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Which Facebook Apps do You Think are Worthless?

I’m not a big social networking person. There are way too many social networks out there like Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, etc. All my friends are on one network or the other and […]

I'm on Facebook. Now What ?

I did receive another email today asking me about my Facebook user name. I never put much thought into joining Facebook or any other hyped web community. The main reason for this was the question about the why. Why should I join Facebook ? Only to show everyone a list of my friends, to show them what I'm doing ? Will it turn out to be a "I've got more friends than you thing" in the end ?


Send Music to your Facebook Friends

I must be one of the few users on earth that does not have a Facebook account yet and who does not have any plans of creating one in the near future. Still, Facebook is extremely popular and this following Facebook application could be useful - I think it definitely will find lots of users who like it - for some users of Facebook.

sync facebook and outlook

Sync Facebook and Outlook

If you have been a heavy contact book user you know the dread of mass entering people. You need to copy paste their numbers, email addresses, and worst of all, pictures! Personally […]

facebook delete account

Deleting an account on Facebook

I was just reading a long post by Steven Mansour on his website where he described how he tried to close down his account at Facebook. He still received numerous emails from Facebook after using the so called "Account deactivation" which made him wonder if his account was really gone from their system.