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Unlimited online storage? Voilà!

The internet weather has been turning somewhat cloudy in recent years and by saying that I don't mean to start another discussion about (important) Net neutrality here but rather to bring up […]

Re-discovering filters in Opera's M2

I've finally decided recently to dedicate some time to re-thinking the way I've used Opera's M2 e-mail client for some years now. And I'm glad I made that decision because it completely […]

Speed up navigation in Explorer using keyboard

Just like Martin, I prefer using keyboard shortcuts wherever feasible and after reading several latest articles of his about this topic, an idea struck my mind. Although the following tip is dead […]

Measure exact throughput of any TCP IP network

Wondering how much traffic can be pulled through the network you're working in during certain period of time or how quickly your network components work? Yeah, be a networking proffesional or a […]

Discover more places to learn everything tech

Having a strong will and motivation, it's amazing how much one can learn from tutoring resources shared by both amateur and professional contributors on the web, be it traditional tutorials enriched with […]

Another round-up for English (not only) learning freaks

Hardly anybody does without English nowadays, especially when dealing with tech stuff, and it's therefore quite a good idea to at least keep it up or possibly even elevate your current language […]

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Make full use of Opera's presentation modes

Making any website temporarily appear the way you want instead of the way its designer meant it to is rather easy if you use Opera and (not quite necessarily) have at least […]


Improve your fullscreen browsing experience in Opera

Opera uses the entire screen to show contents of a page and doesn't waste a single pixel on the screen for displaying anything else. This is definitely great for stretching the space […]

Fine-tuning Opera's Transfers

I had been overlooking some minor inconveniences related to file transfers in Opera which were from time to time sort of negatively interfering with the efficiency of my work in this marvelous […]

OT: Bridge to Terabithia remake for geeks

Are you a fan of "Bridge to Terabithia" movie? Are you fond of IT stuff? Both? Then check this out. None? Then check it out too, you might come to like it […]

real time air traffic

Watch Real-Time Air Traffic

A friend of mine asked me recently if I knew that it was possible to view real-time air traffic in Google Earth. I had to admit that I never heard about this before, the only thing that came close to it was the website where users could listen to live air traffic communications. He send me the link to the website which offered this service and told me that he was currently tracking a flight of a friend who was vising New Zealand.

Q10: free portable dark-room editor

If you are a fan of dark-room type apps and editors which provide much more comfort in comparison with the regular ones in terms of eye strain as well as more intuitive controls, you don't wanna pass this one. Since the first port of the original Mac OS's darkroom type editor was created, several other progs and online services with similar features have appeared.


reCaptcha: stop spam while helping to digitize books

Spam is a pain and we all got used to the necessity of fighting it every single day spending our valuable time on deleting junk mails and undergoing additional security measures like captchas and many others. Is there any way to transform daily wasted time and effort spent on these measures for good purposes instead of regarding them as a necessary evil? You bet there is.

Have an instant talk using portable VoIP apps

Assuming you have some kind of headset or at least a cheap mike with speakers in the worst case, I bet you've already tried using some voice-over-IP services and you may have liked it except its being rather inflexible, heavy and maybe even complicated to set up.

Tips for hard-core English learners

English pwns. Whether you like it or not, we all need it daily. Those who additionally enjoy learning this interesting language could appreciate a few tips on how to improve their skills even more. Since I still need to keep learning as well as revising what I've already learned, I've been visiting some websites and services of ESL type and I'd like to share a few of those I came to like the best.

Teac MP-450 by experience

I'd like to share my view of a very fine low-end (maybe mid) personal audio/video player I've bought recently, the Teac MP-450. I was lucky enough to get a 40% sale on it in an online store so that I got an awesome player for a really low price, great deal indeed. Nevertheless, even if you have to buy it for the usual price at about 100-130$ (1GB version), it's still worth the money I would say. Now to the main features.

A preview of the future

Knowing the position of every single particle in the whole infinite universe at the moment, you would be able to predict the future precisely some people say. Well, since our far advanced 2.0 technology is (and will remain for a while) still too lame to do such experiment at present, there's no way to make predictions like that. But hey, who says we can't attempt to guess what happens in the near future?

Refresh yourself with power-nap sounds

You may have gone through some stressful and exhausting periods lately when arranging everything for nice and quiet x-mas time, trying to find just the right presents for your friends and family and so on. Now you probably want to rest a little bit and enjoy the days off as much as possible. You might appreciate some kind of stimulant that would help you loosen the tension and concentration accumulated in your mind and body..