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The social networking site Facebook has seen phenomenal growth ever since its launch in 2004. It was the first social network in Internet history to reach over 1 billion active users. Users need to register a Facebook account before they can use what the site has to offer. Each account is linked to a user profile that contains public and private information about the user. One of the appeals of Facebook is that you can quickly befriend other users of the site which then become your friends if they accept the invitation. You follow your friends automatically from that moment on and see what they have been up to lately

The site on top of that features options to upload photos and videos to the site, use applications that extend the functionality, play games alone or with friends, or join groups to chat or exchange information with each other.

Facebook is high profile target on today’s Internet with malicious users using the site to spread malicious links, malware and advertisement. Many users run into problems in regards to site logins or issues with Facebook’s login page that
we have addressed here on Ghacks. You find Facebook news, tutorials, tips and tricks and reviews below.

Facebook notes

Facebook Notes is a re-imagined version of the note taking feature that Facebook launched years ago on its site. Unlike the previous version, it has been designed more like a basic blog editor than a simple note taking application that does not look or feel that different from jotting down status updates on the site. […]

facebook flash video

Facebook announced on December 18, 2015 that it made the decision to switch from a Flash-based video player on Facebook to a HTML5-based media player. The company will use its HTML5 video player "for all Facebook web video surfaces" including videos on news feeds, pages, and in the Facebook embedded video player. Videos embedded directly […]

facebook search fyi

Facebook announced the launch of Search FYI yesterday, an update to the social network's traditional search tool that lets users search Facebook's complete index of posts. According to Facebook, it has indexed more than 2 trillion posts by its users which all become searchable after the update. Everything that Facebook users have posted publicly is […]

facebook ad why am i seeing this

Advertisement is one of Facebook's primary revenue sources. You may see ads on your Facebook News Feed, mobile apps and other locations on the site. Businesses create these ads on Facebook and control who sees them in detail. They have access to parameters for that, for instance gender, age or interests, to show ads only […]

facebook videos hd

Facebook is one of the largest video hosting websites on today's Internet and while YouTube is without doubt the uncrowned king of recorded videos today, it is catching up fast and benefiting from bad marketing decisions by YouTube's management. One reason why Facebook has not surpassed YouTube yet is that its monetization offerings for content […]

facebook share files

You have plenty of options if you want to share files with friends on the web version of Facebook. The two core options the site provides are to share files using Facebook Chat and to post files to groups you are a member of. For instance, you may upload the file to the Internet and […]

facebook download video

Facebook is one of the largest video hosting and streaming sites on the Internet. It is held back somewhat by missing options to embed most videos on third-party websites (you can embed videos that you have uploaded but not videos by other users). The company uses different technologies to serve video contents to Facebook users. […]

facebook clear recent searches

Whenever you search on Facebook, information about that search is saved in a search history that Facebook maintains for all of its users. While you don't get access directly to the storage, you get the next best thing. The information is displayed in the activity log, a mix of first and third party information related […]

facebook lite android

Remember Facebook Lite? Facebook experimented with a low-resource version of the website back in 2009 and discontinued the site a year later in 2010 citing that Facebook Lite was not optimized for mobile devices and that apps should be used instead. The company did release and remove several apps in the meantime for mobile users […]

facebook local archive

Most Facebook users know that Facebook knows a lot about them but most do not know what this includes. Some information are obvious; the things you post online or information that you have added to your profile. Others, like interests, IP addresses, facial recognition data or photo metadata may not be as obvious or not […]

facebook seen

Whenever you receive a message on Facebook and read it, a notification appears in the sender's chat box that you have seen the message. It states "seen" followed by the time that the message was displayed to you on the Facebook website or Facebook application. While that may be useful at times, some users may […]

facebook interest based ads

Advertising companies have various methods at their disposal to display advertisement to web users. The best, from a business perspective, is to know as much as possible about a user to display ads catered to potential interests. If a user visits a lot of car sites, then car ads may be the way to go. […]

facebook save this link

Facebook rolled out Saved a couple of months ago both on the web interface and Facebook apps on Android and iOS mobile devices. The problem is that it is not really advertised on the web and if you don't know where to look you may not have noticed that the feature exists at all which […]


Facebook is known for its notoriously complex privacy settings that even experienced users have a hard time configuring correctly. One of the things that the company gets criticized for regularly is that the default visibility for posts made by new users is public which means that anyone, friend, foe and Joe can read those posts. […]