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Diagnosing and Repairing Difficult Problems in Windows 7 Free Webcast

Windows 7 is Microsoft's most stable and reliable version of their desktop operating system yet, but it's still such a complex piece of software that when something does go wrong it can […]

Internet Giants Consider SOPA Strike

The Stop Online Piracy Act in the US is getting ever more publicity with GoDaddy one of the high profile companies to suffer from supporting it as we wrote a couple of […]

Will You Clean out your Social Networks for New Year?

So it's almost time to dust off the old new year's resolutions, work out how many you kept (I kept all of mine for the first time), and then set some more […]

Buying a New PC? Don't Get Ripped off by Unscrupulous Salesmen!

I get a fair amount of email in my inbox at mike@MVPs.org from readers asking questions about how to do or fix A, B or C on their PCs.  One email I […]

US Court May Have to Decide How Much One Twitter Follower is Worth

A court in the US might have to decide just how much a Twitter follower is worth after a Californian man took 17,000 followers with him after leaving a job.  Noah Kravitz, […]

Track Santa's Route Across the World on Christmas Eve

The US government just love spying on people, but let's face it, without them we wouldn't have all those brilliant cold war thrillers to watch over the holidays. Nobody is safe from […]

What role will Technology Play on 21st December 2012?

Precisely one year from today the world will begin to come to an end, at least if the predictions of Nostradamus are to be believed.  He said that on December 21st 2012 […]

How will we control the computers of tomorrow?

Well that's it!  Everybody, well some of the experts anyway seem to agree that the ageing keyboard and mouse just isn't going to cut it any more.  It's just not a good enough way […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Review

In the first year since Microsoft's Windows Phone smartphones first launched I've tested and reviewed a fair few handsets and I've been able to get a good insight into how the operating […]

Microsoft to Launch More Multi-Platform Products in 2012

In a week where Microsoft have released a SkyDrive app for Windows Phone, OneNote for the iPad and updates to Hotmail, the Senior Director of Office 365, Tom Rizzo, has said we […]

The technology that still has to improve in 2012

If you look around at what technology has brought us in 2011 it's been a truly momentous year.  The iPad 2, new exciting Android tablets with the proper tablet version of the […]

Setting up and Configuring a New PC, Free eBook

With Christmas only ten days away you might well be lucky enough to receive a new PC or laptop as a present, or you may be giving one as a gift.  New […]

Firefox suffers middle-aged bloat

It would appear that Firefox, that venerable browser that was the first one to give Microsoft a true kick in its complacency, is suffering from some middle-aged bloat.  In a report by […]

YouTube launches Schools Website

Those of you who follow me will know that in addition to writing here, being an author and all the other things I seem to do, that I'm also a teacher.  I've […]

Just How Much Revenue Does Google Have Anyway?

There is an intriguing infographic that has been released showing how much revenue Google had in 2010.  In typical infographic style, and you can view the whole thing below, there's all manner […]

EXO PC Unveil the Future of Touch

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get the world exclusive on my personal website for EXO PC's forthcoming EXOdesk.  This is a 40-inch, 10 point multi-touch Viewsonic screen […]

Are Work Emails Set to Impact on Your Christmas?

The BBC is reporting a small study by UK security firm Securenvoy into the impact work-related email will have on UK workers this Christmas.  The study says that British employees are so […]

Android Store hits 10 Billion Downloads

Google's Android store has had it's 10 billionth download this week, and the news was announced on the Google blog.  To mark the milestone the company has also announced that for the […]