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Safe Cache and History for Firefox

In theory websites can use your browsers cache to determine if and when you visited another website. To do this a website would simply have to know which images, or other files, are used on the website that is probed. So, if image test.jpg is loaded from the cache instead of the second website it is safe to assume that the user has been visiting the first website as well.

firefox sidebar

Two Firefox Sidebar Tweaks

While I'm not using the sidebar in Firefox at all I know some users who really love it. The sidebar however has some limitations and the following tweaks are supposed to get rid of two limitations. The first tweak is going to remove the width limitation of the sidebar while the other one moves the sidebar from the left to the right side making it easier to read the websites that you are on.

Firefox Locationbar Extension

The location bar, or address bar, in Firefox displays the url of the website that you are visiting. The website is normally displayed without dashes and contains the protocol, the subdomain, the domain name and the path. A less confusing way especially for novice or insecure users would be to divide the url into different parts.

Sort your Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox just appends a new bookmark at the end of the folder that you saved the bookmark into unless you drag and drop the new bookmark into the location. This makes it rather difficulty to search through your existing bookmarks because you have to remember when you added the bookmark as well if you have a lot of bookmarks saved.

hide bookmarks toolbar

How to hide the bookmarks toolbar and display it on mouse hover

My Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox is filled with lots of bookmarks, many of them stored in folders to stuff even more bookmarks into the space of a single toolbar. While the Bookmarks Toolbar is useful for accessing websites fast it has one limitation that made me do some research to see if there would be a way to fix it.

Use Autologin in Firefox

If you are using Firefox's option to save usernames and passwords for websites that you visited to automatically fill them in when you visit them again you might find a Greasemonkey script called AutologinJ useful. I'm not quite sure what the J stands for but this nice little script presses the login button for you automatically which pretty much means that you can lean back and enjoy the show while Firefox logs you in automatically to the website that you just visited.

firefox search tips screenshot

Firefox Search Tweaks

I introduced the Firefox extension Open Search Fox yesterday which made it possible to add any search box on the Internet to the Firefox search box. This is perfect if you are a regular on a website that is offering a site search. I would like to use the opportunity and explain a few Firefox search tweaks that could be helpful as well.

add to search bar

Add any Search Engine to Firefox Search

Firefox has several search engines build in which the user can use to search the web. Those are the big search engines with an option to add several more when following a link to the Firefox homepage. The Open Search Fox plugin for Firefox makes it even easier to add search engines, or search boxes, on almost any website to Firefox.

Firefox: Keep tabs permanently open

We all have some sites that we visit regularly throughout the day. It's my site of course for me, Gmail and a forum that I hang out all the time. It does happen from time to time that I accidentally close one of those tabs that I need throughout the day only to find myself opening it again in the next second.

Top 14 Firefox Themes

I really never bothered to take a look at the available themes for the Firefox browser thinking that all they would do was to add more Kilobytes to Firefox's memory consumption. Besides that: what cool looking themes could possibly be available for Firefox anyway ?

firefox master password

How to reset the Master Password in Firefox

While the Master Password in Firefox is a useful security addition it can soon become a burden if you lost the password that you entered there. There is no way of simply looking into a file and copying your master password from it, would not make much sense at all to add a master password that could be looked up in a file.

Make sure you set a master password in Firefox

I can't stress the importance of the master password in Firefox if you are one of the users who is letting Firefox save passwords for you so that you do not need to enter the password and username again when visiting the site at a later time. While this feature is surely comfortable and takes away the need to memorize usernames, passwords and corresponding sites plus the typing that has to be done when logging into a site it is a security risk.

firefox load bookmark in sidebar

Display Google Calendar in the Sidebar

If you are using Google Calendar regularly you might find this little Firefox tip interesting. It is possible to display your current and upcoming events that you added to Google Calendar in the Firefox sidebar. This is actually pretty easy to accomplish.


Manage Firefox Full Screen Display

Pressing F11 in Firefox displays the current website in full screen mode removing many of the toolbars and buttons that are not required to view a website. There is however no obvious possibility to change the appearance of the full screen view mode of Firefox.

Bomb Proof Firefox

The XeroBrowser that I wrote about just a few hours ago is a nice software especially for inexperienced users who feel insecure when configuring security applications. Experts or users who want to control what is being installed and used on their system want to manually add security extensions to Firefox. This is probably the better approach because they know exactly what is installed on their system.

Best Way to Print Websites

Printing websites is not as easy as it sounds. It is surely possible to simply hit the CTRL + P shortcut and hope that all relevant information will be on the printout which is usually not the case because menus and advertisement increase the width of printouts of many websites and add unnecessary information to it.

firefox autofill forms

Autofill Forms for Firefox

I regularly register at websites that either force me to register to leave a comment or that offer such great value that I want to join to become a member of the community. The signup process is always the same. Enter a username, a password, a valid email and if you want several additional information about yourself to register at that website.

Uptime Checker for Firefox

We have all made the experience in the past that many websites are not available all the time. A website that got on Digg's homepage or slashdotted might have went down pretty fast which is unfortunately if you want to read what the buzz that it created was all about. I normally bookmark those websites and visit them again later to see if the website is available again. If it is not I try it a few more times and if it is not up at that point I either forget about it or delete the bookmark.