Apple profits up on iPad and iPhone 4

Apple profits leapt past expectations for the three months to June 26th on the back of the iPad and iPhone 4 launches. The company's income was $3.25bn (£2.1bn) for the period, up […]

Microsoft warn of Windows Shell Critical Vulnerability

Microsoft have warned of a critical vulnerability in Windows Shell, caused when parsing .lnk shortcuts that can automatically launch a malicious program through use of a specially crafted shortcut. The vulnerability affects […]

Microsoft co-founder pledges billions to philanthropy

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has bequeathed the majority of his estimated $13.5bn (£8.8bn) to philanthropy after his death according to the BBC. Allen set up a charitable foundation 20 years ago to which […]

Apple calls surprise iPhone4 Press Conference

Apple has called a surprise new conference for Friday 16th July to talk about the iPhone 4.  The company has refused to give details about whether they will talk about the antenna […]

Was a Russian Spy working at Microsoft?

Following the recent US / Russia spy drama, however Microsoft have now claimed that a 12th spy was working for them.  In an interview with Newsweek, they said that Alexey Karetnikov had […]

Outlook / Facebook Social Connector out today

Microsoft is going to release the Facebook social connector for Outlook later today according to Neowin.  The connector allows you to integrate your Facebook contacts into Outlook to view things like their status […]

Facebook agrees to "Panic Button"

After many months of pressure, social networking site Facebook has agreed to put a panic button for children and teenagers, according to the BBC. The button will reports abuse to the UK […]

AT&T gives loyal customers free Femtocell

The femtocell caused a great deal of excitement when the technology was first announced a couple of years ago.  These boxes use your broadband connection to boost the signal for your 3G […]

Australia delays controversial web-filtering

The Australian government is delaying the implementation of controversial web-filtering to conduct an independent review of websites that are due to be blocked the BBC has reported. The filter is part of […]

Digital Economy Act is challenged in UK

The UKs leading Internet service providers, BT and TalkTalk are set to seek a judicial review of the controversial Digital Economy Act, as reported by the BBC.  The two ISPs are reported […]

Facebook leads third-party log-ins

In the last year or so there's been an explosion in sites allowing you to use a third-party login to access their services.  Every major company except for Microsoft has so far […] spends thousands on iPhone app development

The BBC has reported that the British government has spent thousands of pounds developing iPhone apps for everything from Foreign Office travel advice to a jobseeker's tool. The apps, ranging from between £10,000 […]

Google fixes YouTube xxx spam flaw

YouTube owner Google has been forced to act quickly to fix a flaw on it's YouTube video sharing website that allowed hackers to bombard users with pop-up messages, redirecting them to adult […]

google flights

Google enters flights travel market

Search giant Google has made a surprise move into the travel business with the acquisition of  flight information firm ITA Software, as reported by the BBC.  The firm provides software that organises […]

Apple admits iPhone signal fault

It happens!  Technology moves to quickly and companies have such little time to actually socak test products these days that problems slip through.  Unless you're Toyota though they're not usually life-threatening which […]

Windows XP Help attacks on the rise

Update: Microsoft has patched the issue and it is no longer a problem provided that Windows users have patched their system with the most recent security updates provided by the company. An […]

1 Million people download Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

It was only released a week ago, but already 1 million people have downloaded Microsoft's new Windows Live Messenger software for the iPhone.  This has got to make it one of, if […]

Google's back in China, but who's won?

Google pulled out of China earlier in the year in an argument over censorship that began with rumours that the communist government there had hacked into the GMail accounts of political activists […]