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Ten Predictions In Tech for 2012

Predictions can be fun, especially in the field of technology where advances seem to move at light speed. We’d all like to know what will be coming around the corner, and while […]

mouse hunter

How To control Non-Active Windows With The Mouse

You can only control the active window with your mouse in a default Windows installation. If you need to do something in another window, you need to activate it first, before you […]

ubuntu linux

Before Dual Booting: What you Need to Know

The topic of dual booting operating systems has been covered in a few ways on this site, but here is a primer to provide you with some important information before attempting any […]

mad app launcher

MadApp Launcher For Windows

There are so many great launchers for Windows to make organizing multiple applications easy. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, as this depends entirely on your needs. To add to the […]

disk management

How to Partition and Un-Partition your Hard Drive in Windows

Hard drive partitioning is useful for creating virtual drives and creating disk volumes that can be used for storing particular file types. For example, if you did not want to keep all […], Geek Playground!

Rather than discuss software or trends, tweak, tricks and tips, this article is about a great site called This site is packed from page to page with all sorts of tech […]


dotEPUB Google Chrome Extension

You don’t always have the time to sit in front of your laptop or desktop computer and read lengthy material. Google Chrome, which is a fantastic browser in so many ways, brings […]

Zumocast Media Streaming

Zumocast is an application for Windows or Mac computers. It is a media streaming application much like Libox and what Apple has recently done with iOS5. Zumocast makes your computer a convenient […]

outlook pst files

How to Find Your PST Files in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010

Outlook stores your email in a PST file. PST stands for personal storage table. Outlook uses this file format to store your data including emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Depending on your settings, […]

everest home

Everest Home Edition, System Information Software

This fascinating freeware is a system information and diagnostic application that gives you an interface that the Windows Control Panel just can’t offer. All of the information Everest provides is something you […]

toolwiz care

Toolwiz Care 1.0 Optimizing The Pc System.

This new free software package is an all in one stop to help you speed up you PC in many different ways. There are built-in suggestions to fix registry errors, defragment drives […]


Pillarbox is a Free and Simple Writing Interface

Pillarbox is a free Google chrome extension for writers and those who prefer a simple user interface over one cluttered with buttons and menus you will probably never use. Even a popup […]


Jet Audio, A Versatile Music Player For Windows

In the world of media players, it often seems the sun doesn't shine on anything new. Between Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealPlayer, VLC, and iTunes, it seems as though everybody has maximum […]

audio editor file lab

File Lab Web Applications: Audio Editor

This free software package is completely browser based. Installation is very easy; just download a plugin from the File Labs site. After a small installation you have a seamless editor that enables […]

slider dock

SliderDock is a Stylish Application Dock for your Desktop

There are several interesting application docks available and several of them have been mentioned on this site. Desktop customization is easy with Windows 7 and many users enjoy personalizing as much as […]


Create Bootable Windows or Linux USB with RMPrepUSB

Of the various applications for creating bootable Windows or Linux drives, RMPrepUSB offers some unique features which may be appealing to many users. Advanced users can set specific parameters for the drive […]

speak up

Speak UP: Text-to-Speech Software with a Translation Feature

Text- to-speech applications are plentiful. They are showing up on web browsers like Google’s Chrome Speak and Firefox’s text-to-speech plugin. Then there is speech-to-text software such as Dragon and many others including […]

ios recovery mode indicator

How to Get an iPad or iPhone out of Recovery Mode

iOS devices are a wonder. This article is being typed on one right now. Sometimes, however, these robust and snappy little things go “boink.” One of the more common issues a user […]