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Two Firefox Add-Ons That Help You Extend The Web Browser

Users of the Firefox web browser have thousands of add-ons and scripts at their disposal that they can use to extend the functionality of the web browser. It is absolutely impossible to […]

Firefox Web Browser Add-On Suggestions

The experimental Firefox add-on AST Add-ons Suggestion Tool offers add-on suggestions based on the already installed add-ons in the Firefox web browser. Update: The browser add-on was pulled from Mozilla's Add-on repository. […]

Mozilla Ubiquity Command List

Ubiquity is an interesting add-on for the Firefox web browser that was covered before here on Ghacks Technology News. Here is a short explanation of what Ubiquity adds to the Firefox browser:. […]

5 Essential Firefox Extensions

One of the best and most popular features of the Firefox web browser is the browser's extension support. Extensions are additions to the web browser that add new features and options to […]

How To Remove Favicons In Firefox Bookmarks

Favicons are those tiny little icons that are displayed in front of every bookmark and tab in the Mozilla Firefox web browser. They can be used to identify a website next to […]


Firefox Custom Builds

Custom builds of the Firefox web browser are created by third-parties. They usually optimize Firefox (compiler and code), and sometimes add new features to the web browser, or even remove features from […]

Search Web Sites In Firefox Web Browser

You can use the site: parameter in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to search only a specific website. The firefox command for example displays all Ghacks pages that refer […]

Ubiquity to be built in to Firefox

If you're into browsers, browser tech and mashups, chances are you know what Mozilla's Ubiquity is. In a nutshell, it's a mashup service which lets you navigate and manipulate the web in […]

Greasemonkey UserScripts Updater

Userscripts can be very helpful on the Internet as they may modify functionality on sites you visit; Greasemonkey is one of the most popular extension for Firefox to add userscript support to […]

Increase Website Readability With TidyRead For Firefox

TidyRead is an add-on for the Firefox web browser that improves the readability of text on websites that you visit in the browser. Note: TidyRead is not compatible with new versions of […]

Increase Internet Security With Safe SSL

Safe is a free add-on for the Firefox web browser that improves security by highlighting secure connections in the web browser visually. Note: Safe is no longer available. We suggest you try […]

Web Browser: Firefox Save Tabs Add-On

If you work similarly to how I work, you sometimes open ten or more tabs in Firefox in a very short period of time. It's actually pretty easy to do so especially […]

Identify analyses Profiles Across Social Networking Sites

Identify is a Firefox extension that can be used to retrieve information about individuals on social networking sites. It works by visiting a profile page on a site, and pressing the Alt-I […]

Firefox Auto Bookmark

The default way of creating bookmarks in Firefox is to either click on the white star in the address bar (or next to it as is the case in Firefox 29 or […]

Toggle Em All Bookmarklet Makes Check Box Checking Comfortable

Toggle Em All is a free bookmarklet that you can use to toggle all checkboxes an any website you visit with a single click. Ever came across a situation where you had […]

Automatically Jump To First Text Field

We mentioned a setting for the Firefox web browser earlier today that allows you to use the tab key to jump to the first text field on a website so that you […]

Quick Jump To Text Fields In Firefox

While some websites like Google Search set the focus on text fields automatically, it is not used on other websites either because the webmaster does not know that such a feature exists, […]

Youtube Comment Cloud Firefox Add-On

Comments can be very useful wherever they are allowed. To many comments on the other hand make it complicated to get a good overview of the opinions in the comments especially if […]