ONLYOFFICE DocSpace: Revolutionizing Team Collaboration

In our fast-paced digital age, the ability to collaborate effectively on documents is not just convenient; it's essential. ONLYOFFICE DocSpace emerges as a leader in this realm with its innovative approach that […]

Small Business Tech Roundup: Adopt E-signature to Increase Efficiency

E-signatures are an essential way in which businesses can streamline cumbersome processes. Instead of time-consuming paperwork, e-signatures allow your enterprise to get documents signed fast. This is important for small and medium-sized […]

Grab the Disney+ New Promotional Price for the Next Three Months!

Have you been standing by the fence wondering if you should subscribe to Disney+? If that subscription price has been bothering you, you’re in for a treat. You can now pay $1.99 […]

Get Protected the Right Way with Avast Free Antivirus

Today’s internet safety is difficult to assess. Whereas the internet of yesteryear was a bit like the Far West, where only adventurous spirits wandered into the unknown, it’s a completely different picture […]

CCleaner: A One-Stop Shop for Optimizing Your Computer for JUST 1$

Is your PC slow and laggy, and you don't know what's wrong? CCleaner can help clear our unnecessary files and optimize for speed and performance.

Better fake backgrounds on Microsoft Teams? Use a green screen!

Microsoft released an update for its Microsoft Teams software that allows users to use green screens when using virtual backgrounds. Read on to learn more.

Small Developers will Face a New Challenge: New API Pricing

While Twitter has announced its new API tier prices, many small developers say they can’t afford the ones they need.

While Apple has Launched Two Impressive Apps, Three Other iOS Features are coming

Apple is having fun presenting the latest apps and features. Apparently, three more are heading your way.

You can now See the Reach of YouTube Artists in Different Formats

YouTube has now added a feature where you can see an artist’s reach in various formats, giving more insight.

Elon Musk unsurprisingly Becomes Twitter’s Most-Followed Account

Elon Musk is now officially the number one followed account on Twitter, but how did he get there? We take a few guesses.

Google Uncovers more Details on Spanish-made Spyware that Targeted UAE Users

After last year’s attack on Google users, the company is now closer to learning where the hackers are. Learn more here!

Are you Ready to Hear Wikipedia’s ‘Sound of all Human Knowledge’?

Wikipedia has determined the winning Sound of All Human Knowledge that will represent its logo. Listen to how it sounds here!

Luke Skywalker’s Voice will now Alert Ukrainians to Russian Air Raids

Thanks to a new app, Mark Hamill’s voice will let Luke Skywalker warn Ukranians of incoming attacks by the Russians. Here are more details.

It’s Time to Join the Beta for Popular Petey GPT Apple Watch app for iOS

You’ll be able to join the beta for the new Petet GPT for iOS devices, where you can ask it questions via Siri. Here are the details.

Google claims that ChatGPT didn’t train Bard

After new allegations, Google says it didn’t train Bard on ChatGPT using ShareGPT, and it’s holding to it. What do you think?

Spotify now lists Niche Mixes where you can Select a Personalized Playlist

The new Niche Mixes feature for Spotify generates playlists for you based on activities, so they will be unique for everyone. Go on; you know you want to try it out.

Can you Spot an AI-Generated Image and Not Be Fooled?

After the Pope’s fake image went viral yesterday, many are wondering how easy it is to spot images made by AI tech.

If your Combustion Car Runs on E-fuel, you might be able to Keep Riding it Beyond 2035

The EU will ban gasoline cars by 2035, unless they are powered by e-fuel. So, you’ll have some new choices to make by then.

Interesting “Perspectives” Carousel will appear on Google Searches

Google wants to retain as many users as possible, now launching a Perspectives carousel with other people’s opinions.

Say hello to BOSS, a Massive Supercluster Complex hidden between the Stars

The BOSS Great Wall is a massive supercluster complex discovered in 2016 that’s still popular today. See what it’s all about.

How to Watch 5 Planets Line Up in a Parade

In an extraordinary stellar event, five planets are lining up for a parade in the night sky tonight. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Apple Pay Later will let you Apply for Loans on your Phone

Apple now has Apple Pay Later that lets you loan money into your Wallet, which you can pay back in four weeks. So, what’s the catch?

Meet the 21 Emojis now available for iPhones

Apple is making sure you enjoy your text messages with 21 new emojis for iPhone, recently approved for distribution. See all of them here!

AI Pope-in-a-Puffer-Jacker goes Viral, causing Mixed Emotions

An Ai-generated image of the Pope in a puffer jacket has gone viral, leading to questions of who will start regulating the technology.

Elon Musk states that only Twitter Verified Accounts will Appear on For You page

Elon says that you will need to have a verified account if you want your content to appear on the For You Twitter page, and blames it on bots.

Most anticipated Chinese rival to ChatGPT fails

Baidu created China’s first ChatGPT competitor, but it only managed to disappointed so many high expectations.Read more here!

If you’re late for a Zoom meeting, AI will Let you Know what you Missed

A new Zoom AI feature will quickly update you if you enter a meeting late. Here are some interesting details about it.

A new Robot can Design and Build Paper Plans to Test Various Designs

Engineers at CREATE Lab are having fun with a new robot that can build and fly paper planes, testing different flight patterns. Read more here!

Photosynthesis ‘hack’ unlocks new renewable energy possibilities!

In a groundbreaking development, researchers have successfully “hacked” the initial stages of photosynthesis.   Humans have already found one way to use the Sun to power homes, namely by converting heat and […]

How to stop or block spam texts on iPhone

Are you annoyed at spammy text messages on your iPhone? Learn what you can do to block them!

The proposed TikTok ban will benefit companies like Meta, Google and Snap

Bernstein says that Google, Snap, and Meta will benefit from the ban of TikTok in the US, but what about new apps like it? Let’s have a look.

Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, explains how the ideal Metaverse will work one day

In an interview, Tom Sweeney discusses what an open Metaverse ecosystem would look like. You won’t want to miss these details!

Microsoft to Launch a CarbonCapture Project in 2024

With Microsoft being one of the largest culprits of carbon emissions, it has a plan to capture the harmful gas instead. Here’s how.

How to watch Portuguese MotoGP 2023: Live stream for this sunday

Make sure you don't miss the Portuguese MotoGP 2023 this weekend, live with the right VPN service!

Fintech business Block may be linked to criminal activity, accusers say

According to Hindenburg Research, Block has been inflating numbers so that investors will fund them, which is fraudulent. Read more here!

TikTok CEO faces tough questions from US lawmakers over data security and Chinese ties

TikTok CEO grilled by US House Committee. Read more about what happened at the recent hearin.

Who is Shou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok?

Get to know Shou Zi Chew, TikTok's CEO. We have some details about him here!

Utah social media law means kids need approval from parents

Children in Utah will need their parents' permission if they want to access social media platforms. Read more about the new laws.

Rewind brings ChatGPT into your personal life, but at what cost?

ChatGPT for Me by Rewind is a new AI system that promises to help you find things on your PC, but there are some security issues. Read more!

Are you ready for Resident Evil 4 Remake's The Mercenaries Mode?

Mercenaries Mode is coming to Resident Evil 4 Remake on April 7, 2023. Check the details here!