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UPDF: An All-in-one PDF Editor to Improve Productivity

PDFs are the most common way of sharing files on the Internet. Their ubiquity means that they are often used as a way to make documents available to many people, without having […]

facebook privacy settings

A Brief Guide on Privacy Settings for Facebook

When it comes to social networking these days, privacy is of the utmost importance. Nowadays, the most popular social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter. If you use either of these websites […]

itunes genius

A Guide to The Genius Feature and DJ Feature On iTunes

The features available on iTunes have developed a lot over recent years. One thing that has become more popular is the ability to create a playlist. Of course, there are several reasons […]

twitter message

Why Twitter Is So Popular With the Rich and Famous

A few years ago, the social networking site Twitter was virtually unheard of. However, it then started becoming very popular with the rich and famous, prompting a massive surge in users from […]

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How To Find Free Music On iTunes

Music these days is anything but cheap. However, it is a hugely popular industry, and most people are currently buying their music digitally rather than physically. In fact, just this week Mercury […]