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Create Firefox Smart Bookmarks

Firefox 3 changed the bookmarking system from a basic html powered system to using sqlite databases. One benefit of using databases is the possibility to run custom queries. Three of so-called smart […]

Firefox Bookmarks: Reset Special Folders

Firefox 3 introduced several special folders for Firefox bookmarks management, among them the Unsorted Bookmarks, Most Visited, Recently Bookmarked and Recent Tags folders. Unsorted Bookmarks is being used to store new bookmarks […]

urlbar extensions

Firefox URLBar Extension

UrlbarExt is an experimental Firefox add-on that adds a few interesting options to the Firefox location bar. Experimental means that users have to log into an account at the Mozilla website to […]

Custom Prefix and Suffix Auto-Complete In Firefox

Firefox analyzes the text that has been entered by the user in the Firefox address bar when the user hits the enter key in the browser. Depending on the configuration of Firefox […]

Make Firefox Search For Terms With Periods In The Location Bar

When a user types a search term in the Firefox location bar (address bar, awesome bar) it is determined if the entered term is an actual web address or a search term. […]

Fast Firefox 3 Unsorted Bookmarks Access

Firefox 3 introduced a new feature called unsorted bookmarks. If you look at the Firefox 3 location bar you see a white star at the right end of the bar. Clicking on […]

firefox tags

3 Tagging Add-ons For Firefox

Firefox 3 introduced a new way of keeping an eye on bookmarks in the Firefox browser. Tag supported was added in the version which allowed users of the browser to add descriptive […]

Local Rodeo Protects Firefox From JavaScript Malware

Keeping up with all the different attack vectors is like the protagonist of Cervante's famous novel Don Quixote. New threats are emerging on a daily basis while protections seem to remain stagnant […]

Load URL When Creating New Tab In Firefox

Whenever a user opens a new tab in Firefox, which usually is done with the shortcut Ctrl-t or by clicking on the plus icon in the tab bar, the tab that appears […]

Mozilla Labs Ubiquity Is A Firefox Killer Application!

Amos mailed me today and told me about a new Mozilla Labs prototype Ubiquity which he called phenomenal. I was skeptical at first but after a quick trial I'm convinced that this […]

Paragrasp Improves Article Reading In Firefox

Paragrasp is a free add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome that improves how you read articles online by visualizing the paragraph that you are reading. It is sometimes hard to concentrate on […]

Firefox 2 Users Nagged To Update

The time would eventually come that Mozilla would remind Firefox 2 users that a new version of the web browser has been released. Mozilla released Firefox 3 some months ago in 2008. […]

Perspectives Makes Firefox That Much Securer

Perspectives is a research project to improve SSH-style Host Authentication with Multi-path Network Probing by researchers of the computer science department at Carnegie Mellon University. The title of the research surely sounds […]

Resize HTML Forms In Firefox

Some web developers like to squeeze small HTML forms on websites which are uncomfortable to use for the visitors of the site due to the size they are presented in. Imagine a […]

24 Firefox Search Plugins You Need

Searching is probably the one activity that every Internet user does on a daily basis. It does not really matter if it is a student doing research for an essay, a cook […]

remove cookies

Remove Traces Of Active Websites in Firefox

Removing traces of just one website that you have been visiting in the past is quite some task. It requires knowledge of the storage locations of the data in Firefox. An easier […]

View Javascript Sources with JSView

Viewing the source code of a website is a standard feature in all web browsers. A right-click on any web page opens a context menu with an option to view the source […]

Span Firefox Tabs Across Multiple Rows

Firefox displays one row for its tabbed browsing feature by default with no apparent option to add more tab rows to the browser. Tabs get reduced in size if the user opens […]