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China aims for supercomputing crown

China has stepped up its efforts to become the supercomputing power of the world according to the BBC.  It's Nebulae machine has ranked second in the biannual top 500 supercomputer lists. It's […]

Can Apple meet demand for the iPad

On Friday Apple made the iPad available for sale around the world and large crowds of fans turned out to spend their hard-earned cash on the devices.  So far the machines are […]

Will you be Binging on the next iPhone?

Apple is gearing up for the launch of the next iPhone, widely expected in the next couple of months.  Now though rumours are circulating that Microsoft and Apple are in talks to […]

Pakistan Blocks YouTube

There have been an increasing number of internet censorship instances in the last couple of years including China blocking access to news sites during the Beijing Olympics to that terrible opponent of […]