Netflix in Violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The National Association of the Deaf has sued Netflix, the movie rental company that offers it’s videos via the mail and by online instant access. The NAD is suing them for failure […]

Unlock Reddit’s Full Potential with Chrome Add-Ons and Extensions

Thousands of internet users have discovered the joys of Reddit, a web portal that provides users with access to images, underground news and the latest memes through a simple and seemingly pre-2000 […]

Face Recognition Software is a Big Organizational Help when Done Properly

Facebook’s new face recognition software that has been added to its photo applications has caused a lot of buzz. Many people, including Martin here at Ghacks, have written about this feature, and […]

If Caught in Hacking Crossfire, Defend Your Information Furiously

It seems that those friendly, harmless little hackers from LulzSec have turned their attention, at least momentarily, from computing giants to passing bystanders in the evolving battle that has been kicking up […]

Protect Your Intellectual Property with Vigilance and Software Help

Uploading your property onto the internet can be scary. Intellectual property can be just as, if not more, valuable than the cars we drive and homes we live in, yet we often […]

Streamline Tag Editing with Advanced Features of Mp3nity

It is very easy to neglect the organization of your music library. Oftentimes people find themselves with files that are inaccurately tagged, but rather than working with these files to ensure easy […]

Senator Says it is Time to Update Outdated Law

News out of Washington is that Patrick Leahy, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, said he is optimistic that Congress would update the 1986 law (the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, or […]

Rumors Abound About iOS5 Facebook App Project and New Facebook Photo Features

In an unexpected twist to begin the day on Thursday, technology news agencies began reporting that Facebook may be working on a brand new mobile application platform to challenge Apple’s App Store. […]

Pandora Stock Offering May Help Identify Tech Bubble

It seems that whatever tech excitement that may have catapulted Pandora higher following its initial public offering on Wednesday has fizzled away into boring old economics. The online music streaming company stock […]

New Social Media Plugin Pearltrees Offers a New Take on Web Favorites

After the sweeping successes of Facebook and Twitter (and, in a distant, simpler time, MySpace), everyone wants to know what the next social frenzy will be all about. Many contenders have thrown […]

Receive Computer Notifications When Disaster Strikes Anywhere in the World

We live in an incredibly beautiful and violent world. Even as Mother Nature may bless people on one side of the world with plentiful rain and gentle weather she can rip the […]

Give Yourself The Proper Linux Privileges on Your New Machine

For many of us, the days following the fresh install of a new Linux distribution are like starting your life over. It's a time for new beginning – new choices for programs, […]

Program Your Computer to Sleep and Wake Itself Each Night Using BIOS and Software Features

Our computers get worked over pretty hard. We run them nonstop all day, pulling up a dozen different windows with ten different operations going on in each. When we go to sleep […]

Springpad Provides Everyday Note-Taking Alternative to Evernote, OneNote

Those looking for tools to help them organize their technologically-enhanced lives have plenty of options. Windows users can turn to the expensive prospect of using OneNote, which revolutionized online image clipping and […]

Google Cloud Print opens access to Printers across the Globe

An earlier article here on Ghacks talked in some details about Google’s gradual beta launch of their Cloud services. Heralded as the bridge between Microsoft Office and the web, Google Cloud Connect […]

Fix Bootloaders After Dual Boot Installation

Installing a second operating system on your computer can be a great way to drastically increase the number of things you can do on it. It’s no big secret that many of […]

Avoid Ever Having to Visit Facebook or Twitter with Handy Chrome Extensions

Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the way people use the internet. Blogs and websites provide links to share information on the sites, and advertisers have completely restructured the way they approach internet […]

Learn to Install FontForge to Make Your Own Fonts

Creating your own completely unique fonts can be a lot of fun. Customizing a font to fit your personal likes and dislikes, making decisions whether it will be serif or sans serif, […]

New Versions of FoxyTunes Include More Supported Players, Increased Functionality

Listening to music is a big part of the computer experience for many people. Having an organized music library is a point of pride for music enthusiasts, and even casual computer users […]

Changing Colors of Blue Screen of Death Adds Fun to Otherwise Terrifying Sight

Time for Friday fun anyone? Maybe not fun so much, but something to amuse yourselves the next time your computer decides to have a mind of its own. There are few things […]

3 PS3 "Hactivists" Detained in Spain

Spanish police announced today that they had captured three people suspected of hacking in connection with the recent attacks against Sony’s PlayStation Network, as well as government and corporate websites around the […]

Banks Not Required to Utilize "The Best" Security?

In May of 2009 a Sanford, Maine based company, Patco Construction Co, filed suit against Ocean Bank, a division of Bridgeport, Conn. Based People’s United Bank. Patco used online banking to make […]

Sync Apple Devices To Your Linux System

Experienced users of handheld products know that in order to protect your data and applications it is important to sync apps frequently with a primary machine. Unfortunately, this is often easier said […]

RSA Admits That SecureID Tokens Were Compromised

RSA has finally opened up and started talking about the March breach into its systems. Admitting that SecurID tokens were compromised, the company has promised to replace all 40 million tokens, for […]

Creating Your Own Shortcut Keys For Your Windows Machine

Computer shortcuts enable you to cut even more time when doing various tasks in programs which is key for today’s tech savvy computer user. Nearly everyone knows a few of the more […]

Apple Announces iCloud and Other Functions

In what Apple enthusiasts called a highly anticipated keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this morning, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Apple's future approach to cloud computing. iCloud, […]

Add Thumbnails To Your WordPress Blog

Blogging with WordPress is an easy, quick way to get your posts to viewers without sitting down and coding an entire website by yourself. However, there are certain aspects of the platform […]

Getting Rid of PortableApps Splash Screens

The versatility of individual programs seems to grow daily. Just as we have watched technology move from bulky desktops to laptops and now to handheld devices, so too have some applications gotten […]

Hacking Group LulzSec's Activity Over The Weekend

LulzSec is certainly going to make a name for themselves at the rate they are going. The hacker group claims responsibility for the recent major attacks against Sony and PBS’s websites as […]

Changing Your Linux Background Automatically

Compared to Windows and Apple, some people consider Linux distributions to be the most user-friendly, personally customizable operating systems available. They enable you to adjust and tweak pretty much anything you want […]

Apple To Patent Anti Piracy Technology

Have you ever seen people at concerts holding an iPhone up in the air, trying to record the live performance (and probably uploading it somewhere later on as well)? But they usually […]

Integrate the Terminal with the Desktop On Linux

Over the years there have been all sorts of fun ways to edit one's Linux terminal window. In addition to editing all the boring old things like text color and scroll settings, […]

Sony Hacked Again

It is no secret to anyone that between the dates of April 17th and 19th, still as yet unnamed hackers broke into Sony’s database and stole the personal data of more than […]

Chrome OS, WebOS, Microsoft's OS Competition in 2012

We may still be at least a year away from Windows 8's big debut in 2012, but the OS arena is heating up like never before, and new competitors are stepping up […]

Twitter Announced Launch of Photo-Service

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, announced to the world yesterday that Twitter was going to be rolling out its very own photo-sharing service over the next few weeks. He made this announcement yesterday, […]

How to disable Microsoft SpyNet on Windows7

When Microsoft Security Essentials is installed on a computer with Windows 7, you automatically become a member of the Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Defender community and grant Microsoft the ability to […]

Acer Announces Plans To Launch Ultrabook PC Model

Ranked as the no. 2 PC manufacturing company in the world, Acer Inc. has announced plans to produce an ultra book which will be a super light computer model. The plan is […]

Tips to Master Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the leading web browsers and it has become increasingly popular with tech savvy folks as well as those who aren’t quite as tech savvy. The simplicity, usability […]

Google Music Beta Set To Clash with Music Applications on the Net

Google recently launched its new online music service through Google Music Beta which is jam- packed with features. It allows uploading up to 20,000 songs on to the virtual cloud known as […]

Cryoserver’s Email Archiving Offered as an Application or Hosted on The Cloud

Cryoserver Email archiving software is a standalone application which in addition to archiving email messages offers fast search of the information stored in messages through indexing. Now-a-days email systems provide more features […]