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Chrome OS Tablet coming from Google and Verizon in November

Google's new Chrome OS cloud-based operating system is about to make its first appearance, not on netbooks, as was first thought, but on tablet devices instead. Engadget are reportingthat smartphone maker HTC […]

facebook remove apps

Facebook 'dislike' scam

Many users of the social networking site Facebook have long been asking for a dislike button and now it looks like they've got what they were asking for... or have they?  Be […]

Blackberry in trouble again, this time with India

Blackberry makers Research in Motion (RIM) are in trouble again, this time with India, after squabbles with the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Algeria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia over government access to its data […]

Virus hits Google Android

With the number of smartphones on the market on an ever-increasing rise Google's Android operating system is the first to be hit by a major virus.  The malware can steal cash from […]

BBC News releases Smartphone Malware… deliberately

No, the BBC isn't trying to subsidise its coffers by branching out into cyber-crime.  As an experiment the British public-service broadcaster wants to know just how secure smartphones really are. The malware […]

Troubled iPhone Chief leaves Apple

The iPhone 4 has not been a phone launch without controversy, namely the Antennagate scandal.  Now Mark Papermaster, the executive in charge of engineering at the Cupertino company, has left only weeks […]

RIM may yet avert Saudi Blackberry ban

Research in Motion's Blackberry devices have been causing all sorts of controversy in the middle-east in recent months with countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE threatening to block all data […]

The mouse / calculator combo

Have you ever wished you had easier access to a calculator when using your PC?  Do you do a lot of numeric work of a laptop?  If the answer to either one […]

Net Neutrality talks stall

The BBC is reporting that talks in the US, intended to find a way to make sure all data on the Internet is treated equally have stalled. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) […]

Wave goodbye to Wave

Google's new social networking service, Google Wave, launched last year to a huge fanfare and and equally huge controversy over privacy.  Many users complained that anyone befriending you on the service could […]

iPhone / iPad Security Flaw Risk

Hackers have moved in the last few years away from attacking platforms such as Windows, and instead on to attacking software.  This is in a large part because the security of operating […]

The web attack that leads hackers straight to your home

Is it possible, is there such a thing as an attack that can tell a hacker where you live?  The BBC has revealed that a specially booby-trapped website can tell a hacker […]

Twitter sees 20 billionth tweet

Twitter's micro-blogging service has always been popular, and with people such as Stephen Fry entertaining the masses, it's popularity can only grow as more and more people sign up to follow the […]

UAE to block the Blackberry?

After previous problems in the country, the United Arab Emirates is now set to at least temorarily block RIM's Blackberry phones in the country, saying they pose a "national security risk". The […]

RIM to launch Blackpad?

It could be the worst branding exercise since technology company Blick launched their glossy white Internet radios, and suddenly realised they wouldn't be able to sell them in South Africa.  Now Research in […]

Adobe / Microsoft to team up on Vulnerability Sharing

Microsoft has announced that it's to extend it's Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) to include vulnerability sharing information from Adobe. The programme, launched in October 2008 allows sharing of information about security […]


Just as Microsoft and Yahoo! have joined forces in search, now Yahoo! Japan and Google have linked up too. Yahoo!'s Japanese search engine will now use Google's technology rather than stick with […]

Apple updates iMac and Mac Pro computers

It's not all good news this, sorry to have to break that to you early on.  Apple have updated their iMac and Mac Pro computers for 2010 / 2011 and they have […]