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Gmail Search to inform you about matches in spam

Google is rolling out a feature currently to Gmail on the web that changes how search works on the service. To sum it up, search takes into account matches found in spam […]

gmail undo send

How to undo the sending of emails on Gmail

Emails are sent automatically if you hit the send button after composing them normally. Once it is out, there is no way to undo the sending which may be problematic at times. […]

thunderbird config editor

How to sort accounts in the email client Thunderbird manually

The email client Thunderbird lacks options to sort the order of accounts in the email client directly. It is for instance not possible to reorder accounts in the client's main pane via […]

thunderbird calendar

Thunderbird 38.0.1 is a massive update for the email client

Development of the email client Thunderbird was more or less restricted to maintenance and security updates ever since Mozilla made the decision to use resources for other projects and move development into […]

posteo encryption

Posteo is a privacy and security focused email service from Germany

Unless you are making sure that you are using encryption when using email, chance is that your emails get read by machines and maybe also individuals as they are not protected by […]

clutter how it works

How Microsoft wants to make email more effective

Email is still strong when it comes to communicating with others on the Internet, especially in business but also elsewhere. It has been around for a long time and has not changed […]

thunderbird lightning

What Lightning's integration in Thunderbird looks like

Mozilla announced plans some time ago to integrate the calendar add-on Lightning natively in the Thunderbird email client. Lightning is without doubt the most popular calendar add-on for Thunderbird and in fact […]

thunderbird quick filter

How to make Thunderbird's Quick Filter settings permanent

Thunderbird's Quick Filter toolbar displays options to filter all messages of the current email folder in certain ways. It allows you to only display unread emails for instance, which can be very […]

sensitive email information

Scan your inbox for passwords with Dashlane's Inbox Scan

The company behind the password manager Dashlane introduced a new service earlier today that scans your email inbox for sensitive information to inform you about them Sometimes, passwords or other sensitive information […]

email trackers

Ugly Email highlights trackers on Gmail but do you really need it?

Many companies track emails, usually by adding small pixels or images to those emails which inform them when emails has been opened by recipients. This is done for a number of reasons […]

thunderbird usage grows

The state of the desktop email client Thunderbird

Thunderbird's usage continues to grow according to Mozilla despite the fact that the desktop email client has been put on the backburner by the organization in mid-2012. Kent James, who is serving […]

save all to onedrive gets Save to OneDrive feature

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature for its messaging service that adds options to it to save attachments to the company's OneDrive file synchronization and cloud storage service. Online storage […]

gmail search filter

How to create email filters on Gmail

Filters are a great tool to process emails automatically on Gmail. You can create filters to apply labels to filters automatically, prevent that it ever lands in spam, or forward emails automatically. […]

compose email

Progress: Gmail users can attach Google Drive files, not links, in emails now

Email is without doubt not the best format when it comes to file transfers. While it works great for small files, mail server limitations prevent it from being useful for larger files. […]

thunderbird turn off tabs

How to turn off tabs in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is my desktop email client of choice. It has been my primary go-to program for all things email for years and even though it is not very high up on […]

Mozilla plans to ship Lightning add-on with Thunderbird 38 email client

Thunderbird is the main email client that I use on all desktop systems. There are plenty of reasons for that, from full control over all emails to better privacy and options to […]

google inbox

Why I won't be using Google's Inbox

Inbox is a new email service by Google that is currently being available on an invite-only basis. It is available as an application for Android and iOS, and also as a web […]

mailpile beta

Beta version of email service Mailpile is out

I reviewed Mailpile back in August of 2013 for the first time. The project was running a Kickstarter campaign back then for funding and did so successfully. A first alpha version, only […]