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Set Up Amazon to Download to Your PC & Cloud Drive

Most tech savvy people have figured out how to save music to their Amazon Cloud Drive, but not everyone knows how to save to the Cloud Drive and their PC. Snagging a […]

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How Web Accounts Get Hacked

Hacking into an e-mail, Facebook, or other account is often a crime of opportunity. That is not to say talented individuals with advanced knowledge are not a threat, but it can be […]

What To Do When Your Email Account is Compromised

I see more and more spam coming from the email accounts of contacts and friends when I open my e-mail program. In addition to this, people are telling me that they think […]

amazon cloud drive

Have You Read the Fine Print for the Amazon Cloud Drive?

Amazon's new Cloud Drive service has made the news recently. The service allows you to store any kind of file, and even stream music loaded to it through its Cloud Player. It […]