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Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News back in 2005. Martin started his career as a tech support representative at a large German financial corporation which he used to finance his college education in English, Information Technology and History.

He quit college and his job when Ghacks began to attract a large enough readership. He made the decision to become a full time blogger and webmaster, and has not looked back since.

Martin is interested in all things tech. His primary focus is on desktop operating systems, web browsers, Internet services, and privacy related topics.

He published the book The Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version in 2017. Martin writes a weekly column for fellow tech site Betanews as well.

You can reach Martin on Facebook or on Twitter. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact the author directly.

Martin has been quoted or mentioned in many major online and print publications, including Forbes,, ComputerWorld, LinkedIn, Reddit,, Bleeping Computer, TechCrunch, PC World, Tom's Hardware, Slashdot, Hacker News, The Register, and more.

Martin's articles on Ghacks

Google Adsense Revenue and Traffic Comparision

I'm using Google Adsense for more than two years to monetize Ghacks and experienced some ups and downs. I thought it would be nice to create a graph that would put Adsense revenue in relation to the traffic that my website received. This could give courage to those webmasters who are currently struggling with their Adsense revenue especially when it dropped suddenly while the traffic remained more or less on the same level.

Weekend Fun Covert Front

Covert Front is an 'Escape the Room' game with beautiful graphics and nice sound effects. The gameplay is similar to point and click adventures where you have to find items and objects and combine them with each other to proceed in the game. The setting of the game is the beginning 19th century using an alternate time-line.

Critical Account Information from JPMorgan Chase Bank phishing email

I received two of those fake emails today and thought that it would be a good opportunity to dissect it to show how phishing emails try to lure customers into a trap. The first and most obvious hint that something is wrong with this email is if you think about the subject of the email.

Firefox Autocomplete Manager

Firefox by default has a so called auto complete feature which searches for urls that have been typed in or accessed in the past when the user begins to type a url. While this feature is mostly a time safer it nevertheless begins to pile up a large amount of urls which make the process rather messy.

Optimize and Secure Windows with PC Pal

PC Pal is a software that is currently in Beta that checks your Windows installation for weaknesses and possibilities to optimize it. The process is very user friendly and requires minimal user interaction. Basically the user pushes one button and PC Pal checks the computer for problems related to security, networking, printing and performance.

Check if a website is revealing email addresses

You need to use the tools of the trade to check if your website is revealing emails from visitors or yourself. Most webmasters have a contact form somewhere on the page which is sometimes revealing the real email address of the webmaster. But even tricks like adding spaces to the email address, a REMOVEME part, writing (at) instead of @ and other means are recognizable by some email harvesters that do nothing else but to harvest websites and the websites that they link to for new email addresses.

Have you been hit with a Pagerank drop?

Many popular websites and blogs have been hit with Pagerank decreases in the last days. Most went down two points (some even three) from one day to the other. The Pagerank drop does not seem to have an influence on other factors like website traffic or Adsense. It does seem pretty random though, some websites get hit, others that do the same do not get hit at all.

EventID 4226: TCP/IP has reached the security limit

Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista have both a TCP/IP connection limit that limits the half-open connections of the system. If that limit is reached a new entry in the Event Viewer is created stating "EventID 4226: TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.".

Bin, Cue, Img and Iso files explained

Bin and Cue, Img and Iso files are CD and DVD formats that store all the information of the CD or DVD. Users come across them on many occasions such as Linux distributions, Open Source software distributed on CDs and of course when downloading files from P2P networks, ftp, irc or the Usenet.

Make XP look like Windows Vista

Not many users like Windows Vista. It surely looks better than Windows XP, but other than that ? Please raise your hand if you think that UAC is more annoying than helpful. Windows Vista is just not that ready for prime time and there is not really a good reason to make the switch.

amazon price tracking

Get notified if item prices on drop

Price Drop is a Firefox add-on that gives the user the option to track prices for selected items at the online store and notify him when the price drops. Besides keeping track of prices drops at the Amazon store it also notifies you if the price dropped after purchasing the item which helps getting a refund for the item that you bought because of the lower price.

Disable the Feedburner Redirect

Feedburner displayed a redirection link to my article instead of the direct link to the article on my blog. In case you are wondering: Feedburner is a service that blog owners can use to distribute their feed, get statistics and ensure maximum compatibility with most feedreaders out there.

Custom Paper Keyboards

Flippress is a German startup that is currently in the process of creating a website that will allow everyone to create their own customized paper keyboards which can be used as any normal keyboard on the market with the difference that it is completely made of paper.


How to remove ctfmon.exe

You might have noticed a process with the name ctfmon.exe when opening the task manager wondering what it was doing and if it was malicious or harmful in any way. A quick search on the web revealed that it is a Windows process for advanced text services. You furthermore might have noticed that this process activates itself again even if you use msconfig to disable it from starting with Windows.

Oxygen Office Professional

Oxygen Office Professional was formerly known as Open Office Premium, so basically a modified version of Open Office with lots of extras that remind me of the extras that ship with Microsoft Office. The extras include more than 3400 images including clip arts and photos, more than 90 fonts, templates and sample documents, VBA support, better PDF support and lots more.


Use Gmail as a drive in Windows

Google increased the storage limit for Gmail users just recently who have now roughly four Gigabytes at their disposal with the option to add even more storage that can be purchased in the account settings. The maximum amount is currently 400 Gigabytes of storage which would cost $500 per year.

casual collective

The Casual Collective Invites

Brian was nice enough to send me an invite for the gaming website The Casual Collective which takes a different stance than all those other arcade sites out there. The Casual Collective is run by game programmers who publish their games exclusively on the website which means that this is the only way that you can officially play the games.

Team Fortress 2 Tips and Tricks

I'm playing Team Fortress 2 for a while know and thought that it would be nice to share the knowledge and expertise that I gained while playing the Beta of Team Fortress 2 with players who just got the game recently.