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Keep Firefox Menus Open After Selection

If you ever wanted to open a few websites from Firefox's bookmarks folder, the history or the autocomplete option you know that it requires more work than it should. The menus close […]

Google Translate Bar Ported From Chrome For Firefox

One of the new features of Google Chrome 5 is a Google Translate bar that pops up automatically if a website uses a different language than the default system language. Chrome users […]

Explore A Website's History With WaybackFox

WaybackFox is an add-on for the Firefox web browser that enables you to open snapshots of the active site created by Webmasters and researchers sometimes need to take a look at […]

Firefox About:Support Helps Troubleshoot Browser Problems

One of the most interesting additions in Firefox 3.6 is a new support page called about:support which can help the Firefox user, admins and technicians troubleshoot web browser issues. The support page […]

mozilla prism

What Is Mozilla Prism Again?

Mozilla Prism is a new add-on for Firefox that can be used to turn any web page into a standalone application on Windows. Beta 3 of Mozilla Prism 1.0 has just been […]

preliminary reviewed addon

Mozilla Promises Better Virus Scanning After Virus Faux Pas

Mozilla runs antivirus and compatibility scans when add-ons are submitted to the official add-on repository by developers. These add-ons are then offered as experimental add-ons until they pass a human review which […]

Tile Tabs In Firefox

Internet users with widescreen monitors see lots of whitespace when they run the web browser maximized as most websites are optimized for a width that is not using all of the monitor's […]

Multi-Process Plugins Enabled In Latest Firefox Nightlies

Mozilla enabled multi-process plugin support in Firefox recently which has plugins run in their own process separated from the browser Only Microsoft's Internet Explorer and the Google Chrome web browser are full […]

Check Firefox Add-On Compatibility Before Upgrading

Have you ever thought about upgrading to a new version but discarded the idea because of possible extension incompatibilities? The Firefox web browser does not perform checks prior to installing a new […]

Mozilla Weave 1.0 Final Released

Mozilla Weave is an add-on for Mozilla products that can sync data between multiple installations of the Firefox web browser. Weave can for instance be used by Firefox users to synchronize bookmarks, […]

How to always open tabs at the end of the tabbar in Firefox

A change in the default behavior is often problematic for many users. Firefox 3.6 introduced a change in the way new tabs are opened. Before Firefox 3.6, tabs were always opened at […]

Improve Firefox Private Browsing With Private Browsing Window Add-on

Mozilla added the private browsing feature to the Firefox web browser in version 3.5. It allows users of the browser to switch to that mode so that no browsing data, such as […]

Firefox 3.6 News and Release History

Firefox 3.6 has just been released which might come as a surprise to some users who just read the news a few days ago that Firefox 3.6 RC2 had been released. It […]

Tab Utilities Improve Tab Management In Firefox

Tabbed browsing is currently the state of the art in all popular web browsers. It is not a perfect solution though especially for users who happen to open lots of tabs in […]

Mozilla Firefox Collection Offers Access To Multiple Firefox Versions

Mozilla Firefox Collection is a free program for the Windows operating system that provides you with direct access to multiple Firefox versions. You may remember that we reviewed a program called Internet […]

Clipboard Manager Clipple

Clipple is a free add-on for the Firefox web browser that adds clipboard management functionality to it directly so that you can store multiple items instead of just one using it. If […]

Firefox Mouse Zoom

Mouse Zoom is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that improves the mouse zooming capabilities of Firefox. Among the things it adds are using only the mouse to zoom from […]

More Mozilla Firefox 4 Design Mockups Appear

Firefox 4 is still a long time away but some dedicated developers and designers are already at work to take the web browser to the next level. One of the improvements that […]