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Create Custom Firefox And Thunderbird Installations

Silence of the foxes is a lightweight software program that can be used to create custom Firefox installations. Custom installations refers to a Firefox setup that can install custom preferences, extensions, plugins […]

Mozilla Checks Flash Version After Firefox Updates

Web browser attacks are an increasing threat these days. Attackers not only exploit web browser vulnerabilities but also those of plugins and add-ons that are installed in the web browser. The Adobe […]

SpeedyFox Optimizes Firefox Databases To Speed Up The Web Browser

The switch to storing data in SQLite databases has caused a problem for Firefox users who use the web browser heavily. The databases grow over time and reduce the startup time and […]

WikiLook Displays Dictionary Word Definitions Without Leaving The Website

If you want to look up the definition of a word in a web browser you usually have to open a second browser window or tab and open a web dictionary like […]

Exclude Websites From Appearing In The Firefox Address Bar

The Firefox awesome bar, often also called location bar or address bar, tries to match letters entered by the Firefox user to bookmarks, tags and the Firefox web browsing history. Several settings […]

Firefox Spyware Add-On Adobe Flash Player 0.2

Security researchers over at Trendmicro have discovered a spyware that is installing itself as an add-on in the popular web browser Firefox. The add-on, which is then listed in the Firefox add-on […]

Vacuum Places Improved Firefox Database Optimization

The first Firefox add-on to optimize SQLite databases that are used to store data like bookmarks or history was a Russian add-on that worked but did not please non-Russian speaking users because […] Firefox Add-on

Disposable email services are a great way of not revealing a personal email account during account signups on the Internet. Many Internet services (and some computer programs as well) require that you […]

Fix Firefox Spell Check Not Working

Firefox's spell checker can be a powerful tool for users who write regularly on the Internet but especially for users who write professionally or want to make sure that they do not […]

Firefox: Edit Forms On Websites In External Editors

It's All Text is an interesting add-on for the Firefox web browser that enables Firefox users to fill out web forms in an external text editor instead of the form on the […]

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Optimize Firefox Databases With Vacuum Places

The Firefox development team made the decision to switch to SQlite databases for data storage in Firefox 3. While the move worked without issues for the most part, some users of the […]

Three Local Firefox Search Tips

Firefox users have an almost unmanageable number of add-ons, bookmarklets, user scripts and other tools at their disposal that improve search in one way or another. Most options on the other hand […]

Link Extend For Firefox Is The Ultimate Website Information Add-on

Firefox users can choose between several website and link information add-ons including Web of Trust or AVG Linkscanner that reveal information about websites before they are visited. The Firefox add-on Link Extend […]

Firefox Tab Navigator

Firefox users who want to use the computer keyboard to navigate their open tabs are left with the CTRL-1 to Ctrl-9 shortcuts that allow them to switch to the first eight tabs […]

Firefox WebMail Notifier

Users who prefer webmail email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Live Mail over desktop email software programs face a problem that desktop users do not have. They have to visit the […]

Display Firefox Browsing History With History Tree

The default Firefox history manager is not very comfortable to work with. The information that it displays are mediocre at best even if the the browsing history is displayed in the sidebar. […]

Firefox And Thunderbird Image Zooming

The Firefox web browser comes with the ability to zoom in and out of websites. There is however no way of zooming only specific elements of a website which can be a […]

Open Multiple Links At Once In Firefox with Multi Links

Snap Links was one of the few Firefox add-ons that was installed all the time on my computers the browser was installed on. It allowed Firefox users to draw a rectangle with […]