"I'm bored... There's Nothing on the Internet!" The Argument for a Walled Garden

The call "There's nothing on TV" has long been a common phrase in households around the world, but now I'm beginning hear people express disappointment with the quality and availability of good […]

flickr sign in google facebook

Flickr Sign In With Facebook, Google Account Introduced

Back in October of last year, Flickr introduced an option to create a new Flickr user account by linking it to a Google ID. This made the signup process more comfortable for […]

Google, Facebook and Yahoo Ready IPv6 Test

The first global test of the IPv6 net addressing system will take place on June 8th, and Google, Facebook, Akamai and Yahoo will all be taking part, according to a report by […]

AltaVista and Delicious to Close in 2011

It's a sad day for search as Yahoo! have announced they're to close the AltaVista search engine.  AllThingsDigital report that cutbacks at Yahoo! are responsible for the decision. Other products to be […]

Yahoo! Bids to get its cool back

There was a time when Yahoo! was the portal everyone went to for search and social groups online.  Sadly Google stole the company's crown and now Yahoo! has even slipped into third […]

yahoo sign-in seal

Yahoo Sign-In Seal Protects Against Phishing

Determining if a website is real or fake is one of the greatest challenges for many Internet users. Criminals have honed their skills in the past years to create websites that look […]

Yahoo Sells Hotjobs To Monster, Protects Their Users

Dante just emailed me information about the purchase of Yahoo Hotjobs by Monster. We have seen Yahoo sell assets in the past and this is just another one of them. What's more […]

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Remove Multiple Toolbars In Windows

Toolbars are not necessarily installed as standalone applications these days. Toolbar developers have established business relationships with software developers to include their toolbars in software installers as third-party offers. Users who do […]

ad interest manager

What Yahoo Knows About You, Ad Interest Manager

Companies have a lot of options to track desktop users on the Internet. This includes the use of cookies, Flash cookies and network related activities. All tracking options can be used by […]


Just as Microsoft and Yahoo! have joined forces in search, now Yahoo! Japan and Google have linked up too. Yahoo!'s Japanese search engine will now use Google's technology rather than stick with […]

Yahoo Terminating Geocities

The Geocities era ends today with the termination of the once popular free web hosting service. Some great programs and free websites where hosted over the years at Geocities which will no […]

Yahoo Meme Opens Registrations For Anyone

We reviewed Yahoo Meme a while ago here at Ghacks and gave out several invites to Yahoo's Twitter-like service. The service was in private beta back then which meant that only users […]

Xoopit To Become Yahoo Mail Exclusive

Xoopit, a company that was bought by Yahoo not long ago, developed email indexing and photo sharing technologies that have since then be integrated into Yahoo Mail. Gmail users, among others, were […]

Yahoo Meme Invites

Yahoo Meme is more or less Yahoo's version of Twitter. It is currently in alpha stage and can only be accessed by users who received an invite from a user who is […]

Yahoo Mail Integrates Drop.io To Support 100 Megabyte Attachments

Big companies are not only currently competing with each other in the search engine niche but also when it comes to webmail. It's actually the same three companies - that is Yahoo, […]

Yahoo Mail, Search And Messenger Upgrades

Yahoo announced upgrades to three of the companies major products and services. Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search and Yahoo Messenger were all updated on the same day. Social integration was the key phrase […]

Microsoft And Yahoo Finally Strike Deal

Well it seems that both Yahoo and Microsoft have reached an agreement regarding their search deal. You might remember that it has been close to two years that both companies have been […]

Public Beta Test Of New Yahoo Homepage

The Yahoo homepage is one of the most popular start pages on the Internet. To keep it that way Yahoo decided to add new features to the start page which can already […]