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Firefox Extended Copy

Copying texts and other elements of a website in Firefox always includes the format of the elements. This means that a text with a headline will exactly look alike after pasting it […]

Skype Firefox Extension is causing many problems

I have experienced some erratic unexplainable behavior lately after I installed a couple of applications on a computer system running the Windows operating system. After some digging around in the depths of […]

The image [...] cannot be displayed, because it contains errors

I recently ran into the error message "The image [...] cannot be displayed, because it contains errors" twice in the last day and I was wondering if it was related to my […]


Combine multi-paged articles in Firefox

Some websites, especially commercial ones, try to increase their pageviews (and thus also advertising revenue) by separating single articles onto several pages. A user who wants to read the complete article has […]

firefox view dependencies

Firefox View Dependencies

Randy was commenting on today's article about the use of several Firefox profiles and pointed out that he would love a list of the security add-ons that I'm using in my secure […]

firefox profile manager

Working with several Firefox profiles

Most Firefox users work only with one Firefox profile. Well, this should not surprise a lot because one profile is, of course, sufficient for most tasks. Plus, the whole profile management functionality […]

firefox extension preferences

Firefox Extension Preferences Import and Export

Many Firefox extensions add their own entries to the Firefox configuration that you can access by typing about:config in the address bar of Firefox, or by opening the file prefs.js directly from […]

Speed up Firefox with Quick Drag

I'm always looking for new Firefox add-ons that speed up my browsing and Quick Drag is exactly one of those useful add-ons. It basically makes it possible to drag and drop elements […]

iphone emulator

Firefox Iphone Emulator

I'm sometimes amazed by new Firefox extensions that get developed. One of those that surely has its uses is the Firefox iPhone Emulator extension which is currently an experimental build. Don't expect […]

link alert firefox

Firefox Link Alert Add-on

Links are neutral at the beginning. They can display any text and link to any kind of file the webmaster decides they should link to. This can be sometimes confusing, sometimes misleading […]

free sms

Send Free SMS To US Numbers with Firefox

I don't know how it is in the States but SMS are a phenomena in Europe. It's a very easy and foolproof way to send someone a short message without having to […]

firefox fonts

Changing Fonts in Firefox

I recently encountered a problem with some of the fonts that Firefox was using to display website contents. I changed default system fonts in Windows XP to Windows Vista fonts and since […]

Automatically Convert Mistyped and Obfuscated URLs in Firefox

If you are a regular on the Internet you have experienced your share of mistyped urls that don't let you click the link because it is not recognized as one by the […]

CS Lite Firefox Cookie Manager

Cookies are used for two main purposes basically. The first is to remember that a user is already logged in on a website and the second to track user actions. While the […]

Testing Firefox 3

There are several ways that allow you to test Firefox 3 without interfering with Firefox 2 if that browser is also installed on your system. If you simply install the regular Firefox […]

run files in firefox

Run Files in Firefox

When you download a file in Internet Explorer you get the option to run or save it. The run option however is not available in Firefox by default, you can only save […]

gmail dark user interface

Gmail Redesigned: modify Gmail's design

Google likes basic designs that just work. Take a look at their search engine or Gmail to know what I mean. Now you all know that I do not have a problem […]

nosquint firefox change website fonts

Save Site Specific Font Sizes

I occasionally come upon a website that uses a font size that is either too large or to small and I usually adjust it with the mouse wheel while holding down the […]