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QuickWiki Integrates Wiktionary And Wikipedia Into Firefox

QuickWiki is a handy experimental Firefox add-on for users who often use Wikipedia and Wiktionary either actively or as a resource to look things up on the Internet. The Firefox add-on adds […]

Firefox Link Extend

If you are a cautious user on the Internet you may want to find out as much as possible about sites that you are going to visit before actually visiting them. The […]

Mp3 Music Playlists In Firefox

If you regularly come upon websites that list direct links to mp3 music files you might find the Firefox extension Play Them All handy. Play Them All automatically scans the entire website […]

Firefox: 55 Add-Ons To Increase Your Security And Privacy

One of the greatest strengths of the Firefox web browser is its extensibility. This does not only include new features but also security enhancements that make the web browser more secure and […]

Remove Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant From Firefox

If you take a look at the installed add-ons in Firefox you may notice an add-on called Microsoft .net Framework Assistant. That add-on is different from most other installed add-ons: the first […]

Play Embedded Media In External Media Players

Media Player Connectivity is a Firefox add-on that can send embedded media to an external media player so that the media can be played externally. The add-on will perform a scan of […]

tinyurl generator

Tiny URL Generator

Tiny URL is an url shortening service that turns web addresses and other resource links into shorter versions. The basic idea behind the service is to make it easier to paste or […]

Firefox Snap Links Got Finally Updated

Snap Links, one of our favorite Firefox add-ons of all time, has not been updated for quite some time by its original author. The only way to use it was to rely […]

Automatically Install Firefox Add-on Updates

One of the most annoying aspects of the Firefox web browser is the way add-ons are updated in the browser. Firefox will display that an update for an installed add-on has been […]

Copy And Paste on Two Computer Systems

There are several possibilities to copy and paste text on two different computers. Some users may use email for that. They add the text they want to be available on the other […]

Minimize Firefox To The System Tray

Do you like your taskbar clean and shiny? Are you one of those users who prefer to minimize to the system tray instead of the taskbar? If you have answered the questions […]

Facebook Beacon Blocker

Facebook Beacon is part of Facebook's advertising efforts. It is basically a cooperation with 44 partner sites who execute JavaScript code on their website sending specific user information to Facebook. Examples would […]

Greasemonkey No Scripts Installed

It happens that the Firefox Greasemonkey extension displays the message "No Scripts Installed" even if you have installed a script a second ago or have been using scripts for some time now […]

fast dial extension

Firefox Automatic Extension Updates

Firefox users will be automatically notified if an update to an installed extension or theme is available for public download. The add-on can be downloaded directly from within the web browser's interface. […]

Firefox Price Comparison

Experienced users use the Internet to research the price of items before they make a purchase. While they use the Internet for price comparison, they do not necessarily make the purchase on […]

Use Firefox Without A Computer Mouse

It is most of the times faster to perform an action with the keyboard than with the mouse if a keyboard shortcut is available for that action. There may be situations where […]

Firefox Password Revealer

Use long secure passwords. That's what they say. Did you ever try to type in a secure password with a length of 25+ characters several times because the web form does not […]

Flickr Download

If you want to download the full sized images at Flikr you soon notice that this involves clicking your way through quite a few pages before you can finally do so. Many […]