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email information firefox

Email Information directly from Firefox

If you send information regularly to friends or colleagues using email you may find the Email This extension for Firefox quite handy. Lets say you want to share a website you just […]

spread firefox

Help Mozilla achieve a world record!

With the much anticipated release of Firefox 3, Mozilla also wants to set a Guiness Record of the "most downloaded software in 24 hours". I think that is put just plain stupidly, […]

howjsay pronounce

Firefox Pronounce

If you are not an English native speaker you will encounter words that you do not know. This does not only include the meaning of the word but also its pronunciation which […]

bookmark permissions

Firefox Bookmark Permissions

Bookmark Permissions is a security add-on for the Firefox browser that is compatible with Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 beta. The idea is to set specific permissions for individual bookmarks that override […]

Run Multiple Firefox Profiles Simultaneously

This post is a direct response to a comment from the user Digitarius on the post where I detailed my Firefox Security Profile. He assumed that it is not possible to run […]

My Firefox Security Profile

I explained in the article Working With Several Firefox Profiles how I'm using several Firefox profiles for certain tasks like normal surfing, testing and visiting secure websites. I'm using one profile to […]

search results keyboard firefox

Access Search Results with the keyboard

I was always annoyed by the fact that I had to click the links on search result pages instead of having another way to open them by using the keyboard. I'm a […]

extension search results firefox

Increase Number of Recommended Add-ons in Firefox 3

One of the new interesting features in Firefox 3 is the revamped add-ons manager that now recommends add-ons that are compatible to a user's Firefox version. It would be interesting to see […]

firefox safe mode

Firefox Safe Mode

Firefox's Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode similar to the Safe Mode feature of the Windows operating system. It basically launches Firefox in a default state which can be useful if something […]

Manage Flash Cookies with Better Privacy

I have written an article about Flash Cookies last year and it turned out that several users did not know they existed and were grateful that they were now able to take […]

referrer control

How to control Referrers in Firefox

Referrer is a variable that is automatically transferred with your requests that you make on the Internet. If you click on the link to the RefControl Firefox add-on on this site, the […]

firefox rss reader brief

My first experience with the Firefox RSS Reader Brief

Stefan covered the Firefox add-on brief a few days ago which is an add-on for Firefox that adds a very basic RSS Feed Reader to the browser. I use Netvibes as my […]

view archives with archview

Take a look inside Archives without downloading them

Have you ever asked yourself if a certain file is inside an archive that has been published on a website? Did you download the archive from that website only to find out […]


Lockr: Access Control for Web 2.0

The major issue that I see with all those Web 2.0 social networking websites is that there is no central administration for all the sites that you are a member of but […]

firefox opml

OPML Support for Firefox

I read Stefan's review of the Firefox Brief today which I found interesting in itself. I did learn about dynamic bookmarks in Firefox from the article on top of it. I have […]

brief rss reader

Brief - RSS Reader for Firefox Dynamic Bookmarks

The concept of RSS or newsfeeds in general seemed quite appealing to me the moment I first heard (or read?) about it. But I never managed to find a way to utilize […]

Open Multiple Bookmarks in Firefox at once

In the last days I have been looking for a Firefox extension that would make it possible to open multiple bookmarks (and History items) at once. What I mean with this is […]

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10 Useful Firefox Add-ons That Don’t Get Glamorised

Not all Firefox add-ons get the news coverage that they deserve. Some are mentioned on every tech site in the world while others are known to only a handful of Firefox users […]