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firefox address bar colors

Display Colored URLs in Firefox 3 Awesome Bar

The Firefox 3 Location Bar which is also known as the Awesome Bar displays different kinds of data. One user complaint is that one cannot visually distinguish the data that is displayed […]

google calendar simplified

Redesign your Google Calendar with a custom skin

If you're a fan of skinning your apps you probably already know all about user styles for web pages. There's a great plugin for Firefox that enables you to change the look […]

Cybersearch Firefox Extension

I'm a huge fan of the Awesome Search, now Searchery, add-on for Firefox 3 which added the capability of performing Google searches in the Firefox 3 location bar. I loved it so […]

clear ram firefox

Automatically clear RAM in Firefox

I reviewed the RAMBack add-on for Firefox 3 yesterday which added an option to the browser to clear RAM in Firefox to free it up and avoid that memory usage increases all […]

Free RAM in Firefox with RAMBack

Many users had a problem with memory usage in Firefox 2 and although Firefox 3 was further optimized it still seems to be a problem for some users. Something that I do […]

delicious export bookmarks

Import Delicious Bookmarks into Firefox

Just a few days after realizing that the new Stumbleupon Toolbar had the function to save every new website that you "stumble" as a Firefox bookmark and that it provided the option […]

Fix Choppy Scrolling in Firefox

One of my readers - Sammy - sent me an email just a few minutes ago that informed me of a problem that several Firefox 3 users were having when they were […]

Firefox is phoning home once a day

Firefox and Thunderbird are phoning home every 24 hours regardless if update notifications have been disabled in both applications. This caused some stir yesterday when a post made the Reddit frontpage that […]

firefox snap links

Snap Links for Firefox 3

Snap Links was one of the most useful Firefox 2 add-ons in my opinion and it was one of the few add-ons that I missed dearly after switching to Firefox 3. The […]

Change Firefox 3 Full Screen Mode

I'm normally not using the full screen mode in Firefox because I have a large enough Samsung LCD monitor that displays most websites just fine. Lifehacker discovered that Firefox 3 changed the […]

stumbleupon toolbar export

Stumbleupon Toolbar with Export Function

The new Stumbleupon toolbar is now compatible with Firefox 3 and the developers have added an interesting function to the toolbar. Are you stumbling a lot of sites and use the Stumbleupon […]

open it online

Open It Online

Open It Online is a Firefox extensions that is compatible with Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 and offering the user a way to open and edit documents directly online. The benefit of […]

My Firefox 3 Switching Experience

Daniel told everyone yesterday why he would wait another month or so before he would make the switch from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 and I thought I share my Firefox 3 […]

Why I'm not switching to Firefox 3 just yet

I don't usually write opinion posts much here on gHacks, but I thought I'd share my views with you about all major Firefox releases (and all open source major releases in general). […]

visualize https sites

Visualize blue https sites in Firefox 3 in a better way

Firefox 3 introduced a new coloring scheme and design for secure websites. You might remember that Firefox 2 displayed a yellow url bar when the user was accessing a https site. This […]

local links

Load Links with the Keyboard in Firefox

About a month ago I reviewed a Firefox add-on which added numbers to Google's search results so that you could open the search result links simply by pressing the corresponding number on […]

Change the number of results in the Firefox location bar

The default number of results that are shown when you type in a phrase in the Firefox location bar is 12 which may seem a bit like an overkill to many users. […]

firefox smaller location bar

Trim down the Location Bar in Firefox 3 to show results in one line

By default Firefox is displaying each suggestion underneath its address bar in two rows. The first row is showing the title of the result while the second row contains the url of […]