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How does Plurk work?

Are you as sick of hearing about Twitter as I am? See the problem is that I never really “got” Twitter… I tried, I really did. I signed up and followed people […]

Started something too big

Windows 7 will be the Microsoft’s 7th incarnation of their OS kernel, hence the name (yep, pretty clever). As it evolved with time each successive Windows release still contained many UI elements […]

Windows Live Writer Preview

The newest version of Windows Live Writer has been released as a technical preview, primarily to showcase changes to the SDK. That isn’t to say this build is simply internal changes, you’ll […]

music sharing muxtape

Minimal Music Sharing

With conventional music distribution methods becoming less and less effective with every year and the associated corporations increasingly desperate a growing group of services have been springing up to offer way for […]

Have you joined the Flock yet?

Most of you are probably aware of Flock, the social networking browser. I first read about Flock in a PC magazine a few years ago, and didn't really comprehend what the whole […]

Customize your Vista Desktop

You can do a lot more than simply changing your background and Screensaver in Windows Vista. Unfortunately you'll need some 3rd party applications to do it. Microsoft decided nearly a decade ago […]

online desktop two

Choosing an Online Desktop

A few years ago the idea of cloud computing seemed vaguely absurd to me. I infinitely preferred using desktop software to any kind of online alternative and I hated the idea of […]