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Make sure you set a master password in Firefox

I can't stress the importance of the master password in Firefox if you are one of the users who is letting Firefox save passwords for you so that you do not need to enter the password and username again when visiting the site at a later time. While this feature is surely comfortable and takes away the need to memorize usernames, passwords and corresponding sites plus the typing that has to be done when logging into a site it is a security risk.

firefox load bookmark in sidebar

Display Google Calendar in the Sidebar

If you are using Google Calendar regularly you might find this little Firefox tip interesting. It is possible to display your current and upcoming events that you added to Google Calendar in the Firefox sidebar. This is actually pretty easy to accomplish.


Manage Firefox Full Screen Display

Pressing F11 in Firefox displays the current website in full screen mode removing many of the toolbars and buttons that are not required to view a website. There is however no obvious possibility to change the appearance of the full screen view mode of Firefox.

Bomb Proof Firefox

The XeroBrowser that I wrote about just a few hours ago is a nice software especially for inexperienced users who feel insecure when configuring security applications. Experts or users who want to control what is being installed and used on their system want to manually add security extensions to Firefox. This is probably the better approach because they know exactly what is installed on their system.

Best Way to Print Websites

Printing websites is not as easy as it sounds. It is surely possible to simply hit the CTRL + P shortcut and hope that all relevant information will be on the printout which is usually not the case because menus and advertisement increase the width of printouts of many websites and add unnecessary information to it.

firefox autofill forms

Autofill Forms for Firefox

I regularly register at websites that either force me to register to leave a comment or that offer such great value that I want to join to become a member of the community. The signup process is always the same. Enter a username, a password, a valid email and if you want several additional information about yourself to register at that website.

Uptime Checker for Firefox

We have all made the experience in the past that many websites are not available all the time. A website that got on Digg's homepage or slashdotted might have went down pretty fast which is unfortunately if you want to read what the buzz that it created was all about. I normally bookmark those websites and visit them again later to see if the website is available again. If it is not I try it a few more times and if it is not up at that point I either forget about it or delete the bookmark.

Firefox The associated helper application does not exist

I recently received the error message "The associated helper application does not exist" whenever I tried to download - and run - a torrent file from within Firefox. The associated helper application is a third party application that is either added to the download actions list be default or when a user is selecting to always open a file type with an application.

xinha here

Firefox WYSIWYG Editor for all textareas

Most textfields or textareas on websites accept only text input. Even more advanced textareas like those that Bloggers use to write articles offer only a handful of options and the webmaster needs to know a fair share of html to be able to arrange the text the way he wants. Ever tried to have an image on the left side and float the text around it ? This can't be done with Wordpress unless you use the float command explicitly.

bookmarks bar

Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar is not showing bookmarks

I encountered a problem in Firefox after installing the Piclens extension. My Bookmarks toolbar was not showing my bookmarks anymore, just a blank toolbar. It was also not possible to add new bookmarks to it. A quick check of my bookmarks revealed that the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder was still there so it had to be a different problem.

Piclens a Firefox Image Viewer Extension

Piclens is a great Firefox extension that adds image viewer capabilities to Firefox. It adds a full screen display on supported sites showing the selected image plus all other images in a thumbnail bar at the bottom. The extension does not work on all sites but on some major ones such as Flickr, Facebook, Google Images, Yahoo Images, Friendster, Picase Web Albums and RSS Media Feeds.

firefox extensions options menu

Fast Access to Firefox Extension Options

Many Firefox extensions that you install can be configured by accessing the Tools > Add-ons menu and clicking on the Options button of the extension that you want to configure. This is not an elegant way if you have to change options frequently. That is probably the same thought that James R. Skinner had who developed the Firefox extension 'Options Menu'.

firefox turbo network http pipelining

Check if you Firefox speed tweaks are still active

I recently read an article about Firefox tweaks that would speed up page loading time by changing several settings in the about:config dialog. I knew those tweaks but decided to take a look if my settings were different from the ones mentioned in the article.

I found out - to my big surprise - that I was running Firefox with the default settings and not the tweaked settings. I had the feeling that Firefox was running slower than before after the latest update but I was not able to determine the cause, until now that is.

firefox personal dictionary

Remove words from the Firefox dictionary

Firefox's build in spell checker is a great asset for everyone who is working with Firefox. It does not matter if you update your blog, are a regular in a forum or like to write reviews on travel sites - the spell checker is a tool that you do not want to miss. New words can be added to the Firefox spell checker by right-clicking the word and choosing Add to Dictionary from the menu.

firefox mistyped urls

Delete misspelled text in Firefox

Firefox remembers what you write which can lead to some troubles if you misspelled a domain name, login name or other information in the past. The auto complete feature displays all possible results which means that the misspelled names are always shown as well which can lead to some confusion - especially when only one letter is missing or wrong.

Gran Paradiso rocks the web

Firefox 3 codename Gran Paradiso will most likely leave alpha phase in September. The release of Gran Paradiso alpha 7 could be the last alpha version and I decided to take a look and see what we can expect in the new version. The first thing that I noticed when starting the new Firefox release was the incredible speed.

firefox image toolbar

Firefox Image Toolbar

There are not many features that the Internet Explorer posses that Firefox users have to be jealous about. The image toolbar which is the popup that appears when you hover the mouse over an image to be able to quickly access the most used image commands could be one of the features that you would like to see implemented in Firefox as well.

Hyperwords a Firefox Extension

One of my readers Rico posted a link to the excellent Hyperwords extension for Firefox in the comments of my article about the Easy Gestures extension and I was heading out immediately to take a look and see if the extension was really that good as he claimed it to be. I know that many of my readers have some gems up their sleeves that they seldom share but when they do I'm often in for a surprise.