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The social networking site Facebook has seen phenomenal growth ever since its launch in 2004. It was the first social network in Internet history to reach over 1 billion active users. Users need to register a Facebook account before they can use what the site has to offer. Each account is linked to a user profile that contains public and private information about the user. One of the appeals of Facebook is that you can quickly befriend other users of the site which then become your friends if they accept the invitation. You follow your friends automatically from that moment on and see what they have been up to lately

The site on top of that features options to upload photos and videos to the site, use applications that extend the functionality, play games alone or with friends, or join groups to chat or exchange information with each other.

Facebook is high profile target on today’s Internet with malicious users using the site to spread malicious links, malware and advertisement. Many users run into problems in regards to site logins or issues with Facebook’s login page that
we have addressed here on Ghacks. You find Facebook news, tutorials, tips and tricks and reviews below.


Stalkscan is a free online service that enables you to look up any Facebook user's public information using Facebook's own APIs. Facebook removed, changed, and improved privacy controls several times over the last decade. Right now, information is divided into visibility groups. These groups are: only me, friends, friends of friends, and public. Public means […]

facebook videos auto play sound

Videos play automatically on Facebook by default, unless you disable the option. We published instructions back in 2014 that walked you through the steps of turning off auto-playing videos on Facebook, and in Facebook's mobile apps. Facebook announced yesterday that it made the decision to enable sound for these auto-playing videos by default. The change, […]

facebook photo tags

Whenever you upload a photo to Facebook or one of the company's other services -- more than 2 billion each day -- tags are added to these photos. One reason for this is that tags help visually impaired users understand photos posted on Facebook. This in turn highlights how far Facebook's image recognition algorithm has […]

facebook gameroom

Facebook launched Gameroom for Windows, a desktop gaming platform similar to Steam, Origin, uPlay or Gog today. Gameroom provides users with access to a collection of native web games, ported mobile games, and native Gameroom games. You need to sign in using a Facebook account, or create one, before you can start browsing the selection […]

facebook messenger lite

Facebook Messenger Lite can best be described as a basic version of Facebook Messenger that is optimized for slower Internet connections. Facebook announced Messenger Lite a couple of days ago advertising it as a slimmed down version of Messenger size-wise, and optimized for slow Internet connections. With Messenger Lite, more people can stay in contact, […]

facebook marketplace

Facebook just announced the launch of Facebook Marketplace that enables Facebook users to buy and sell items in their local communities. The company has been testing marketplace on the site for about a year, and has started to roll it out to users in select countries in the past couple of days. While eBay and […]

whatsapp disable share account info

WhatsApp users worldwide will receive a prompt over the course of the next few days that moves the application one step closer to its parent company Facebook. As you know, Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014 for $19 billion. While it pushed one of the most successful messaging products into Facebook's product lineup, many wondered […]

yahoo bots facebook

Yahoo announced yesterday that it launched four bots for Facebook Messenger that users of the messaging application can interact with. The bots, exclusively available for Android and iOS versions of Facebook Messenger, bring finance, news, weather and, ehm, monkeys, to Facebook Messenger. The first three bots, bring Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News and Yahoo Weather to […]

save to facebook

Facebook released two new browser extensions for Google Chrome yesterday with the aim to improve the share and save experience for users of the site. Sharing is one of the core features of Facebook, and it is either done manually by users, or by clicking on one of the many share buttons displayed on many […]

block facebook live notifications

The following guide walks you through the steps of blocking Facebook Live Notifications for live video streams on the social networking site. Facebook Live is a relatively new feature on Facebook that users of the service can utilize to stream live video on the site. Anyone on Facebook can use Facebook's applications to broadcast live. […]

facebook your conversations are moving to messenger

You have multiple ways to use Facebook's chat functionality if you are using a mobile device. You can install the official Messenger application if provided for the operating system your device is using, or use Facebook's mobile website directly for that. The latter will be a thing of the past in the near future, or […]

facebook record audio

Facebook is in the news again, this time for listening in on conversations or background noise. The store on the News10 website is sensationalist but its core is true. The news report makes it seem as if Facebook is listening in on conversations all the time. The report admits that users need to give Facebook […]

facebook live map

Facebook Live Around the World is a relatively new interactive map created by the social networking service that displays live streams as they happen in the world. Everyone and their mum seem to be live streaming these days using apps like Periscope or services like Twitch. Facebook supports live streaming as well but unless you […]

save to facebook

Save to Facebook is an addition to Facebook's save feature which allows users of the site to save content they encounter on the web to the "save" section of their Facebook account. Saving has been included on Facebook for a couple of years and it comes as a surprise that the feature is used by […]

Facebook notes

Facebook Notes is a re-imagined version of the note taking feature that Facebook launched years ago on its site. Unlike the previous version, it has been designed more like a basic blog editor than a simple note taking application that does not look or feel that different from jotting down status updates on the site. […]

facebook flash video

Facebook announced on December 18, 2015 that it made the decision to switch from a Flash-based video player on Facebook to a HTML5-based media player. The company will use its HTML5 video player "for all Facebook web video surfaces" including videos on news feeds, pages, and in the Facebook embedded video player. Videos embedded directly […]

facebook search fyi

Facebook announced the launch of Search FYI yesterday, an update to the social network's traditional search tool that lets users search Facebook's complete index of posts. According to Facebook, it has indexed more than 2 trillion posts by its users which all become searchable after the update. Everything that Facebook users have posted publicly is […]

facebook ad why am i seeing this

Advertisement is one of Facebook's primary revenue sources. You may see ads on your Facebook News Feed, mobile apps and other locations on the site. Businesses create these ads on Facebook and control who sees them in detail. They have access to parameters for that, for instance gender, age or interests, to show ads only […]