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Better Office Doc Preview appears in GMail

The web mail war is raging on with the continued roll out of Microsoft's new Hotmail service.  Now Google is coming back with new features to it's own GMail service, the first […]

Transparent HTPC, Gorgeous or Gimmick?

Chinese company Novo first announced their Coloured Glaze Media Centre PC at CES at the beginning of the year but now it's approaching release, Engadget China have had a close look at it.  […]

128Gb Blu-ray XL Specification finalised

The next monster disc is just around the corner but possibly bad news for PC users who have upgraded their machine with a blu-ray writer.  The Blu-ray Disc Association have now published […]

Get Windows and Office Super-Cheap

I've long been a subscriber to Microsoft's Action Pack which is for small businesses.  You get 10 licenses for Windows and Office plus a Windows Server license or two for £220 a […]

Wipe your drives securely with a hidden Windows 7 tool

It's always a worry when you get rid of a PC or hard drive that all sorts of personal data could be sitting on it waiting to be stolen.  This is even […]

AT&T ships some iPhone 4's but cancels others

US phone network AT&T was massively over-subscribed for orders for the new iPhone 4, with many people who tried pre-ordering a device on the launch day being greeted by a series or […]

600,000 iPhone 4's pre-ordered on AT&T

AT&T has already sold out of pre-order iPhone 4's, having had some 600,000 people in the US sign up for one of the spangly handsets (though I doubt anyone who finds one […]

AT&T Sends apologies to security breach iPad owners

After last week's security breach in which the email addresses of iPad owners were harvested by hackers, AT&T has now sent letters to apologies to the customers concerned, as reported by Engadget […]

How quickly can your password be cracked?

As more and more of us live more of our lives online with banking, shopping, photo galleries and social networking etc. a part of our daily lives, it becomes more and more important […]

iPad / AT&T vulnerability leaks email addresses... who is to blame?

Hackers have exploited a vulnerability on AT&T's US network when iPad users authenticated themselves online that has allowed them to gain access to a list of 114,067 email addresses belonging to owners, […]

Google search get's a caffeine kick

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! are always looking for ways to improve their search engine and Google's latest volley into search has kicked off today with a caffeine hit. This new way to […]

Wikileaks not bothered by US Army arrest

The website for whistle-blowers, Wikileaks is apparently not bothered by the arrest today of a US Army analyst who has been arrested on suspicion of leaking classified material to the website, according […]

iPhone 4 Announced

Apple have formerly unveiled the tech industry's worst kept secret, their next generation iPhone, as reported by Engadget.  The iPhone 4 was first leaked (i.e. lost) in a bar in California and […]

Australia orders privacy probe into Google Street View

Australia's Attorney General has instructed the country's police to investigate search giant Google for possible breaches of privacy while taking photos for it's Street View service. The investigation, reported by the BBC, […]

Get the Recovery Console back in Windows 7

One of the most useful operating system recovery tools in Windows XP was the recovery console.  Here you could perform very useful tasks like repairing the Master Boot Record and the Boot […]

Happy birthday Bing!

Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, is officially one year old today.  The search engine formerly known as Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search was officially unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve […]

Is Google Chrome OS the operating system that saw the tablet revival coming?

Later this year Google will release their Linux-based Chrome OS operating system.  They first announced it a year ago when XP  shipping on Netbooks was the most talked-about subject in IT circles.  […]

Intel rolls out 50-Core Processor

I have a dual-core processor in my main PC, which is good, and will later this summer buy a new computer with a quad-core processor, which is better, but probably not something […]