iPhone Roadmap Reveals Apple’s Goals for Under-screen Face ID and Selfie Camera, ProMotion, more

iPhone Roadmap Reveals Apple’s Goals for Under-screen Face ID and Selfie Camera, ProMotion, more

Apple reveals its Goals with the LTPO technology for high-end iPhones. Find out when all iPhones can use LTPO technology

How to Manage Your Firefox Extensions: Tips for Organizing and Updating Them

Learn how to manage your Firefox extensions. Install Firefox extensions using the steps provided. Learn how to remove add-ons in three easy steps.

How to Troubleshoot Common iOS Problems: Tips for Fixing Your Device

Learn how to troubleshoot your iOS problems to fix your device. Reset your network as well.

How to Protect yourself from Job Scams Powered by ChatGPT trying to Rob You

Find out scammers are using ChatGPT. Avoid getting scammed. Learn how to spot and avoid job scams.

How to Use ChatGPT on Your Apple Watch

Learn how to use ChatGPT on Your Apple Watch. Check out the requirements and how to share the results.

iOS Privacy Settings: Protecting Your Personal Information

Learn the different ways to secure your information on iOS. Enable Two Factor Authentication and Configure Siri Settings.

How to Bypass Activation Lock on Apple Watch

Find four reliable methods to bypass activation lock on Apple watch. Check out the steps to follow when unlocking your Apple watch.

Apple Watch Takes a Dip in the Ocean, Thanks to 'Find My' App, Owner Takes the Plunge

Discover the Apple watch’s water-resistant abilities. Check out how the “Find My” app was used to find the lost gadget.

GPT-5 Expected this Year, Could Make ChatGPT Indistinguishable from a Human

See what GPT-5 has for us. Hear what the tech experts think about this new technology. What is AGI?

Union Accuses Apple of Firing Workers in Retaliation for Organizing

See the details of the accusation and how Apple is handling the situation. Check out the union's response to the allegations.

Dark and Darker Developer Uses ChatGPT AI tool in Bid to Prove it Hasn't Infringed Copyright

Nexon files lawsuit. See detail of the lawsuit. Check out Ironmace using ChatGPT to show baseless claims.

Gameplay features of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Check out all the amazing gameplay the Tears of the Kingdom comes with. Learn all the amazing things you can do with the special features.

Negative Reviews of Last of US Port for PC

The Launch of Last of Us for PC. Check out the performance of the game on PC. See the ratings according to Steam.

Arc is Coming to iPhone, but it Won’t Replace Safari Yet, Says CEO

What is Arc? How to install Arc on your iPhone. How will it work on iPhones? Find out if it’s available for iPad.

The FBI Has Been Buying Bulk Internet Data from This Florida Company

Discover what type of bulk Internet data the FBI has been purchasing. Discover the name of the Florida company and its affiliates.

Apple Releases WatchOS 9.4

Apple releases the fourth generation watchOS. See what the new operating system had to offer to its users.

GitHub Publishes RSA SSH Host Keys by Mistake, Issues Update

Recently GitHub seems to be getting its fair share of problems. It all started with the user who published Twitter’s source codes on GitHub. Who remains unidentified as Twitter takes Github to […]

Twitter Says Source Code Was Leaked on GitHub, Now It’s Trying to Find the Culprit

Twitter source code revealed on GitHub. Now they’re trying to find the culprit. Twitter has taken the issue to court making demands to GitHub.

More AI Tools to Make You Feel Like You Have an Assistant

As the use of AI rises we continue to see all the different things it can do. Everyone is enjoying experimenting with this newly found toy called AI and I must say […]

How to Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox

Firefox is a popular browser that has multiple features. I remember using Firefox while I was still in high school and it was one of the fastest browsers ever. It’s a good […]

How to Reset Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max

Apple has a high-quality, unique, and endless list of accessories. Sometimes these accessories don't connect properly with our devices, and this means you need to reset them. Below I’ll give you some […]

How to Get Apple iMessages on Windows 11

The collaborations between Apple and Windows have completely been nothing short of amazing. This kind of reminds me of the time when Blackberry opened up their BBM messaging service to Nokia and […]

Epic Games’ State of Unreal 2023: Highlights So far

Video games have been around for ages and we all love them. I enjoy breaking off a day with my favorite 2048 puzzle. Wait you thought that wasn’t a video game. You […]

Microsoft Loop, a Notion Competitor With Futuristic Office Documents

I'm sure you will agree with me that Microsoft is one company that has been in service to us for a very long time. I have had the opportunity to watch Microsoft […]

Adobe Bets on Generative AI With ‘Firefly’ Tool to Create Images From Text

With so many apps incorporating AI into their systems, it only makes sense that Adobe does the same. Adobe recently jumped into the game by acquiring generative AI a new AI model […]

Some of 8BitDo’s Best Controllers Now Work with Apple devices

Innovative, durable, and quite the looker is any Apple device’s design feature. The one thing I’ve noticed is that Apple products are designed to satisfy and provide the best technology there is […]

Oops! ChatGPT Shares AI Chat Histories with the Wrong Crowd

We can’t help but be fascinated by this new revolutionary AI model that is causing so much controversy and changing everything that we’ve known for our entire lives. Since the AI model […]

Popular Finance YouTubers Who Hyped Crypto Company FTX Are Being Sued

There's no better time to be alive than now. I don't know about you but I love to watch the famous Judge Judy as she deals with different lawsuits. Since then we've […]

Microsoft’s New Share Button Makes it Easy to Show People What Bing AI is Saying

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft and most tech companies got off on the wrong foot. Laying off thousands of workers around the world some people were concerned that the way […]

YouTube Music's New Update Can Auto-Download Recently Played Songs

Listening to music is one of my favorite pastimes from the Golden oldies to the latest Trap  YouTube has been a provider of thousands of hours of music. Google’s YouTube is one […]

What Is App and Browser Control on Windows?

App and browser control is a part of Windows Security settings that works by preventing and managing tools to safeguard your PC from malicious apps and websites. It works by monitoring your […]

How to Add Stickers to Photos on iPhone

While you could use the default photos app to edit all your pictures why not just add a little fun? I don't know about you but I have loved stickers since I […]

A Guide to Using Web Apps on iPhone and iPad

I never thought I could carry an entire office in the palm of my hand. Most phones and mobile devices are now equipped to do more than we ever imagined. You can […]

How to Schedule a Text Message on Your iPhone Using the Shortcuts App

Truth be told I've lost a couple of phones or even replaced them without using half of their features. Commonly we use our phones to access the apps we use daily and […]

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Bing Chat AI

For the past month, it feels like it's been all about AI and ChatGPT. Well, I've got some news for you. This journey just got started. As AI infiltrates the online world, […]

How to Watch the 2023 Oscars for Free With a VPN

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger, I would start counting down to my favorite awards show a month earlier. With the 95th Academy Awards just three days away, […]

How to Open Registry Editor on Windows 11

I don’t know about you but when it comes to the many functions that Windows can do I am almost clueless. But it’s never too late to learn to do new stuff […]

GPT-4 is Coming Next Week – and It Will Be Multimodal, Says Microsoft Germany

Before you say not another GPT story, just take some time and read this one. I promise it's not another collaboration with Open AI’s ChatGPT. Although, I believe we’re yet to see […]

D-ID’s New Web App Gives a Face and Voice to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

I’ve been seeing more tech companies incorporating ChatGPT’s AI technology into their apps. OpenAI’s ChatGPT seems to be taking the technological world by storm. D-ID (Digital-Identity-Defence) is a  technology company that specializes […]

Japanese Messaging Platform "LINE" Adds and Gets 200,000 Users in 3 Days

LINE is a popular Japanese messaging platform that was launched in 2011. It was created by NHN Japan, a technology company that started its operations in 2001. They are also a subsidiary […]