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tdp x-ray lite hard disk

TDP x-Ray Lite Hard Drive Manager

There are many ways that Windows users can manage hard disk space. You can manage your hard drives with the Windows Disk Management utility, but it is somewhat difficult to navigate. Programs […]

abstract wallpaper

Abstract Wallpaper Customization from Wallpaper Abyss

Though customizing desktop wallpaper is by no means essential, many of us like to do it. Changing the mood of the desktop gives you repose and a personal touch. Windows 7 in […]

not a valid win32 application

How to get your Microsoft Office Files to Open after Office 2010 Trial Expires in Windows 7

It is good that Microsoft offers a 60 day trial of Office 2010, but once it expires and you try to open Word or Excel Files, you will get an error message […]

windows libraries

Hide, Delete or Customize Libraries in Windows 7

The Libraries feature in Windows 7 provides an easy interface to manage multiple file locations from a single location. Four default libraries are displayed in Windows Explorer: Documents, Music, Pictures, and Video. […]

free file unlocker

Using Free File Unlocker to Release OS-Locked Files and Folders

The Windows operating system locks files and folders automatically that are being used by an application or any native Windows service. Stopping services or closing the applications that are locking the file or […]


How to Adjust On-Screen Windows Using the Number Pad with ReSizer

The AeroSnap feature that is included in Windows 7 allows you to resize windows and adjust multiple windows that are displayed on the screen. ReSizer is a system utility that uses AeroSnap […]

daphne windows task manager

Control Applications and End Processes with Daphne

Windows Task Manager allows us to monitor processes, services, and running applications and also provides control over these so they can be voluntarily ended if needed. There is a replacement for Task […]

virtual machines virtualbox

Creating Access to Virtual Box from the Windows 7 Start Menu

VBoxLaunch is a program that assists in managing access to VirtualBox. For those who regularly use virtual machines in Virtual Box, VBoxLaunch will allow you to create a jumplist from the Start […]

windows explorer context menu

Remove Applications from the Context Menu in Windows Manually

Windows may accumulate new context menu items any time you install programs on the system. Not all applications end up adding items to the context menu but chance is high that the […]

linux usb bootable

Using LiLi to create a Bootable, Portable and Virtualized USB Drive

LinuxLive USB Creator, or “LiLi”, is a quick way to create Live Linux USB drives that are persistent virtualized drives. Typically, Linux USB drives require rebooting to install software. It is possible […]

chrome speak

Listen to Web Text with Google Chrome Speak

Google Chrome has just fronted a new extension called Chrome Speak; a text reader for web content on the Google Chrome search engine. This will read highlighted text out loud. Whether from […]

gfi backup

Using GFI Backup Free Edition to Backup Files to an External Drive

Backing up data on your computer is important and most users know this. Windows features a backup utility that allows you to backup your system and files. This is a useful utility […]

pc tools antivirus free setup

Using PC Tools Antivirus Free Edition as Security Backup

It is prudent to have backup antivirus software in the event that something goes wrong with the primary antivirus suite on your PC. Sometimes malware can lock the primary antivirus program and […]

windows utility launcher

Launching Windows Tools with Windows Utility Launcher

You have several basic yet important utilities on your Windows operating system and it is not always easy to find them. You have to navigate the Control Panel or perhaps delve into […]

windows update error

ActiveX Controls and Windows Update Errors: Fix the Traffic

Initially, when your computer is new and you have a fresh Windows 7 installation, Windows Update works perfectly. You see no errors, everything is set to automatic and you need not lift […]

windows 7 library

Change Windows 7 Library Icons with Library Icons Changer

So many users enjoy customizing various features and appearances in Windows 7. Personalizing features and appearances is fun and gives a fresh new look you your Windows 7 experience. Generally, Library icons […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Templates in MS Excel and Word 2007/ 2010

Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 include templates in the applications. These templates are useful when you have to create customized documents such as invoices, charts, and even blogs. If you need to […]

word master document

How to Create a Master Document in Word 2010

Word 2010 features a master document feature that enables you to collect multiple Word documents into a single Word file. With older versions of Microsoft Word you may sometimes run into problems […]