites that the user has visited. The change is high to visit the wrong page if a website uses the same or a similar title for all of it pages. There is also no indication of when that website was visited.

Warning Unresponsive Script

Warning Unresponsive Script in Firefox

I have been encountering a warning in Firefox lately which told the that a script on the current website was unresponsive asking me if I wanted to stop or continue. That's a pretty vague warning and I was puzzled at first about the cause of it. The strange thing was that the website seemed to have loaded completely and that the warning was displayed despite of this.

twitter notifier

Twitter notifier for Firefox

Twitter. Some love it, some can't see a reason to use it at all. Although I belong to the second group I know a lot of users who use Twitter regularly and this users might find the following Firefox add-on useful enough to give it a try. TwitterFox, formerly known as Twitter Notifier is a Firefox add-on that adds a icon to the Firefox statusbar.