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Page Bookmarks

Bookmarks are references to websites that are stored on a computer system. They are usually stored in a web browser to make it easier to open a website at a later point […]

delete bookmarks

Fix: Cannot Delete Firefox 3 Bookmarks

Something strange happened today. Deleting a Firefox bookmark in the bookmarks toolbar or in the bookmarks folder removed that entry from Firefox. It did however reappear after a restart of the browser […]

Firefox Cookie Editor

Mozilla Firefox offers no way to manipulate cookies directly in the web browser unlike the Opera web browser which comes with those capabilities. (Update: it is possible to edit cookies in recent […]

firefox close tab button

Change The Location Of Close Button In Firefox

Firefox is displaying a close button on every open tab by default. The active tab displays that button in red colors while the rest displays a gray button instead to distinguish active […]

Add Hostname To Firefox Titlebar

The hostname is basically the root url of a website, for Ghacks it would be Adding that information to the titlebar has two apparent benefits. Number one is related to phishing. […]

check uncheck

Check Multiple Checkboxes In Firefox

If you regularly have to work with multiple checkboxes on a page then you might feel a bit frustrated at performing the same operation over and over again. It might be fun […]

Open Random Website In Firefox

Are you feeling bored right now? Don't know what to do? If you want to spend time on the Internet but don't know where, you might let fate decide instead. Random Site […]

Sort Downloads In Firefox

Sorting downloads can be a very good way to control where files will be stored on a computer system. The default option in Firefox is to save them to the standard download […]

bookmark trash

Add Trash To Firefox Bookmarks

Deleting bookmarks in Firefox will remove them permanently from the web browser. There is no going back which might sometimes end in chaos and desperation. Some users might feel more secure with […]

Firefox Mass Password Reset

It is a common practice among security professionals to use a password only once. What I mean by that is to use unique passwords for every single account created. The core reason […]

Save And Paste Form Data In Firefox

Many websites require users to signup before their services can be fully used. While that makes often times sense, for instance for user identification, it is sometimes used solely for the purpose […]

Firefox Temporary Bookmarks

Temporary Bookmarks are bookmarks that expire after a certain amount of time automatically. While most users prefer their bookmarks to last indefinitely, some use bookmarks as a temporary means to store web […]

Copy URL To Clipboard When Copying Text In Firefox

When you quote text published on a website you usually need to copy the text itself that you want to quote and the web address (url) as you need to cite your […]

Great Summary Summarizes Web Pages

Don't have the time to read a long article on a web page? Then it might be worth to give the Great Summary service a try. The service extracts the most important […]

Moving The Firefox Disk Cache To Another Drive

The Firefox disk cache is usually located on the same drive that Firefox got installed. In Windows it is located in the Documents and Settings folder if you run an older version […]

Setup Firefox To Use Minimal Screen Estate

Firefox 3 displays five bars at the top of the application window before it displays the contents of the website loaded in the tab. There is the title bar, the menu, the […]

Manage Firefox Plugins

Firefox like many other web browsers supports so called plugins that are loaded in the browser. These plugins add third party functionality to Firefox. A common plugin is Adobe Flash Player, which […]

Firefox Numbered Tabs

A rather unknown feature of Firefox is the ability to quickly switch tabs with the shortcuts CTRL 1-9. To switch to the fifth open tab in Firefox, you would for instance use […]